Getting Serious about Global Warming/Cooling/Whatever

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It’s time for Barack, John Kerry and the boys to get serious with the Russians and ask them to turn off their volcano. 

The Sarychev Volcano will likely contribute to global cooling, screwing up the global warming meme, and suggesting that the weather can’t be controlled. The Russians might be inclined to point to the Yellowstone Volcano (pending) and ask why Barack hasn’t fixed it to control the weather. Maybe he has and his achievements are shrouded in secrecy?

6 thoughts on “Getting Serious about Global Warming/Cooling/Whatever

  1. Volcanic eruptions are known to lead to global cooling, which will destroy the "war on weather" that America is waging. I think that the Ruskies could give a rat's ass one way or the other.

  2. If we can stop all volcanic activity, things may stabilize a bit… Cooling Earth's core and stopping tectonic activity will help stop the weather too. We'd just be a giant ball of ice, but there would be no more worries about global warming. Keep paying those taxes and maybe it will be so.

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