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Our friend and fellow Blogger, LSP is not feeling well, but I don’t know how bad off he is. I have limited information and no details.
Fish Fever
The last I heard, he was “on the stripers’ in Stormy Texas”. Was that code word for being on Stormy the Stripper in Texas? I just don’t know. (awkward) 
confusing striper and stripper could have disastrous consequences.
Maybe it’s just a Saturday Night Fever?
As we age, we’re more susceptible to things – parts break, etc. That’s today’s sermonette. Just think about it, you had a birthday and there are a lot of tall trees at the compound are younger than you. Don’t fear the reaper.

Get well soon, LSP. 
Isn’t it Strange?
Antifa, punks wearing masks never show up to parades, etc. in the Arizona mountains. It’s a welcoming place where there is almost no law enforcement presence…a perfect location to pick on the locals, almost all of whom disagree with the leftist scum.
They feel empowered in liberal enclaves such as Portland and Seattle, and on progressive college campuses. Why not come to the Arizona highlands and screw with people there?
Yes, it’s true that some of them could end up buried alive by a backhoe, and their cameras smashed, but they’d be martyred for the cause.
Rodeo Clown?

18 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. I check out LSP's blog as well, and am sending best wishes for a speedy recovery his way. I know all about that aging business, I have another year completing in a couple weeks, and I'll reach my three score and ten next year. The reaper's come calling a few times, but so far I've managed to keep him at arm's length.
    Haven't seen any Antifa punks down my way, but I hear they have them in KC.
    Only two words?

  2. "it's true that some of them could end up buried alive by a backhoe,.."

    Great scene in Shooter (the proverbial rural vs. arrogant city):

    "If the dog comes up on the porch, have to shoot the dog. Shoot a dog on a man's private land, have to bury him in the hills…Tell the sheriff a month or two later, he understands."

    As for the other, finished up the last 600' of crossbuck of the property, feeling it this morning and will likely take three days to recuperate instead of one. The only consolation is we can still do the strenuous life, and enjoy it as well.

  3. Prayers for LSP. Medical help works. The reason I will turn 75 in a few days is a CPAP and a pacemaker.

    Antifa only lives in "safe places". A bunch of unattractive losers trying to get laid.

    Rep. Wilson? Along with Shelia Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters, living proof screech owls are electable in certain districts. Yeah, that can be considered racist, even though it is accurate. So let's toss in Diana DeGette for balance. Oops! Sexists. My bad.

  4. Thanks for the prayers and good wishes. What happened was… I was spinning a half broke horse around and she went loco. And I came off!

    Landed like sack of bricks on steel. Long story short — my upper femur was snapped below the ball joint.

    Now it's all pinned back together. Miracle of medicine.

  5. Well. That sucketh. Glad it wasn't any worse. Any chance it was not your strong side?

    Miracles of medicine indeed. I recommend at least 90 proof. Here's to your speedy recovery.

    A step stool bucked me off in the house last year. Dammed luck I didn't break something.

  6. And Antifa doesn't act up outside of Gun Free Zones.
    They had a nice quiet walk (with their fla and all) in the local Fourth Parade.
    Would'a been fun had they acted up.

  7. She gives clowns a bad name… sigh… And you'll note Antifa hasn't been back to Austin since DPS handed them their asses… 🙂

  8. Both Portland and Seattle are evil communist places, to be avoided by all real Americans.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  9. For her, I would say "Demonrat Hypocrite".
    Will say a prayer of healing for LSP.

  10. Scary business indeed.
    With the rumors of "suddenly taken ill" and "not life threatening" I was thinking mild heart attack (non-STEMI) or maybe an MVA. Hearing about the broken femur I started to think, "If I had to choose between a broken femur and a non-STEMI I might actually choose the non-STEMI…." (Especially if I got to choose the location and size of the infarct. "I'll take a distal OM3 lesion with a minimal troponin bump.")

    Glad to hear that you are on the path to mending, Parson.

  11. Comon people, how can anyone take one look at her and not
    think Howdy Doodie?

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