Bark Joey! Speak!

Pedo Joe sits on command.  BUT – he’d make a lousy dog. They need to leash him. He’d crack his denture plate if he started eating dog biscuits as a reward. But a pudding cup or a bowl of stewed prunes…that’s the ticket!

Joe Biden got caught taking a list of commands from his handlers during the G20 Summit. Biden’s handlers treat him like a puppy because he often wanders around and gets lost.

  • “YOU… will take a photo”
  • “YOU will sit”
  • “YOU will deliver opening remarks”


Identify the Mystery Aircraft


Identify the Tank

Bonus points for identifying the country that operates it.


In Arizona

So the Democrat Senate candidate has 28,000 more votes than the Democrat Governor candidate?

We are to believe that 28,000 people voted for Trump-endorsed Kari Lake but THEN voted for the Democrat Senate candidate over Trump-endorsed Blake Masters?

What a laughable joke.


Bullet Points:

* (Defense News) As the Pentagon racked up its fifth comprehensive audit failure, its chief financial officer on Tuesday said Ukraine’s fight against Russia offers a “teachable moment” for the U.S. military to tally its weapons and property accurately…a billion here, ten billion there…

* The numbers in terms of aid to Ukraine consist of overt assistance, directly authorized by Congress and not the total package which would include assistance through classified programs. We throw around the $91 billion dollar number for February – November 2022 but the actual amount is definitely higher than that. Classified programs entail things like buying Russian military equipment that the Ukrainian Army captured to bring back and examine, time on US satellites including re-taskings that took place, payments to a variety of agents being run from Ukraine who undertake specific missions, the cost of CIA Special Activities Division training missions, etc. There are also ancillary classified missions in neighboring countries that directly impact the war effort that should be tallied. To say that we’re spending $10-15 billion a month (depending on the month) on the Ukraine – Russia War would not be an exaggeration.  In fact, the real number could be higher than that.

* In Germany – The current federal government would like to abolish animal husbandry and switch the diet in Germany to vegetables and oatmeal,” he said; he, however, warned that despite ideology from the government, “it’s also a fact that over 90 percent of people in Germany still buy and eat meat.” To back up his claim, he referred to analyses by GfK consumer researchers. In addition, a survey from 2016 found that 83 percent of Germans eat meat several times a week and over a quarter of the German population eats meat every single day.

* Six months and out Russian President Vladimir Putin has already recruited up to 35,000 prisoners including rapists, murderers, and even a ‘maniac’ cannibal to fight in his war in Ukraine.  The new recruits will be pardoned and will be free to live in society no matter how heinous their crimes if they survive six months of war.


Military Lore & Love Tokens

I don’t recall hearing of US soldiers sending a can of ham and mfers back to their love interests at home. Maybe there wasn’t enough love?

In Nelson’s Navy and beyond, ship’s biscuits were sent as a love token, 18th -19th century

Not everyone had enough money to give their beloved a love token or even to bring something back from the long journey. To save the expense sailors wrote messages on the ship’s biscuits and gave them it to the lady of their heart. Guaranteed to last forever,  a lot like C-Rats.

Ships Biscuit

1. Betsy Dunnet, given to her by her true love, Thomas Hart, on January 4th, in the year of 1842

Ships Biscuit

2. This biscuit was given – Miss Blacket at Berwick on Tuesday 13 April 1784, [signed] Bewick


  1. If that love interest opted for Jody over you, you’d send that can of ham & MFers and perhaps a can of fruitcake as well. Toss in that four pack of Chesterfields to seal the deal.

    • Good old Jody.

      I didn’t mind the fruitcake if there was coffee creamer, sugar and raw coffee to mix with it. Of course, it could block you up like no other.

      • There were a surprising number of things you could do to jazz up C-Rats. A bottle of Tobasco covered a multitude of sins.

        • Spend 18 hours on the Rhine River, winter time, in a twenty seven foot Bridge Erection Boat and those C-Rats heated in a bucket of water set on an exhaust manifold were prime eating, whatever was in the can.

          • The Army didn’t “officially” provide the bucket nor approve mounting them on exhaust manifolds. The occasional 2nd LT needed to be mentored by kindly NCOs when confronted with the modifications.

    • You’re good and you’re fast, Surly.

      The Bulldog carried Chilean livery, tough to tell from the photo.

    • Whatever the cost of the bomb was.

      We give munitions to the “nice ” Kurds (I have nothing against Kurds in general). They give some of them to the PKK (and other assorted assholes, I’m sure), the PKK does it for the doughnut. The above can be said about pretty much everyone, everywhere on all sides.

      CIA doesn’t even have to bother, really.


  2. Ships biscuits. How come I am guessing the effective literacy rate was higher in the early mid 1800s with ships biscuits then it is right now with electronic media?

    Election integrity. Be pleasantly surprised when election integrity actually happens. What a long road to a fix. First establish majorities in the Legislature, then the Executive then propose, pass and implement laws to help guarantee election integrity. Next the laws have to withstand the judicial challenge. Hope the American people can live up to that challenge;all the alternative suck.

    • It ain’t happenin’. The Democrats gain power and then legalize as much as possible their cheats with the exception that when Conservatives/Republicans do the things the Democrats legalize, they go to jail for many years.

    • Election integrity… Two elections in a row where things look really really odd and no one seems to care enough to do something about it.
      Owning the media does seem to pay off…

  3. That vote differential also occurred the last election. I’m not looking this up but my memory is that Doug Ducy (Governor Vanilla Ice Cream) got a lot more votes than—excuse me but my head hurts just from typing these next two words—ack, MARTHA MCSALLY. Same switcheroo, “I voted for Ducy and Senema” said nobody.

  4. “what a laughable joke”

    At best. And apparently no one’s up to doing anything about it. We’re now, officially, worse than Brazil. Huh.

  5. Day 16 and millions of pissed off Brazilians are still out there. The commie supreme court is ordering banks to freeze the bank funds of hundreds of protest leaders. The military is still not getting involved and appear to side with the protesters. The fraudulent election just might be annulled. Media: “Brazil? Nuttin happening there. Missile strike in Poland!!!”

    • In fairness, neither the media nor most residents of the Former United States care about Brazil or can find it on a map. The ones that can, probably think they speak Spanish.

      The only thing they cared about in Brazil was having a headline that says “PINKOS WIN!!!”, and they already got that, so…


  6. Wait… only 25% of Germans eat meat daily ! Germany is one of the richest countries in the world, and every German I have ever met LOVES meat.

    That’s what Socialism gets you, right there. Probably over 99% of the meals I’ve eaten in my life contained meat, even when I was growing up and we were fairly poor. I can;t imagine that 90% of Americans don;t eat meat every day, unless we’re so far gone that more than10% of us are from Vega now, or something.



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