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Caption: The study and collection of beer bottle labels.

As mentioned previously, blogs such as this one may appear on significant holidays, even if they occur on odd days rather than even days. Since this is the second negro holiday of the year in America, I rejoice with you all. Welcome to this special edition of Virtual Mirage.


Take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall…

It’s a federal holiday — that’s all I’ve got.



Bullet Points:

** “Half the harm done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to harm, but the harm [that they cause] does not interest them. Or they do not see or justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.” ~ TS Eliot, The Cocktail Party

** Elsa interviews the Veep on the subject of A.I.

** Rare footage of EdB on his boat LAST Juneteenth. We await this year’s adventure film.

** “China’s carmakers outsold their U.S. counterparts for the first time last year, a testament to the shifting power dynamics in the global auto market.

Brands led by BYD sold 13.4 million new vehicles last year, beating the 11.9 million units delivered by American brands such as Ford and Chevrolet, researcher Jato Dynamics said Thursday.

Japanese brands maintained their lead over the rest of the industry.

Chinese manufacturers’ market share soared across the Middle East, Eurasia, and Africa, with SAIC Motor Corp. Ltd and Geely making inroads in more mature markets such as Europe and Australia.

“Negligence from legacy automakers, which has resulted in consistently high car prices, has inadvertently driven consumers toward more affordable Chinese alternatives,” Jato analyst Felipe Munoz said.”

** Building a better mousetrap never benefits mice.

** Musk on longevity and a longer human lifespan. He’s not working to extend human life beyond the current natural span and explains why.

** Commentary on the British who try to eat a hamburger. On a separate note, the late Lt. Col. Harry Harper, Royal Marines (ret), was a regular visitor to my home, along with his wife, Anne, before his passing. Encouraging them to eat tostadas or sloppy joes with their hands (as is proper) was always a treat. “But LL, they’re so sloppy…” Explaining that a Chicago dog is not “a sausage in a bun” and must be eaten with one’s hands (with the appropriate condiments) bothered them. The pickle, peppers, or tomato wedges would slip out because of amateurish handling. They’d try to default to a fork in the left hand and a knife in the right… “It’s America, Harry. You have to eat it our way.” Loaded chili cheese fries and nachos topped with Jalapenos and sour cream had the same effect on them. “But Larry…” No excuses. I ate haggis at your mess, Harry.  RIP, Colonel, I’ll see you on the other side, my old friend, ‘where it’s always double drill and no canteen.’

** Tutorial – the difference between a blasting agent and a high explosive.

** Do you like Kamala Harris, or do you love Kamala Harris? Elsa Kurt explores this. (YouTube)

** Make up your mind, China… (SCMP) China just finished purging foreigners to rebuild the bamboo curtain — now they’re trying to lure tourism back to the Worker’s Paradise to earn hard cash. They can’t have it both ways.

** The FBI learned as far back as 2016 that Hunter Biden and his partners had plotted to set up a new venture in tax-friendly Liechtenstein that would be capitalized by a whopping $120 million investment from the controversial owner of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, according to documents obtained by Just the News that have been kept from the American public for eight years.

The mega-deal was not referenced inside Hunter Biden’s now infamous laptop or during the 2019 impeachment proceedings involving Ukraine but was instead chronicled in a trove of 3.39 million documents the FBI seized from Hunter Biden and his business partners during an investigation of securities fraud nearly a decade ago.


No Claustrophobia Allowed

These man-carrying pods were attached to the undercarriage of P-38s for rapid CASEVAC. Maybe the people were too sick to be concerned with being slid into a coffin under a P-38, but the NOISE must have been deafening.


Your President Speaks


Nobody Loves the B-48 Anymore


Identify the Armor



Identify the Aircraft



Hints: Its armament consisted of a hub-firing 20 mm (0.79 in) autocannon and two fuselage-mounted synchronized machine guns. It was considered comparable to foreign aircraft such as the Messerschmitt Bf 109E and came into service in 1940.  Twelve production aircraft had been delivered by July 1940.


