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As those of you who read this blog will understand that Google has made it impossible for me to comment on other blogs, though for now this site remains up. And because Google is Google, moving to WordPress or GoDaddy still keeps me in the same box, and that is frustrating. If I had a cat blog, it wouldn’t be a problem, but content remains critical of the progressive agenda and Google can do what it wants to. There is no First Amendment protection against a hundred billion dollar megalith with a staff of thousands who work to censure content.

Those who offered to help, promised big and delivered nothing. Which is a very common thing.

One solution would be to create a new identity for myself so that I’d re-emerge from blogging identification as a different personality. While that’s within my capacity to do, it’s not something that I want to do. I can still comment on a few blogs and I don’t know why that is the case, but it is. I appreciate those of you who visit Virtual Mirage until the lights go out.

Terrorists can Meet God Now (Essence of this Sermonette)

I never claimed to be anything but a middle man. There to arrange the meeting.

50 Years Since the Eagle Landed

The landing took place yesterday, but Apollo 11 was still on the Moon 50 years ago. It was an event that seared a place in my mind as a young man. NASA is on track to return to the Moon in 2024, and my understanding is that they will land on the Lunar South Pole. I personally think that Mars is a ‘bridge too far’ at the moment. Many many billions need to be invested to build as many as three ships (redundancy) to take crews to Mars. The biggest problem is shielding.

And while we’re on that, there is no word how the invasion of Area 51 is progressing, but I’m confident that the Air Force with support, will keep the hoards out.

The White Wolf Mine
This picture is from Clear Creek, not far from the house, but in the bottom of a deep gorge. There aren’t any space aliens there that I know of and I haven’t seen any illegal aliens their either. Just a languid creek teaming with native and introduced trout species, lurking in the holes.

Democrat Presidential Hopefuls

It’s difficult to predict who will make it through to the actually primary campaigns. Handicapping:

Robert Francis (Beto) O’Rorque has $80 million in his war chest from his run for the Senate against Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife is heiress to another $500+ million, so he’s in it all the way if he wants to be. He’s an embarrassment to America and anyone who would consider voting for the puerile, foolish, ‘fake Mexican’ needs to have their head examined. But he could make it through to the primary process because he has a lot of money. He’s also very progressive…and very ashamed of himself. If elected president, he’d likely go on an apology tour just the same way that Barack did.

Peter (Butt Guy) Buttigieg, one of two homosexuals (the other being the closeted Corey [Spartacus ]Booker) who wants to be king, is raising money. As with Beto, above, he’s a small, small minded guy with a good education and enough money to push his way through to the end of the primary process.

Joe (Slow Joe) Biden really looks tired, and unready for prime time. Watching the 78 year old Biden challenging President Trump to a fist fight or a push up contest looks lame. So does allowing Kamala Harris to beat him up on the debate stage. Barack won’t endorse him and his masculine wife won’t either and they know Slow Joe a lot better than any of us do. He has money, but does he have the energy to make it through the primary?

Bernie Sanders won’t pay his staff minimum wage $15/hr but true to his communist roots, demands it of every business in America. While the hard core commies won’t desert Bernie, who loves the memory of the good times in the USSR, I don’t see him with legs. Financially, he can keep going through the primaries but he’s old and white and offering everything free if only you vote for him may not be enough.

No, I’m not going through them all, but Elizabeth (Poke-a-haunt-us) Warren, Kamala Harris and possibly Spartacus Booker can push through the primary process. The rest will likely go home and lick their wounds.

Will Michelle Obama raise her ugly head on the campaign trail? She is allegedly the most admired woman in America. I’m sure that if you ran your polls in liberal enclaves, you could be persuaded that’s the case. One thing that we know is that she hates white people even more than “the squad” in the House of Representatives does.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. Sorry you're still having troubles here. I do hope you can get set up elsewhere. I enjoy your comments about comments as much as the main subjects which I find to be informative.
    Donkey party candidates. I have never seen such a bunch of loons in all of my life. In 2016 there was at least Webb who didn't make me cringe like the others. Naturally they got rid of him quickly. We don't even have that now.

  2. A thought about Google. Is there a personal connection with you or your family with someone who works at Google?

    Some of the bloggers on your blog list, and the bloggers on their blog lists, are pot stirrers.

