World Domination?

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Bullet Points:

** Orwell was an optimist.

** (Helen Andrews) In the 20th century, totalitarianism was marked by the rule of strongmen, from Hitler and Mussolini to Stalin, Mao, and beyond. Now, argues Helen Andrews, totalitarianism is emerging, and rulers cannot be named, much less confronted, making this new regime all the more dangerous. This is the sixth in a series of nine contributions by leading experts on the nine defining elements of what Ellmers and Richards dub “Totalitarianism, American Style.”

The challenge in our modern form of totalitarianism is finding a human being who has authority, who is accountable, who can be persuaded, and who, in the last resort, can be removed and replaced. Modern liberalism has a deep hostility to individual authority, which is both institutional and spiritual.

To start with the institutional: In short, everything is too big. Newspapers used to be local; now, everyone gets information from the same big national outlets and social media platforms. Banks used to be regional; deregulation allowed them to consolidate into a handful of behemoths. Small businesses have been replaced on America’s Main Streets by corporate chains. The man who manages your local hardware store is no longer an owner-proprietor but a functionary who answers to a head office in another city.

Big organizations are inevitably more bureaucratic. They lend themselves to opaque processes of decision-making where the really important calls are made behind closed doors by people whose names the public never learns. Social media censorship works like this. Tweets about the lab-leak theory of Covid’s origins or the ineffectiveness of masks were removed due to violations of Twitter’s nebulous “Terms of Service,” as interpreted by its trust and safety team.

These decisions are cloaked in faux objectivity by appeals to the discipline of “disinformation studies,” a bogus form of expertise that has been astroturfed throughout academia for the sole purpose of justifying censorship. “Disinformation” is a field with no intellectual content at all. Its credentialed experts, such as Nina Jankowicz, former executive director of the U.S. Disinformation Governance Board, are no more qualified to decide what information can and can’t be published online than any other American citizen.

Consolidation also makes it easier for small groups of people to force conformity on entire industries. Ownership has never been more concentrated in the history of American capitalism: The “Big Three” asset managers—Vanguard, State Street, and BlackRock—“are collectively the largest or second-largest shareholders in firms that comprise nearly 90 percent of total market capitalization in the U.S. economy,” according to John Coates of Harvard Law School. “This includes 98 percent of firms on the S&P 500 index, which tracks the largest American companies—with the Big Three owning an average of more than 20 percent of each company.”

These financial firms do not use their influence to make companies more efficient and profitable. They use their voting power to force companies to adopt left-wing environmental policies or diversity goals. Suppose you have wondered why every big company in America seems to have the same incentive schemes for executives where bonuses are linked to meeting racial hiring benchmarks. In that case, it is because firms like State Street demand it. These demands are framed as appeals to best practices, not as mere expressions of preference—another way expertise becomes a gigantism tool. (more)

** What to do about the Fentanyl Crisis? For the first time in U.S. history, fatal overdoses peaked above 112,000 deaths, with young people and colored people/people of color among the hardest hit. You could run around in a circle with your hair on fire, or you could start by revoking all People’s Republic of China visas and all permanent resident alien (green card) status for the PRC. Give permanent residents thirty days to leave. Start building a camp across the freeway from Manzanar for those who decide not to leave. Hunt them relentlessly. Embargo all trade with China.

That’s where I’d start. Then, I’d have a heart-to-heart with the Jewish lady recently elected President of Mexico. “Pick your friends and enemies carefully.” Considering cause and effect, what would that do to the fentanyl supply? Somebody call President Trump. I’ll be his vice president. He can say, “I’m doing everything I can to restrain LL, but he’s a madman.” (Photo Right, LL – a proven madman) To prove my insane creds, I’ll make EdB my Chief of Staff and Beans my Chief of Veep Strategy, with Mike_C replacing Admiral Dick Levine at the National Health Service – dealing with the medical aspects of fentanyl. HogsbreathSS can handle the Secret Service Detail, and LSP can be the chaplain.

