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It’s the Labor Day Weekend and one of those annual place holders that takes place just before September 11, the day we honor community organizers, per Obama, as he shifted the War on Terror to a “foreign contingency operation”.
But I digress.
Other blogs, the social media crowd, etc. are playing the “white privilege game” and other BS this weekend and I thought that there’s no reason that I couldn’t join the other lemmings by running into the sea with them.
Jobs tend to speak to the American Dream, and in a generational sense they tend to define us.

Barack Obama was a lawyer, a community organizer, US Senator and then President of the USA. He married a really ugly woman. His mother was a good-time girl and aspirational communist. His father was either Barack Sr., a professional student and Nigerian scammer or ‘Uncle Frank’, a card-carrying communist organizer in Hawaii.

Hillary Clinton was a lawyer, political gadfly, First Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State. She latched onto Slick Willy like a lamprey and road his coat tails. Her father was in the fabric business in Chicago and loved political machinations. Her mother rocked the cradle. Her paternal grandparents were English immigrants. 

Donald Trump was a draft-deferred student-son of a rich man, and built a real estate empire. He only married hot women. His father was a self-made man who started in the construction business from an early age and his mother helped him in the business. His paternal grandparents were German immigrants.

24 thoughts on “Labor Day

  1. We all should note that neither Hillary nor Barry ever met a payroll in their entire lives, and don't understand how markets work at all. Neither of them could run a successful lemonade stand, much less the U.S. economy.

    We've already seen what kind of results we get when a community organizer is put in charge of things: 1% annual growth on average over 8 straight years? Never happened before. With Hillary as chief executive, we can expect yet another 8 straight years of anemic performance.

  2. 1% growth is OK for Barack and Hillary so long as they can borrow $11 trillion to prop things up. That's their idea of success. And they are mystified when people don't love them. In a sense it's true of all progs.

    Firearms in private hands is another example. The places with the loosest gun laws are the safest. They damn the stats but never once think that their approach is wrong.

  3. They could run a lemonade stand.
    They'd find racial or feminist subsidies from government to keep it going.
    Maybe Soros money.

  4. Good question. Plus the mother-in-law has lives with them. You can see where Mochelle gets her looks.

  5. I hadn't thought of that BUT if Barack could borrow $11 trillion against anticipated revenue, he might make a go of the lemonade stand.

  6. No, I'm not sure that Michelle isn't Mitchell. But there are things like lifting that dress, that I would find too repulsive for words.

  7. She CLAIMS that the Rodham's came from England. It could be a complete fabrication. Hillary is known for being absolutely, scrupulously honest, though. So maybe her claims have some basis in fact? Or she comes from Nazi prison camp guard stock, who changed their names and hid in England before going to the US.

  8. WSF – That mother's face is enough to make a train take a dirt road to get away. "Hideous" is the only word that springs to mind.

  9. Fredd is quick like that.

    I seriously don't think that we should ever consider a president who has not met a payroll for several years or served in the military. I realize that eliminates Trump, but the combination of the two provides for common sense that is lacking these days. It's not a guarantee of success, but it's a signpost pointing in the right direction.

  10. Since most lemonade stands are illegal now unless you can afford a $10,000 kitchen, they might just be able to get away with running a lemonade stand since it seems they are allowed to get away with everything.

  11. They don't stop all lemonade stands, I don't believe; but even stopping one really frustrates me.
    So many home bakery businesses can't begin because of the requirement of roughly $10,000 of specialized equipment. Though supposedly they have changed that requirement based on the number of sales you expect to have.

  12. That's for sure. No man would purposely choose anyone related to a mother-in-law like that. Must have been an arrangement for convenience. With plenty of drugs paid for in advance.

  13. I just returned from a morning ride on the Diavel. Traffic is building as people are returning home to begin another week at the salt mine, and that means I'd just as soon be basking poolside in the back yard as out fighting the R/V's and angry boaters who haven't had a drink since they pulled the boat out of the Colorado river and are feeling the strain.

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