Expanding the Celestial Empire of China

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Is it “imperialism”?

Analysis of imagery obtained in March by the Center for Strategic and International Studies shows that construction on Fiery Cross Reef is nearly complete. The island now features a radar/sensor array; enough hangar space to accommodate 24 combat aircraft and four larger planes, and mobile missile shelters. The 3,000-meter (10,000-feet) runway is operational. 
The aircraft accommodations indicate this is the key Chinese air facility in the Spratlys.
Moving on to Thailand…
The construction of the Thailand-China railway project from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima will begin in 2017, according to the Thai Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport. The line also is to be extended to the Thai-Lao border in the future. 
The project is the Thai part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s One Belt, One Road project. Construction was to have begun in 2015, but contract negotiations caused the delay.
According to the Malaysian news service, China and Thailand still need to agree on materials for the construction, consulting fees and whether it is necessary for Chinese engineers to get Thai engineering certifications before they come to work in the Kingdom.

China has a 50 year plan and a 100 year plan. Their long term ambitions may not come to fruition. Stephen Hawking — who survives with the aid of machines — has predicted that we has a species have 100 years to live before evolved machines take human imperfection as justification for wiping us all out.

10 thoughts on “Expanding the Celestial Empire of China

  1. Hawking's also worried about space aliens and perhaps he's got a point, just look inside the Beltway.

  2. Hawking is the "father of the black hole" which does give him some street creds. However, his foresight where terminator machines go berserk and wipe put humanity may have been tainted by Hollywood.

  3. Does it come down to resources? The Chinese planners look at what happened to Japan's reliance on sea routes during WWII and want land routes in addition to sea routes.

  4. China is trying to regain its old glory through trading and it may pull it off. They feel that they are the center of the world and want to prove it…with money they made from jobbing us.

  5. Hawking descends into lunacy. It is the despair of atheism. From believing that man could do away with the God Who created him, it is not such a huge leap to believing that machines can do away with man, who created them.

  6. The Chinese are being very industrious (and mischievous) these days.

    It's sort of like a cat. The things you need to worry about are the things that you don't see the cat doing. I guess it could apply to children as well. Mothers pine for silence but when it happens, their radar activates.

  7. You will be assimilated.

    All interesting. Except the being wiped out by robots. We couldn't see that coming? It was written about decades ago. Good grief.

    You all be safe and have a blessed weekend.

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