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A New Progressive Political Party?
It’s arguable, and can be demonstrated because of the Democrat super delegates, that the 2016 nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders (and his bro’s). Now in 2020, there is a concerted effort underway in the Democrat party to deny him the nomination again. The Party prefers corrupt, old, Slow Joe Biden because he’s not a communist. However there are a lot of communists who find themselves in the ranks of the Democrat Party.
It may be that the progressive wing of the Democrat Party forms their own National Socialist Worker’s Party for the likes of Bernie and Liz (who have had a falling out not unlike Adolph Hitler and  Ernst Röhm, who didn’t survive the push and shove with Adolph). Having a new brand might make the Party more appealing to those who find the corrupt, old, senile Biden a bit difficult to take.
Rather than budget for a new logo, they could simply use the one adopted by Obama, for arm bands, a flag and such. Maybe they’d want to put a hammer and sickle in the middle of the O? I can’t really suggest anything that is nearly as ‘woke’ as that.
Will Harry and Meagan go into the illegal narcotics business? There are a couple of advantages for the talentless couple, who lack any skill set that an employer may want. (1) They have diplomatic immunity and can’t be prosecuted; (2) They have an insatiable need for money and large scale drug smuggling will scratch that itch; (3) It doesn’t require much talent; (4) They could come up with their own branding for fentanyl that would make it seem more fashionable; (5) The couple could turn to Meagan’s Hollywood friends for an immediate market; (6) Canada has pledged $850K for their security. I don’t know what Cartel leaders need to pay, but Canada is definitely underwriting their overhead.

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  1. The MSM keeps saying poor him because Princess Diana died; but that is certainly no excuse, and I expect his mother would be quite disappointed.

  2. I can’t be doing with Meghan Markle. It’s like she’s done a smash and grab. This is not how we do things over here, Miss B – Class Hollywood chick. So unrefined. Still, it’s not like they’re ever going to rule Britannia so let ‘em go to Canada. Bugger off.

  3. I believe Harry, to his credit, flew Apaches in the Afghanistan. I can't think of anything Meghan has accomplished in acting or much of anything else.

  4. Splitting the demonrat party into it's two constituent cores …..Communists and RAVING INSANE Communists….could remove their death grip on power in many locations. Just as Perot and the "independent" vote cost Bush Sr. a second term dividing the demonrat voters into two factions makes it possible for a third alternative too have a viable chance at winning an election in many places where currently the demonrat party has control locked down permanently. But make no mistake about it….the demonrat party IS the American Communist Party. So much so that decades ago the then existing Communist Party ceased running a candidate for the Presidency stating specifically that doing so was unnecessary as the Dem party had embraced the Communist platform in its ENTIRETY.

  5. He may or may not know how to fly. Likely he'd need a pilot to actually fly the dope into Canada.

  6. She's a right scandal, imo. What a two bit, climbing, gold digging mountebank fraud.

    Canada doesn't wasn't either of those two idiots. Sweden?

  7. I'm never sure with the Royals and their military service. Did he fly them or did he get his picture taken wearing a flight suit, sitting in a cockpit?

  8. At least Harry was a creditable officer and liked by the troops. Then he got himself bewitched by an LA, d list, semi celeb fraud. Their new brand "Mountebank" speaks for itself.

    Will they make a fortune off fentanyl? Good question, how much Kashoggi blood money was on Diana's Dodi ring, and look what happened to her.

  9. Nooooo! Please not Austin. We in Texas are still trying to fix that town and don't need any more trash there.

  10. Supposedly he was a FO as his last gig in the 'stan. Those are often actual pilots attached to the troops, for best control of air assets and to avoid those "friendly fire" incidents. His troops seemed quite supportive. He was pissed that the media outed him in that, and the military yanked him due to the increased threat environment. He might have gotten an award of some sort for a particularly energetic engagement. That might have been what got the medias attention. Been years since I read about it, and the memory is fuzzy.

  11. Somehow, I can't see the UK military allowing a prince to serve at the kinetic point of contact. I've worked as a FO in conjunction with USMC Anglico units and there are a lot of opportunities to get whacked. I'm not saying that Harry didn't, but I'd be surprised if they put him in a place to get his throat cut. Or to put him in a place where he cut throats.

  12. BillB, I'm not inviting them to Austin (not my place to invite them), but it's the only place in Texas where they might feel comfortable peddling their bullshit.

  13. Maybe it is only a rumor but in case it is true it will probably never happen. They did not want to settle in the US until Trump is gone. That will take a long time. But if that is their attitude they should also be motivated to keep staying in Canada and never visit the country where the People elect their President.

  14. I think that the royal couple will be happier in Canada. However, as I pointed out, they will have at least one executive jet that they can fly around to avoid the colder winters in Canada. I think that they will want to jet here and there and stay at the finest luxury hotels along with their staff.

  15. Warning: maximum offensiveness mode

    Who cares what his mother would think? She was a self-important imbecile.

    "Let's outlaw landmines! That'll definitely work, because High School kids can make them, and the PRC will definitely follow our Western Moral Leadership!"

    "Won't somebody think of the Children?".

    Then maybe we can outlaw war, again. 3rd time's the charm!

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about the British Royal Family. We fought a damn war so we wouldn't have to, anymore, and now the country's all full of borderline traitors would think they're just so dreamy…


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