10 thoughts on “Leave when it Arrives

  1. Back when I was a co-pilot on a C-130 (I am not going to fully reveal my age), and we had "hard" crews, the Flight Engineer on our crew had been a crew member on an AC-130 in SE Asia. He told a tale of being out one night in a free-fire area when they spotted a lone motor cyclist going north on the Ho Chi Minh trail. The only person to be doing that at that time of day would have been Viet Cong or North Vietnamese Regular. So the Aircraft Commander had them lock the 105mm on the rider. They took the shot. There was a flash of light on the ground and no more motor cycle.

    He told other tales of his time in the AC-130 to thrill us while traveling along at 300 Kts at 20 something thousand feet but that was the one that stuck. The AC-130 is a heck of a marvelous platform and I can only imagine how much better it is now.

  2. Ever since WWII air superiority has always been the key to winning (or at least not losing since America doesn't seem to want to actually win anymore). Thus while it seems obscene the amount of $$$ we spend on R&D along with the latest and greatest planes and related hardware is almost certainly money well spent.

  3. Yes, the AC130 is definitely God's travel agent, keeping the infernal regions stocked with the souls of the damned.

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