Not a P-38



Parting Shot



59 thoughts on “labeorphily

  1. Identify the Armor:
    1. Saurer 4K 4FA
    Identify the Aircraft:
    2. Curtiss A-12 Shrike
    3. Rogožarski IK-3
    4. Lockheed F-5

    1. At least you stuck with the name rather than have her painted on the nose of the aircraft while striking a seductive pose.

      1. Good point…altho, she’d say no, take too long to paint both sides and “we got work to get done”. Always the practical one.

        1. Except this is a military thing. It would go like this: Captain PaulM – “Staff Sergeant Jones, have that talented corporal from the 354th Fighter Squadron paint a picture on the nose of my aircraft.” SSG Jones would steal a case of beer from the officer’s mess and take it to SFC Smith and ask him if he’d have his corporal paint a picture of DRMRSPAULM on the nose of his the Captiain’s F-5. SCF Smith would take a sixpack to SGT Slick and ask him to have the corporal paint a picture. SGT Slick would take a single (warm) beer to Corporal Hungabunga and ask him to paint the picture.

          1. Heck, with all those “process” machinations, at that point Dr(can’t forget that part as I’m the help and she doesn’t brag)MrsPaulM would likely forget the beer, demand a bottle of duty free Aakvavit then paint the dang thing herself…waiting around for others to get something done isn’t her strong suit.

  2. “Negligence “. You mean they supported Democrats like Debbie Dingell, her late hubby, O and his sidekick FJB? Or is it just the ev push? BTW are the consultants still going around saying there is overcapacity in auto manufacturing? (Which they did the whole time the west shifted production to “lowcost” countries).

    1. The Feds need to get the hay out of our businesses, completely screwing up everything they get their grubby hands on. A good start would be to level K-Street and make it a park, send the grifters, thieves, and cheats packing (most of whom are loy-yer and couldn’t do an honest days work if they were shown what end of a shovel or screwdriver to use).

        1. Shakespeare was clearly an insurrectional* white supremacist domestic terrorist under the tortured Democrat/
          Marxist language redefinition.
          (*my new made up word play on “intersectional”…figure if wacko word-smithing is good for the Lefty Loons I might as well give it a go)
          First, control the language..then perceptions, then tell the willfully ignorant people what to think….such as: BIRD FLU! EVERYBODY PANIC!
          —-MrsPaulM laughed at the moronic commentary being bandied about by “the experts” and hyperventilator’s. Says it’s not entirely wrong (the zoonotic part) but only about 1/1000 (or more) of a percent possible (like The Manipulated Covid Crap PsyOp, 99.9% not a problem yet was reversed to panic the masses). Don’t screw with infected birds and you’ll be fine. Plus she knows this one was [also] manipulated by the GOF Pandora’s Box A/h’s working in their federal grant cashola (aka. taxpayer money by the trapdoor only for bad results) labs while thinking they’re doing genius work. Every last one of them should be shot at dawn…with Fauci Mengela in front…that demented bum.

          1. The tragedy is we get to watch this trainwreck dumpster fire idiocy from the cheap seats….without popcorn and no 40oz Dr. Pepper…which is a bigger tragedy.

        1. X2 End them for all time and allow Americans to buy “lower end” vehicles like the Toyota HiLux.

          1. X3…you have no idea how badly I want a Hilux Indestructo Pick em Up truck. It’s painful to think how the Feds have destroyed our free will to purchase what we want, not what the K-Street grifters have decided what we’ll get to pick from (Prius anyone? Leaf? @$#& gag cough spit)

          2. I’d prefer a NEW HiLux so I know the complete condition of the vehicle.

  3. I have a suggestion as the Federalies keep adding “special” Days off to celebrate Their agenda (Not America).
    I have a solution that the very next congress can pass into law (Yep I am full of Hopelium and other imaginary things in actually believing our Next election will Not be rigged)…but to the point,
    We take ALL of the “agenda” Holidays and lump them together with President’s day and place it on the second Tuesday of November so that ALL America can celebrate this Great Country and the Liberties we should Constitutionally expect from our Ravenous Feds.
    Append this law stating any further “Fed Holidays must be Celebrated on Liberty day as well.
    Fed Holidays is simply a pay raise for Fed Bureaucrats and a further push of “Agenda” that is meant to celebrate Anti-America as founded.

