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Horse Pistols & Pocket Pistols

Yes, they could be carried holstered on a belt, but in the period,  they were more likely to be carried in a brace of two on either side of the saddle horn to be ready for quick action. During the War of Northern Aggression/Civil War, Nathan Bedford Forrest’s cavalry gave up their sabers for shotguns that were carried in much the same way as pistols were. In close quarters battles of the period, a shotgun(s) (often two coach guns) had every advantage over a saber.

The Baby Dragoon was a small revolver developed in 1847–48 in parallel development with Colt’s other revolvers, and, by 1850, it had evolved into the “Colt’s Revolving Pocket Pistol” that collectors now name “The Pocket Model of 1849”.

Colt Police model (above) and pocket pistol (below)

It is a smaller brother of the more famous “Colt’s Revolving Belt Pistol of Naval Caliber” introduced the same year and commonly designated by collectors as the “1851 Navy Model” (which was basically a larger, .36 caliber of the Pocket Model, “belt pistol” referring to a weapon sized to fit into a belt holster, as opposed to the saddle holsters generally called for by Colt’s larger cavalry combat models).In 1855 Colt introduced another pocket percussion revolver, the Colt 1855 “Sidehammer”.


Every Month is Gun Pride Month


Bullet Points

* Blades – Lunar Light Forge

* No Emergency – of course. A group of almost 1200 of the world’s leading scientists and scholars has signed a document to declare that “there is no climate emergency.” The group, led by a Nobel Prize laureate, signed the declaration that states climate science is based more on personal beliefs and political agendas than rigorous scientific facts. It’s not a surprise to this blog’s readers.

* Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ ended the debate on whose lives matter. He died for us all.


EC37B Compass Call

Photo: An EC-37B Compass Call arrives at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, Aug. 17, 2022. Compass Call suppresses air defenses by preventing the transmission of essential information between adversaries, their weapon systems, and control networks. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Vaughn Weber)

The Gulfstream 550 platform will replace the aging EC-130Hs giving in turn better performance and new capabilities over the retiring aircraft. The aircraft, which received all external modifications, is still flying with its primer paint and the civilian registration N591GA. (h/t Claudio)


It’s What your Betters Prefer that you eat…

The political class and their mainstream media stooges are actively trying to get us to eat bugs and gaslighting us if we choose not to. The absurdity just keeps getting more absurd!


20 thoughts on “This and That

  1. All the goofballs can eat bugs, more power to them. BUT!…they get no steak when it’s on the grill, let them suffer the consequences of their folly while salivating uncontrollably. Hand them the A1 to douse their grasshoppers and meal worms.

    Dr. Gold- She’s a brave doctor, went up against the [paid for] coercive establishment with facts; they called her a kook but we knew what she said was truth. The Covid Charade unraveling is picking up speed. Some don;t want to look like fools so will deny the actual data. Question is, who goes to prison? (Likely it’ll be nothing more than a Paul “Aren’t I Spaeshhall Police Platinum Donor Card Holder” Pelosi slap on the wrist for an injurious felony drunk driving crime.)

    Climate Foolishness – Political grift in order to lighten our wallets for those pushing the anthropogenic lie (Al Gore comes to mind).

    “Jesus died for us all”- Yessir!

      1. Exactly. That’s God’s half, the other half – ours – is where the hiccup begins…that humility coupled to gratitude thing again.

  2. Felicitiously, locusts are both halal and kosher, so serving them is unlikely to be culturally insensitive to anyone. (Though there is apparently debate and uncertainty about exactly WHICH subspecies of locusts are kashrut-compliant.) Of course a proper Buddhist would not endorse killing and eating animals, but Buddhists are — generally speaking — the least likely group to do physical or lawfare violence unto you if they don’t approve of what you’re doing.

    A couple weeks ago I acquired two hand-made knives (and leather sheaths) at a Prints & Photos Art Show in southern Maine. (Obviously blades are not paper media, but it’s all about who you know….) The smaller would be great for EDC, only Boston (which my office is just barely in) has a limit of 2.5″ blade. /eyeroll Anyway, this is not a good thing. I collect enough crap as it is. Don’t need to add one more category.

    1. I’ve always been an edged weapons guy. However at this point, I have “enough” – however you decide to characterize that. Daily carry is a clasp knife that would land me in the gray bar hotel in Boston.

      Overseas, I try and have them pouch me toys depending on who is there to manage it for me. It’s all about who you know.

      I know a rinpoche (friend of MikeW and mine) who is a high holy Buddhist, Nyingma School who loves a good porterhouse. He may be an outlier.

      1. LL – “a gentleman can never have too many good knives” attributed to Sam Clemens under his pen name.
        Full disclosure – I either don’t have quite enough to qualify as a ‘gentleman’ or I have just enough to meed my needs and perhaps a few ‘extra’ for just in case. YMMV.

      2. One K-Bar and one Gerber multi-tool. Go to for self defense is an entrenching tool.

  3. Climate Emergency.
    Feelings triumph over facts, especially when graft and favoritism is accepted government policy.

  4. My great grandfather had a navy colt in his pants when his best friend gave him a load of buckshot in the chest. He was a noted pistolero , at the time. Didn’t help.

  5. I owned a few repro percussion revolvers (Colt and Remington) in my youth and thoroughly enjoyed them. I eventually succumbed to convenience and bought a Navy Arms 1861 Navy Richards-Type conversion chambered in .38 special. They were also offered in the original chambering of 38 Colt but again, convenience.

  6. Well yeah , my dad lived eventually ,my great grandfather not so much. My grandfather was 6 years old. The shooter went and found my uncle Colt and killed him too. He did go to prison for a few years. A dozen maybe. The governor became a new large landowner in the county, and a pardon materialized.
    Several years ago I introduced myself to the shooters grandson, he was startled when I explained who I was. He shared his great grandfathers name. He claimed not to know anything about the episode . Seemed relieved when I left.

    1. There is a name from my family’s past not unlike that one, and the less said, the better. The offending party moved on to the next life before I could act as the travel agent. Though as a young man I’d hoped that could settle matters myself. Cancer ate him to the bone and I’m sure agree that it was a fitting conclusion.

  7. “…the “1851 Navy Model” (which was basically a larger, .36 caliber of the Pocket Model”)… Now explain why the .357 bullet was 36 caliber then but is 38 caliber now. Double Dog Dare you.

  8. I like this sermon, “Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ ended the debate on whose lives matter. He died for us all.”

    I get the feeling our incredibly wealthy rulers disagree.

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