The Day After

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SoCal, the next day.

I thought that you might like a report from what has become (since yesterday) the front lines of the jihad. I live roughly 35 miles from where the man and wife couple went shit-storm berserk on their personal jihad in San Bernardino.
There is also a mosque down the street from my home, built after I bought the home. After the mosque went up, many of the homes sold went to Muslims. Those of you who have followed my blog, know of the saga of the “Muslim-next-door”. What started as a small mosque became the eyesore that you see (right) today.
Things are very quiet in the neighborhood, and the police presence in the area is considerable. Sometimes you see Muslim women walking around in full tent, but not today. The police helicopter presence is also pervasive. My sense is that they don’t plan on taking any shit. 
A jihadi who lives down the street, who assured me that their time was coming, is not out and about either. I took a walk around the neighborhood earlier and am back in the home office, working – if you can call what I do, “work”. 
According to a source close to the investigation, the brother of Sayeed Farook’s brother owns a business in the city where I live.

27 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Good grief – that mosque is huge. Personally, I'd be looking for a different place to live, but that's just me.

  2. Well yes, it is the religion of peace. I had thought that the Anglicans would offer to convert one of their chapels, but there is no Anglican congregation in the area. Thus the eyesore.

  3. I honestly believe in freedom of religion. However in the case of Islam, it's not about faith in so many cases as it is about killing everyone who disagrees with you.

    We need another Charles Martel to sort this all out.

  4. Liberals and radical Islamists have a lot in common. The only difference that makes a difference is that Islamists are more than willing to kill people who don't agree with them. The danger in the US, of course, is that one day liberals will make this leap of faith and start killing the unbelievers.

    Stay safe and carry a big stick. And at least two full magazines to reload.

  5. It is a religion of peace – if you are a member of the mosque. Otherwise, it is death to the infidel. Just be careful and at least carry your knife, in case you need to behead one of them in self defense (or for fun.)

  6. Liberals won't lose a minute of sleep when they destroy the lives of those with whom they disagree by getting the government to shut down their bakery when the owners don't bake a wedding cake for their gay wedding.

    They actually sleep like babies. One day I truly believe that liberals will indeed make the leap to the jihadi way of solving differences: eliminate the other point of view with a pipe bomb or AR15.

  7. I don't believe there is such a thing as "Religion of peace". You are either peaceful or you are not. You either manipulate rules to suit or you live by your heart. Want us to send a fighter jet?

  8. The good side of this is that liberals are traditionally unarmed while conservatives are armed to the teeth.

  9. As a child I lived in San Bernardino – back in the early fifties. I remember an earth quake but no shootings. Nor any mooslims.

  10. There were no mooselims in the area then. The nation has been allowing a lot of them in. Many live near me. Almost all of those believe in jihad and are vocal about their religious preference.

  11. It's a political system that teaches all its adherents that they have a duty to God to murder anyone who disagrees with them…and they also pray that it will happen swiftly (That's the religious component).

  12. Adrienne, you didn't add that North Idaho is scheduled to become "Little Damascus" with all of the Syrian refugees headed your way.

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