    Just my 2 cents, worth what you paid for it…

    MSG Grumpy

    1. Every time the Federal government declares an “agenda holiday” it costs the taxpayers billions. I propose that we limit Federal holidays to the observance Christmas (2 days); NY Day (hangover day) (1 day); Washington’s Birthday (1 day); Memorial Day (1 day) Independence Day (1 day); Labor Day (1 day); and Thanksgiving (2 days). Nine Days. If people want time off to venerate their racial or gender orientation or take a day for religious observance, that’s what vacation time is for. Mohammedans, Hindus, Pagans, Buddhists, Jews, etc. all have days that they may want to take off. Christians can take off Easter, Good Friday, etc. on their own time. Christmas is a legacy holiday in the dead of winter and the way it’s observed these days, it’s more of a family day like Thanksgiving (also a legacy holiday).

      1. Sounds good to me. If a private company wants to declare Juneteenth as a holiday and shut down, be my guest. If they insist it can only be a day off by using vacation, likewise. It’s their prerogative. If enough people take it as vacation and the company can’t function, it probably becomes a company holiday – which adds to their “come work for us” pitch.

        Around here, all the big high tech companies tend to take the week between Christmas and New Years off because so many people travel to see their families. Not an official holiday, just a common solution to a common problem, and it allows them to basically say you get the equivalent of three weeks vacation during the year when you’re first starting to work there.

        1. My word to clients (particularly foreign clients) is that “Nothing gets done in the US between December 15 and the end of the first week in January.” I might add that the same is true of Mexico and much of Europe. If you want to do something then and waste your money, go ahead, but it’s a dead zone. The same is true of other countries (Asian Lunar New Year, Ramadan, Jewish High Holy Days, etc.) Companies just have to make the best of it. Government is another matter.

    2. Liberty Day? LIBERTY Day? How can you talk of “liberty” when negroes, and Jews, and Chinamen, and Hottentots, and Muslims, and Wiccans, and Zoroastrians, and LGBTQIAA are all cruelly discriminated against, and are all utterly powerless and economically prostrate? Only straight, White, Christian men have any agency, power, wealth, or freedom of action in this AmeriKKKa. Don’t you know that?

      So instead of Liberty Day (bitterly sarcastic “hah!”) we must have Victimhood Day. We also need to Do Better and work in Grievance Day. Only then will our holidays reflect our modern times.

      Oh, and Happy Juneteenf.

        1. Hey, at least the victimhood “holidays/months” adherents are showing themselves publicly. Helps to know where and when to avoid interaction with the demented and deluded weaklings most likely to taken out in the first wave during the zombie apocalypse…don’t want to be anywhere near them lest get caught up as collateral damage (which may get its own victim month thereafter).

    3. MSG G…I’m thinking the Federal government needs to take off like this: Year 1- January thru December off; Years 2-4 – March thru December. That should fix a few things straight away.

      1. You could fire 50% of the Federal government workforce, and nobody would notice. The diversity hires would be the first to go. The problem would be all of those hard-core unemployables hitting the street.

        1. D-Day to DH’s…my how far off the mark America has strayed. As long as the newly unemployed hoards with womyn’s study degrees stay in the cities and urban centers then I won’t give it a second thought…eventually they’ll start eating themselves (like the coffee-makers trying to unionize losing their jobs as the owner retired in response- hahahah).
          — Came in for lunch…decided today was a “dessert first” day as life might get even more unpredictable in the next 5 months. I’m having flaky all-natural waterwheel ground grain hand rolled into a flaky pastry to enrobe wholesome cherries hand-picked by non-gmo organic Iowa farmers…all encapsulated in whipped dairy consume’…aka. cherry pie – slightly warmed as Late Fall showed up overnight. That ought to spike the blood sugar.

        2. “The problem would be all of those hard-core unemployables hitting the street.”
          How did we ever get to such a sad state? Bit-by-bit we let our Liberty be eroded to “Go Along To Get Along”, or to “Do It For The Children”, and we was had!