  3. Amazingly, I can comment today. No, I don't know anyone at Google, but I know people who do and am trying to work through that. Maybe it's worked because I can comment on my own blog now. Or maybe it's just now and not in 15 minutes.

  4. The mere fact that Google executives rollin the dung of the likes of "the squad" should disturb all of us.

    Setting up elsewhere is also a problem because WordPress, etc. is owned by Google. It's a problem, Jim.

    The Donkey Squad Girls are more suited for a circus side show attraction, though I admit that it would be better if Omar grew an Osama bin Laden beard…more transgender, more progressive, and the whole beard of the prophet thing would encourage her to be even more radical.

    You ask why I want to see a more radical Omar? Popcorn sales for one. The increase to the economy may see an end to ethanol as people consume corn at unprecedented levels. I'm not a big fan of Omar or of ethanol additives in fuel. If she didn't can't grow a decent enough beard (and I'm not convinced of that), she could just buy a fake beard to wear in the hallowed halls of Congress.

    You think that you hear calliope music when Omar speaks now — it would be deafening with the sideshow beard.

  5. Sorry to hear about the google issues. and Mars IS a bridge too far. Baby steps are needed… sigh… NASA is a 'perfect' example of a program run backward. 50 Years ago we could put someone on the moon, NOW we have to rely on Soyuz for a ride…

  6. I don't think it matters who is the last liberal candidate standing. They have to convince a lot of people in fly over states, you know, the states with electoral votes, that they can do a better job with the country than The Donald. That's an awfully tough sell.

    But of course the polls will indicate a slight lead over Trump all the way up to election day. Then The Donald will triumph, the liberals will howl (yet again) at how they were cheated, and how dumb Americans are.

    SHould be fun.

  7. Mr. LL, I really think it could be something other than an anti-LL theme at Google. Their comment section does go on the fritz once in awhile. Things like avatars disappearing and the like. Try leaving a small one at my place and see what happens.

    I've looked everywhere and I can't find where Google owns WordPress (owned by Automattic). You could clear up comments here by going the route of using Disqus. A lot of our friends swear by it.

    What happens when you try to comment? I was getting a red banner a few times when I tried to comment at a few places yesterday, but my stubbornness won out … retry, retry, retry.

    For hosting options you could also look into Wix (rated best right now) or Weebly and use Disqus with either. I've used Blogger for ten tears and I'm so used to it I hate the thought of moving elsewhere. I have a host for my business website that supplied a great handover from iWeb. They are Rage Software and also host Woodsterman dot com. That address just offers a link to blogger at the present.

    Keep us posted, please.

  8. The creek looks like a nice place to cool off on a hot summer day. As for the elections, just pray that the electoral college is still around.

  9. Ah yes, Michelle. Look how she's creeping into the limelight.

    Will she come to rescue the dem's halal sandwich? After all, America admires her moar than any other womyn.

    But that's just it. Is the big M a woman?

  10. I use for my personal email hosting ( where I blogged for awhile with theie free blogging software until coaxed to come to blogger/blogspot by readers because of easier commenting.
    But something like that might be suitable for you, and they work with WordPress (The blogging software, not the host) as does Godaddy where I host my newspaper using "Managed WordPress" (
    I was blocked,as was Greybeard, from posting blog links on Facebook for a couple months. I complained and complained to seemingly no avail.
    Then someone trying to help me devise a way to do an end run discovered the ban had been lifted, with no notice.

  11. She's too busy enjoying her share of the kickback from Iran for that pallet of cash/gold.

  12. Hello LL, You may want to reconsider the option of creating a new persona. As you may know Chicago has elected a new lesbo mayor named lori lightfoot (LL). She is continuing the war on police started by the previous mayor. Lots of nasty comments about someone known as LL on the SecondCitycop website. Please don't take offense. They probably not talking about you. Regards,JD

  13. Hope that you get everything resolved to your satisfaction, be it here on blogger or elsewhere. The boss and I would miss your knowledge and insights on foreign policy and the world at large should you shut down. She especially enjoys pics from the 'hovel'. Says she likes to see what the neighbors are up to.

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  15. I hope you will succeed in your effort to find a new and better solution. In due time I guess your blog will be a part of the mandatory literature available at every university library and available at the Library of Congress for people wanting to become politicians and need to understand the true American soul and spirit.

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