** I’ve heard (Daily Mail UK) (h/t RHT447) that the democrats are planning to draft Hillary (The Bitch of Benghazi) to run as Vice President on the Pedo Joe ticket to slide her in the back door. I’d debate that ample, old, wino, lesbian crunt any time, any place. Let’s make politics fun again! I’m reflecting on the old Saturday Night Live point/counterpoint debates, “Hillary, you ignorant slut! Bagged out, dried up, skunk meat like you …etc.” 

Or they could draft Big Mike Obama, and we could go at it man-to-man. I might not win a dick-measuring contest with Barack’s husband – it would remain to be seen.

** Avacado Madness – (Mail) – You may not know, but in many cases, drugs are shipped north through Mexico in trucks that have been inspected and sealed by the US Department of Agriculture as part of the CTPAT Program. I’ll explain how they do it if you want to know. I’ve told you how in previous blogs. The kidnapping of USDA officials shouldn’t surprise anyone. The produce is usually dumped on the US market at little or no profit (same price at Michoacan – point of production as it is at FOB Chicago after transportation, for example). The profit comes with the transported drugs. It’s not just avocados. Limes, lemons, tomatoes, and all sorts of Mexican agriculture are dumped (price-wise) in the US to benefit US consumers. The drugs are unloaded before the produce crosses the US Border and is moved through tunnels or by other means. The USDA/CTPAT seals get it through Mexico without inspection.

** More aid to Ukraine is administered by NGOs and overseen by USAID. The skim from NGOs returns to the democrat party in a scam that is very common in the Beltway. NEWS: Today, during the Ukraine Peace Summit, Vice President Kamala (The HO) Harris announced $379M in additional humanitarian aid for Ukraine, including $242.5M from USAID to provide food, health, shelter, water, sanitation, protection, and economic assistance for millions affected by Russia’s war.

** Two days ago in History, 1878, the Posse Comitatus Act was signed into law.

On June 18, 1878, U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes signed the Posse Comitatus Act into law, which restricted the authority of the US government concerning employing military resources to uphold domestic and local laws and ordinances. In Latin, posse comitatus translates to “force of the country,” the principle’s origins date back to ancient English when local authorities could tap civilians to assist in maintaining public order. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 mostly applied to restricting the use of the U.S. Army and domestic matters. The law’s passage followed the reconstruction period, and its main intent was to prevent the military from interfering with law enforcement in the southern United States. The act was revised in 1956 when the US Air Force was added to the regulations and in 1981 when authorities clarified how U.S. forces could assist in domestic peacekeeping efforts.


Proven to Work


Identify the Aircraft


Two pictures – Hint: The development process began with the 1943 S.6/43 requirement for a high-performance torpedo bomber with a bomb bay that could accommodate six 500-pound (230 kg) bombs or any of the current standard aerial torpedoes, operating from Audacious and Centaur-class aircraft carriers.


Two aircraft to identify. The one facing away may be more difficult.


Two photos to work from


Identify the Armor



Parting Shot


55 thoughts on “World Domination?

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Short Sturgeon TT.2
    2. Myasishchev M-4 Bison
    3. Myasishchev M-17
    4. Hawker Hotspur
    Identify the Armor:
    5. Panzer IV, perhaps Ausf H

      1. Or somewhere there a bouts for sure… interesting photo actually and well into occupation obviously.

  2. Big – wife’s nephew was admitted for some major surgery recently. Even though the patient bill of rights supposedly gives gives patients the right to have an advocate, no one was allowed to be even close to him in the BIG hospital. Meanwhile, back in the day and in a small hospital, my mother had major surgery and my dad was allowed to be in the operating room. He even ended up assisting the anesthesiologist.

    1. That’s surprising. My limited experience (not during Covid) was that hospitals didn’t mind somebody standing-by. Not in the OR, but close.

