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If you want to check your racism at the door you can, or you may decide to visit the racism simulator to see whether or not you are a racist.

Take a Hard Left

I am frankly unsure of who is driving the Democrat Party to fully embrace the totalitarian state and every grievance known to man. Many suggest that Barack is behind the fifth column, and if so that’s good news since his policies lost the Donkey Party the US legislature, most state legislatures and governorships.
Today, the progs are a lot like lemmings whipping themselves up to run into the ocean in one fell swoop and drown themselves. 
The promise of free stuff (cheese, ObamaPhones and the like) appeals to many, but jobs and a vibrant economy has a much greater attraction to a larger segment of society. 
The corrupt, elite, smug, decisive, deceptive mainstream media does act as a cheerleader for this sort of conduct. Go team, GO!

President Trump’s Speech to Congress

I give the speech 10 out of a possible 10. I’m sure that the Dems will be outraged about the concept of making America great, honoring police officers and law enforcement, honoring our fallen warriors, and fixing the disaster that is ObamaCare, but I don’t listen to them. They will predictably make themselves even more irrelevant.

Becoming the Party of Jobs and enabling the realization of dreams and goals is always a good strategy. The Dems used to have that philosophy but they gave it up for grievances and transgenderism.

Bottom line, it was the best and most effective speech that I’ve heard a president give in decades, since President Reagan was in office.

10 thoughts on “Hump Day News

  1. I watched maybe 2 minutes of the speech. After the second or third standing ovation, this time for Donald's intro to the room of his wife, I turned off the TV. I know, I have to be tougher than that. But I just didn't have it in me. I know he said some good stuff. Or bad stuff, if you are a free cheese addict.

  2. +1 Fredd. I couldn't stomach it either. Picked up my book and read most of the night. There was nothing else on TV. There just seems to be no class in the Dems. Just spoiled kids. Shame on their parents for not teaching them manners. The thing that MAY shut them up is if Trump fixes Obamacare and makes it, or its replacement, a better working system… and cheaper. On second thought, the Dems may not ever be fixed again. Sad state of affairs we've gotton our selfs in Ollie.

  3. Coffeypot: I don't think the Democrats will ever recover from the Obama effect. Except for getting himself elected, the rest of Barry's legacy for the Democrat Party is one of massive loss: loss of respect from our allies, loss of respect from our enemies, loss of respect for work, loss of over a thousand state and federal elected seats, loss of manufacturing jobs, loss loss loss….we lost so much, we got tired of losing.

    Now it's time to get tired of winning. I'm up for that.

  4. It was a good speech, and laid out the plan for America to stop losing and start winning. The standing ovations are annoying, but as the first policy speech, it was remarkably on point. It would have been a terrific inauguration speech.

  5. I definitely agree that it was the best Presidential speech since Regan. Now if the RINOs will fall into line…

  6. They will fall into line when the path is broad and clear and they can take advantage without the slightest risk. That's the definition of a RINO.

  7. (P)regressives toss around buzzwords, Racist, nazi, fascist, etc., which most can't define or explain the history behind the term. What they are saying is," you don't believe what I believe, you deplorable P.O.S." Guess it makes them feel brave and revolutionary while strengthening their feelings of solidarity with like minded twits.

  8. I had to give it a solid 10 for content, a great speech. Looking at Pelosi and the wimmyn in white was pretty neat too.

  9. Pelosi and her womyn (Gaia worshipers all) made themselves look incredibly foolish. I thought it was hilarious.

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