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The Donkeys

Corrupt, old, senile, Slow Joe Biden keeps asserting that he’s the donkey in the lead, even though he received just over 8% of the voting in the New Hampshire Primary, and that’s no malarky. He fled to South Carolina rather than remain and take the hit and thank his people at a party to honor their hard work. Class act, Joe. 
Dead campaign walking
Finishing fifth in New Hampshire should tell the senile old white man something, when people picked the Butt Guy and Klobuchar over him.
Joe, those are black checkers, not Oreos. Don’t eat them. Go back to the home. Today they’re serving vanilla pudding for the afternoon snack.
Poke-a-haunt-us Warren was clobbered too. Liz, Bernie is a better communist. Face it, accept it, and slink back to Massachusetts. 
Then there is the Butt Guy and his supporters. (left)
The results are very thin, donkeys. Very thin. Maybe Bloomberg is the right candidate for a party that hates old, white, billionaire, males. Bloomie checks every box. He’s hoping that he can buy the vote. And maybe he can.
All in all, last night was a pretty good night for President Trump – MAGA/KAG.
Amy Who?, the Butt Guy and Bloomie will fight it out with the Bernie bros for the heart and soul of the Democrat Party. And you know that the DNC will cheat Bernie out of his shot at the nomination one more time.
It was kabuki theater of high art and order last night. Most entertaining.
USS Tucson, SSN 770 
…sends its best from Hawaii to Virtual Mirage. Which is good news, because I’m headed there soon. 

9 thoughts on “Hump Day Commentary

  1. I'm quite surprised at Joe's 5th place showing in New Hampshire with not quite 10% of the vote from moonbat nutjob liberal voters; normally Joe has the creds that all those guys love: he lies like a pig, he is wrong on everything, and can take both sides of any position at any time and denounce whatever position he took that offends any of his nutjob constituents in the moment.

    Joe was made for nutjobs – and he can't even get 10% of the whacko vote? I think he's done, and I am wondering just how far gone the New Hampshire whack jobs are that they are not attracted to this pathetic, senile old crook. They seem made for each other, maybe the nutjobs are getting smarter?


  2. Dismal appeal to Iowa voters and a fifth place finish in New Hampshire has sent him to South Carolina, where he will hit the reset button. Joe says that there are too many white people in New Hampshire and Iowa and that their opinions are invalid – because they're white. I don't know if Joe has looked in the mirror honestly once in his life – but he's white too.

  3. Two communists. Don't forget Warren, who, at fourth, must not have been communist enough. She didn't have her own manifesto and didn't wrap herself around the USSR flag the way that Bernie did.

  4. Jim – Maybe the new stat motto should be, "From each according to his ability to each according to his need." It will appeal to the greedy who want to loot people who have more than they do. The urge to spend other people's money has a very strong appeal.

  5. Among others who have dropped out is Colorado's senior senator. Who is he, you ask? We CO residents don't know either.

  6. Wow, he must be a really charismatic character.

    Yang dropped out, so we're not all going to get our $1,000/mo free from the government. Drat. I already had it spent…

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