      1. The surgery was on Tuesday for a brain tumor, which turned out to be an aggressive form of cancer. Today the hospital released him.
        He had believed all the covid hype and took the shots. Maybe he will learn to be less trusting of medical authorities who are more interested in money than in patient health…if he recovers from it.

    2. All about control of their fiefdom…we saw it on steroids during the Covid PsyOp. They believe they own you once signed in.

      MrsPaulM’s mom was visiting, feinted in the night (more disoriented and had some wine), bumped her head, needed simple stitches. The ER doc (it was early so Urgent Care wasn’t open…we like them) was this a/h control nut who did every manner of tests on her…”because of her age”…for 7 hours of waiting around for an hour (at most) to get her fixed up. DVM DrMrsPaulM could have done it at home (but…precaution was necessary as Mom had feinted, so, that). I’m guessing Medicare paid this hospital at least $35k. Then, this moron “doctor” used staples on mom’s forehead gash. MrsPaulM about shot the guy.

      1. Malpractice… I’m not talking lawsuits because that’s not how I roll, but the ER doc should have been reported to the hospital system. I’m also not a big one for tattling, but that was one of those situations where I would have.

        1. All about milking the closed-loop medical system. (Fed’s really need a clearing out, Milei style..apparently Vivek has the plan so might make it in as some Sec). Turned out okay, but what a cluster…and if you say anything in opposition they double down on “the work”. Untouchable.

  3. I’m sitting here by the phone waiting for the call appointing me Czar of the Directorate of Corrections. There’s a big, beautiful wall needs built and with my many years of construction and competitive marksmanship experience, I’m just the palooka to get ‘er done.
    On the other hand, if the Hill plan comes about, I fully expect to be on the other side of that equation.

    1. Now yer talkin’…a good fit (and title) to round out the other necessary Cabinet appointments under The Grand PooBah LL.

      1. I was thinking that Secretary of the Interior would work for you, PaulM. BLM needs a stern talking to.

        1. Only if the Official Logo’d vehicle was a HiLux…with a big gun mounted in the bed…and it’s not required to be painted some doofy color like Raging Pink.

          1. I must admit that one reason I want a HiLux would be to modify it into a species of ‘technical.’ I could do it to the Raptor and may still do that, but the HiLux is more authentic in that role.

          2. Plus, getting banged up and scratched is part of the image, so don’t even have to wash and wax it…win, win.

  4. Excellent on fentanyl crises and Posse Comitatus. What I have been saying for years. Can it all be solved? Yes, but would take an American Leader with , you know, big ones. Where can we find such? Why don’t you run for Pres?

  5. Guess I’d better start growing my hair out if I’m supposed to replace Dick Levine. But I’m not bleaching it that terrible blonde. (/sarc=off, serious comment follows: it’s bad enough that this jowly, dumpy man swans around in drag, but my god, couldn’t he display better fashion sense?)

    Credit where credit’s due, please. “Russia’s war” is “Toria” Nuland’s war. She worked long and hard fomenting it, and deserves public recognition. Some might say it’s the Kagan clan’s war. I won’t argue for or against that, but I’d hate to see a strong, powerful woman have HER accomplishments stolen. AGAIN. Justice for Toria!

    1. I wasn’t suggesting that you need a tuck-and-roll job to do the work. You could wear Cher wigs in a different color every day of the week. I see Nuland as more of a puppet (Same with Blinky), with Black Rock/Vanguard et al. pulling the strings. That’s who really benefits.

  6. Pontus Pilate did not know “what is truth”. Nina sure does. Kind of like the little old ladies in the knitting club in Paris who watched the tumbrilscome and go. They never got carted off, deserving though they were.

    1. That brought to mind Madame Thérèse Defarge (though a fictional character and the main antagonist of the 1859 novel A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens). She memorably knitted beside the guillotine during executions, cackling.

