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When I was in the US Navy we used to qualify with “Third World Weapons” every six months. I always looked forward to it. Usually we’d shoot at Camp Billy Machen in the Chocolate Mountains, near the Salton Sea in California.

We shot AK-47’s, RPG-7’s, B-40’s, Dragunov’s, and a host of other Soviet Block/Chicom weapons, very common in the third world. We also shot the Swedish K (Karl Gustov SMG), M-1 Thompsons, M-3 Grease Guns, and so forth. We tossed foreign grenades and tinkered with mortar rounds and landmines. If you’re saying that it sounds like fun, it was. The idea was to familiarize ourselves with firearms that we might pick up and need to use when we were in the field, outside of the USA.
While we could only carry a limited supply of ammunition, the ‘enemy’ wherever we were, had plenty of arms and ammo. One need only kill a few to liberate both arms and a nearly inexhaustible supply of ammunition.
Thus when Barack, Hillary and their friends discuss limiting offensive firearms to cadres that they trust rather than the public…it doesn’t work like that in practice. Anyone with any training at all will by default find weapons being used by their well supplied adversaries and will use THOSE. While it’s true that I’d prefer a Barrett .50 to a Dragunov, the Dragunov will do, as will the AK-47. If you take my point. 
Most guerrillas historically are armed with the weapons of their opponents, which are not all that difficult to come by…particularly if you’re arming “inner city people” to disarm the public. I don’t know where else the gene pool would come from to go carry out that task.

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  1. Training and arming 'inner city people' has the potential of turning out exactly like arming and training the Iraqis once Saddam and the Baathists fell. At the first sign of resistance, they throw down their weapons and head for the hills.

  2. They are rugged – they work. You can say a lot about the Russians but you can hand the AK-47 to any bush monkey and they can spray and pray until the ammo runs out.

  3. Take the opportunity to shoot it!!! And you're hunting feral pigs, not feral progs, right?

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