Ghost Flights

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More on ghost flights here.


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It’s not really a parody. I recently went to the VA in SoCal and that’s what it felt like.

WASHINGTON — In the long-standing tradition of generosity at the holidays and limitless support for the troops, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs has announced a new program that will offer a free cup of coffee to each service member while they wait in line to die.

“We were inspired by recent Veteran’s Day promotions run by chain restaurants like Applebee’s offering service members free meals,” said the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs Denis McDonough. “When we saw the remarkable amounts of goodwill generated while making double amputees wait in long lines for a free appetizer in freezing weather, a lightbulb went off.”

Officials estimate the program will cost the VA between .05 to .35 cents per service member depending on how many visits to a VA hospital or clinic it takes for them to die.


File this one under Observation

It started out with a simple request that seemed reasonable at the time… “14 days to flatten the curve”.  Much like the Patriot Act,  it became something altogether different.

BREAKING: The U.S. tops 1 million Covid infections in 24 hours, doubling the figure from just four days ago and setting a global record… It is the cold and flu season, or did somebody miss that one.


Kalashnikov Starter Kit

(more here) I don’t understand the Russian and Eastern European obsession with track jackets/track suits, but the inclusion of that in this bundle somehow makes it seem more credible to me. All the same, why would I buy American-made Kalishnikov semi-autos when I can buy fully automatic variants that are flooding across America’s southern border along with Joe and Nancy’s voters – bringing the latest flu variant along with bubonic plague and polio too?


Business Opportunity?

(zerohedge) It’s sort of like the Jonestown religious trinket business,  bumper stickers and pet rocks. It won’t survive Brandon, the most popular American president ever. But it’s fun while it lasts.

FOX Business spoke Let’s Go Brandon store owner Keith Lambert, who is opening two new locations in Salisbury and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, increasing locations from eight to 10. I don’t know if Keith is kin or not, but I suspect that I’d claim him on general principles.


Identify the Tank

There is only one country that I know of that uses this sort of winter camo. It provides a hint.


Brandon Administration Brain Trust

CDR Salamander has a good article (here). I was going to write a blog about Blinken, Sullivan, and Malley – who collectively run much of the country in the absence of Jo/Ho – mostly absent. Sal. beat me to it so read his article if you have an interest.


  1. Looks safe enough, spraying disinfectant in a confined space with only a paper mask.
    That ought to be a service provided by used car/truck lots.
    Maybe the customers wouldn’t get scabies/bedbugs from a purchase.
    Not that I would know anything about that.

  2. The track suits. Anything made by Adidas is loved due to the 3 stripes and the 3 leaf symbol because to them it represents the holy trinity. In soviet style housing units, one can see groups of Gopniks (the term for maybe gang members, Gopnitzas for their girl friends) just hanging out. It’s a dead giveaway as to where they originated.

    • I didn’t know that there was a “holy” reference to Adidas products. I realize that they had their own iconography, but generally associated poor quality and not the Almighty. Gopnizas don’t wear the track suits (no matchy-matchy thing), even in Siberia.

  3. Scranton is Lunchbox Brandon’s hometown, ain’t it, although whether anything he says is real or imagined may be open to some interpretation. Anyway, it strikes me that if there is an actual flight manifest, the passengers could be called “documented” after a fashion, yes?

  4. Even if I had a spare $5K laying around I don’t believe I would go for that package. The KR 103 is the only part I would consider, but given the price even without the other stuff, it ain’t gonna happen.

  5. Trying to figure out how the Ghost Flights aren’t treason, I was under the impression transporting illegal aliens into our country’s interior is against the law. But maybe that’s just me, I only had a semi-classic education before Lefty/anarchist indoctrination became the norm.

    Keith L- Stickin’ it too ’em…pure American entrepreneurial – making lemonade outta lemons – spirit right there.

    The tank looks like they hired Bev Doolittle…only good in the birches and aspens, in Winter.

      • Well, I am a flyover deplorable so have no clue on how to break Constitutional law with the ease I breath. Heck, I still employ the 5 second rule when something drops to the floor…do that around the crazies and watch their wide-eyed panic go off the charts, “UNSAFE! UNSAFE!, GET THE VENTILATOR!

    • The Ghost Flights aren’t treason because the Democrats are doing it.

      Reverse the party and fly Ghost Flights of South African Whites all over the country and you’d hear the clamor from the Moon!

  6. I didn’t know that rednecks operated far enough north to need winter camo. That stuff appears to be panels of cloth (or plastic) held on by tape.

    “What the *!@#! did you do to my tank?”
    “Don’t worry, Staff Sergeant, we used reflective tape.”

  7. VA
    Being a cheapskate, I get my Apixaban prescription from them. They give me a two month supply and it takes 2 weeks to arrive. In fairness, they told me. Reality is more like a month.

    “Don’t worry, Staff Sergeant, we used reflective tape.”
    Thanks for a good laugh.

  8. Some superficial similarities might lead the unwary to guess that this tank is a Leopard; especially so a Leopard 2A4 of Norwegian provenance.
    However, on a closer look some details (headlights; gun tube/position & shape of smoke extractor; optics; turret MG) clearly point to a CV 90 of the Japanese SDF.
    Thank you for this tricky challenge!

  9. Riverside/Loma Linda? That’s the VA which gave my dad three simultaneous staph infections. I didn’t know that was even possible. How can a patient have three distinct staph infections at the same time? His non-VA Dr, himself a vet, told dad to seek treatment other than the VA. From at death’s door to fully recovered inside of two weeks.

    Oh, there is more, a lot more. I know of two vets who went there for regular follow-up for chronic conditions but camw out dead The VA needs to be disassembled with prejudice post haste.

    • Had a nephew who had knee surgery while serving. The surgery was botched AND the knee got infected. The family ortho doc back home talked him into letting him do the second surgery and, after getting the infection under control, made the knee more usable.
      It’s still not 100%, but is better than my nephew had been told it could be.

      • The AAVA is a a good one. (That may be like being the tallest dwarf, but that’s a different story.) All AAVA attending physicians are University of Michigan faculty and a number of specialists practice at both the University Hospital and the VA. The inpatient services are run by Univ of Michigan Internal Medicine residents.

        • That would account for the differential in care that many experience. My experience at the Long Beach, CA VA has been bad and mediocre. Usually I find care elsewhere. I went in for a separate procedure.

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