  7. So despite all this banter and speculation on “who’s PDJT’s Veep pick”…it was you all along. Why does that not surprise me (the resume’ is getting into a dozen pages by now, another high-level line item won’t hurt). Begs the question: With the inaugural photo op next January how will we know it’s real or AI generated? Pretty easy to fool us sitting in the cheap seats these days.
    —BTW, If I were involved it would be as “Chief Bloviator”, altho I do have power tools and a few skills…oh, and a tractor…gotta be some use for those helping WWW “build that wall!” to keep the nation secure and, thus, sovereign.
    Rich content today (in more ways than one…as usual). Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m out, have things to do as the October weather just lifted and I can see my Contemplative Pasture emerging (right after the power blipped for some unknown reason, shows how easy “The They” can “get you under control”. Note to self: Get a danged backup source with solar panel charging, been putting it off far too long.)

    1. It would be easy enough to AI a photo of President Trump standing next to me. A vanity work to be sure. So no time soon.

  8. Sorry, but not sorry. I don’t give a flyin’ flip about the so-called fentanyl crisis. Involvement is 100% voluntary, and my guess is every one of the ‘victims’ is a biden voter.
    Never interrupt your enemy while he makes a mistake.

    1. This is the problem I have with the fentanyl crisis or libertarians advocating for no drug laws – Others pick up the pieces and the bill. Many police officers who handle fentanyl at the point of arrest have to receive Narcan because they get exposed. I am not bothered about voluntary users going tits-up. I don’t want to pay for their medical treatment. And I don’t want innocents exposed. So, I would take it out on the Red Chinese with extreme prejudice. Hypes will OD on heroin if they don’t have fentanyl and will turn blue.

      1. This is the problem I have with the fentanyl crisis or libertarians advocating for no drug laws – Others pick up the pieces and the bill.

        Well, stop doing that. The tragedies in families are real, but the gun/drug/plastic control policies hurt innocents too.

  9. LL, I’d vote for you if only because your eclectic mix of cabinet positions would work ever so much better than what we have today that it isn’t even funny. Might be the first time in history where thew federal bureaucracy shrank instead of swelled like a blood swollen tick. I, too would be more than willing to fetch coffee or, if you were really scraping the bottom of the barrel, would volunteer to run Dept of Energy…right into the ground. No guarantees other than to say it would be much, much smaller year over year.
    Agree with SP RN to a point. The country as a whole will have a fentanyl problem until we change the mindset of the people that want to take it. Wouldn’t mind them taking it if it did not affect everyone else but it does. How much money is spent basically incentivizing fentanyl’s use by supporting social services for those who take it?

  10. hate to be a wet blanket (not quite true), but the problem isn’t fentanyl per se: if not fentanyl, it’ll just be another organic compound with similar or more intensive properties
    —- and fentanyl has valid uses in medicine,
    focusing on fentanyl reminds me of a puppy chasing its tail; focus instead on the illicit and unlawful manufacture and distribution: those persons knowingly involved must be punished severely (not to “the full extent of the law”); i.e. remove them from society.

    1. The ILLEGAL fentanyl market is under discussion, not the pharmacologically useful fentanyl. Yes, it clearly has a medical use (unlike heroin).

      1. I had it several times last year in the hospital. When used under proper medical supervision, it works very, very well. Seemed to take effect faster (not that it matters), but I was still pretty groggy when I came to.

  11. Parting Shot- Reminded me of this…especially starting at the 30sec mark:

    Store Owner: “…so I assume you’re going to be…target shooting…or hunting?”
    Reacher: “A combination of both.”

    (PS. Heard S2 of The Terminal List is in production.)

  12. Donald Sutherland, the tall, lean, and long-faced Canadian actor who became a countercultural icon with such films as “The Dirty Dozen,” “MASH,” and “Kelly’s Heroes,” and who subsequently enjoyed a prolific and wide-ranging career in films including “Ordinary People,” “Without Limits” and the “Hunger Games” films, died Thursday in Miami after a long illness. He was 88.

