The Mysterious IRS

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In most actions brought by the US Government against its citizens, there is a preponderance of evidence burden placed on the government. That means that the government is required to show beyond reasonable doubt that: (1) a crime was committed; and (2) that a particular person committed the crime.
USC Title 26 (Internal Revenue Code), which is 4 million words long – 7 times as long as the Bible (source)*, reverses that situation, requiring citizens to show beyond reasonable doubt that they did not commit a crime. The burden is not on the government, but on the average citizen.

*Mark Luscombe, a principal federal tax analyst for CCH, said the publisher’s version of the tax code is 5,036 pages.

Which brings to mind the question: “Did Lois Learner’s dog eat the homework?” If that had been your defense at an IRS proceeding, you would have ended up in jail. Not so when the IRS is on the ropes before Congress. 
(Fox News) The head of the IRS confirmed Wednesday that investigators looking into missing emails from ex-agency official Lois Lerner have found and are reviewing “backup tapes” — despite earlier IRS claims that the tapes had been recycled.  
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, testifying before a House oversight subcommittee, stressed that he does not know “how they found them” or “whether there’s anything on them or not.” But he said the inspector general’s office advised him the investigators are reviewing tapes to see if they contain any “recoverable” material.  
The revelation is significant because the IRS claimed, when the agency first told Congress about the missing emails, that backup tapes “no longer exist because they have been recycled.” 

“It is unbelievable that we cannot get a simple, straight answer from the IRS about this hard drive,” House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., said in a statement Tuesday.

It’s a very good thing that the Obama Administration has the mainstream media on their side. If it was a Republican Administration, NBC/CBS/ABC/CNN would be all over this.
The Obama Administration used its power to attack American citizens using the Internal Revenue Service. If it goes back to Obama he’ll be impeached. So there was a hard drive crash without a back up and the “dog ate the homework”. In that light, it makes sense. It also explains Obama’s ceaseless fund raising to retain the US Senate in November. Harry Reid can block an impeachment if he’s majority leader. If it’s Mitch McConnell, the story plays out differently.

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  1. I'm reading a book I bought a long time ago, but forgot I had and never read, "Useful Idiots" by Mona Charen. It was purged from a small town library (I never checked to see if there was another copy kept at the library). When Obama answered in the presidential debate that he would raise the marginal tax rate on capital gains out of "fairness" – every vote he got after that was either a Socialist, or a Useful Idiot…

  2. When I look at Pres. Obama's popularity ratings, I am perplexed at his high numbers — and then I fall back on the reality that 20% of Americans are on food stamps, you throw in the women who yearn to abort their unborn as a matter of practice and are fearful that it will be criminalized if their person isn't in office, add the negroes in, and the useful idiots, and yeah, his numbers won't ever drop below 40% favorable.

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