  4. More people seem to think they know how to operate boats, than actually know how.
    Note: I am not claiming any 1337 boating skills for myself, this is merely observation.
    It isn’t the US automakers that are keeping US automobiles uncompetitive in the larger world,
    it is USGOV regulations. None of those ChiCom cars would meet the requirements for sale in
    the US, and many of them are certainly utter garbage, to boot. Over regulation is the problem,
    not failings of the US automobile manufacturers (not that they don’t also screw up).
    – Kle.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Ban ALL Chinese products of all types from US markets (particularly food items). Detroit would build light trucks if DC would allow it. They don’t and it’s all politics.

      1. When I worked for magna, we had a plant in China making parts for the Ford fusion that they were making there. That car was virtually identical to the fusion made in Flat Rock at the time.
        We showed them how to do it.

        1. idk, today they started the deep fake with polls saying biden was ahead all of a sudden. horsehockey! how does a guy w/ the lowest approval rating in history one day become the poll leader the next? if they are pinch hitting hillary, why deep fake the poll? …..we just had a gop primary election for us senate. the best chance in a while to unseat the dem weasel, and the gop selects a slick dc beltway insider, a pentagon rat i call ’em. least likeable candidate on the primary ticket. great job rinos.

          1. Heard the same today, total bravo sierra. Polls are paid for by the push narrative crew (aka. Liars) to sway the uninitiated “low information voter” (h/t Rush). The DNC could have taken the $50 mil they just spent on a complete lie attack ad on Trump and given it to inner city poor folks, instead they waste it on common knowledge pablum that resulted in…zip…nada…bupkis.

    1. @RHT447- I’m seeing two possibilities with the Dems; a) they… the Dems…are akin to that poster of the scraggly mountain goat standing there all alone, caption says: “I’m so far behind I think I’m in front”…or b) they know the election fix is in so putting up the worst two possible vapid cretin do-nothings on the planet (or close to that) is a distraction because they don’t care. Either way and America loses if they manage to pull off another election theft.

  5. Juneteenth, the day we celebrate that some black slaves were finally told that their Democrat masters had been conning them into staying on the plantation after Republicans with guns had secured there freedom.

    1. Turns out it is also the day we ordered up Julius and Ethel Rosenberg extra-crispy, so there is that.

  6. LOL, how ‘we’ eat vs. the Brits is always ‘interesting’… And yes, they cannot stand to actually use their hands. The default is fork on the left, knife on the right, and eating off the backside of the fork!

    1. Fork in the left hand, knife in the right, delicately move the next bite onto the back of the fork, eat up slowly and methodically. Jules could verify…but certainly not that barbaric American shovel and go mode we utilize as we muscle thru meals.

  7. “Negligence from legacy automakers, which has resulted in consistently high car prices, has inadvertently driven consumers toward more affordable Chinese alternatives,” Jato analyst Felipe Munoz said.”

    Legacy manufacturers deliver whiz bang electronic gizmos in p.o.s. plastic infested vehicles. Delude themselves with “focus group” results that, surprisingly, mirror their ideas. I personally wouldn’t have a Chinese built vehicle as a gift. Before you buy one, find a mechanic/technician who works on them and ask their opinion.

  8. @Paul M
    “Don’t screw with infected birds”
    Excuse me? Pretty sure that’s a Protected Sexual Preference and covered under the “+” of LGBTQIAA+. For shame! You bigot. 😡

    Down with anti-Fowltism. Stop Avian Hate!

    1. Hahahahah…or fully chagrined…not sure yet. No matter, that’s brilliant! I think you need to make a t-shirt, probably sell a bunch, and it’s all about “the merch”.

  9. Another epic post, LL!
    I wouldn’t trust a car made of Chinesium any further than I could throw it. I’d much sooner have an old Japanese car. Oh wait, I do….
    Yes, we Americans are such barbarians when it comes to eating. Sure tastes better, though.
    Biden corruption? Nothing to see here….Move along, now….

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