    1. Just heard on a news break…another one of those actors who dominated every scene he was in…Rest in Peace.

    2. Didn’t see all of his stuff, but he seemed to know his way around on stage. Slightly off-the-wall, but I imagine you have an interesting backstory about his wife’s thing for hand grenades.

  13. More fentanyl foolishness: Active duty US military on the Mex border , to seal it , is the only hope we have of stopping the 112,000 dead American per year.( US military suffered on average 73,000 combat deaths/year in WW11(not counting wounded, missing, and captured). Now not only do we have the drugs but the Mex Cartel people here also. Stop the drugs going north and the money going south. Cartels will wither on the vine, after the real war. Posse comitatus does not prevent the US military on the border. there were over 100,000 US troops on the border in 1916-1917. No politician will even advocate for this or discuss it. Reckon the money goes all the way to DC? China is destroying the US by destroying our younger generations, not just dead but zombie addicts by the millions. War has started- we just dont know it yet.

    1. This might be an interesting commentary on the cartels’ pre-fentanyl. When I was working against the cartels in Latin America, they were discussing the eventual legalization of marijuana and the end of their market and what to do about it. At the time, heroin use in the US had fallen way off, and they talked about flooding the US market with cheap heroin to redevelop that market. They were growing opium in Gurrero and Chiapas at the time and extended that growing area into Guatemala and Honduras, anticipating the return of heroin. Then, China introduced cheap fentanyl.

  14. Fentanyl / whatever of the day:
    I agree that we should take the border, and the nation, and choosing our friends and enemies sanely seriously.
    But, regarding the “overdose crisis”… I am a bastard, and I will accept any other sobriquets applied to ma as fact.
    But I think the proper response to the overdoses is to make it illegal to provide medical help to anyone OD-ing.
    Maybe after ten generations, we will have less people prone to addictive personalities and biochemistry, and
    more people with a healthy fear of highly addictive poison. Very few people, even out of the tiny fraction who
    become and stay “sober” are ever worth a good god damn after they have become junkies. Meanwhile, they
    are all (mostly all) a danger to, and a huge gigantic drain on everyone else. I don’t think that trying to save
    people desperate to kill themselves is really a good use of time or money. Let them have their way.
    – Kle.

    1. That “strong men make easy times” thing is at play. People have TOO MUCH self esteem (as if I ever cared about mine, never heard the term until I was 25 or so)…which means people have had it too easy therefore fall into to these self-indigences with ease (some, not all obviously…not us of course). The only way to change that is is for people to have to struggle…really struggle. Not talking about paying the bills or cutting back on restaurant visits…but REALLY life threatening struggle, aka. Hard times. Only then will the petty unimportant activities, causes, mentalities, gender crap, etc…disappear in a heartbeat. Th real trick would be if we could get The Federal government to struggle…REALLY struggle…we’d find out who the real people are, the rest will drop off (hopefully).

      1. Under the present regime, he doesn’t qualify because he’s a man who also identifies as being a man.

  15. Quick real world story. 29 yr old Male, not conscious not breathing, cpr in progress at 03:00. 99% overdose case. Walked in the garage apartment and 2 little wide eyed kids sitting on the couch, probably 4 and 6. Their mothers loser boyfriend was the patient. The girl looked at me and said; “I know you! You came to my school and talked about fire safety!” I told her; “we are going to talk about narcan in a moment, but I’m pretty busy right now!” Scroutbag popped right out of it just to repeat it 2 weeks later.

    1. Of course he did.

      I worked ER for many years in northern New England. At that time and locale we didn’t see the OD numbers that are seen now, but the Narcan saves we had all woke up angry. All of them. We’d shortchanged their high.

      BTW I’ve given fentanyl thousands of times as a part of procedural sedation. As you’d expect, it’s effective and very safe when used appropriately.

      1. Everyone on the pointy end of the military spear knows what a fenanyl lolly-pop is. They work safely and effectively in trauma situations to relieve pain quickly.

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