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Caption: Fear of failure.

Disagreement is not oppression. Argument is not assault. Words – even provocative or repugnant ones – are not violence. The answer to speech we do not like is more speech. —Douglas Murray

The Sunday Sermonette is identified below.


Bullet Points:

** “No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot” ~ Mark Twain

** Athens, Greece –  Worry Beads as a sop to fear of failure– My experience working in Greece was that very few locals (particularly those who worked for the government whom I interfaced with) showed up at work before 10 or 11 am (often hungover). They drank half a dozen espresso shots (see below from Claudio) with one hand, holding a cigarette/chain-smoking and flicking worry beads with the other. I haven’t seen worry beads outside of Greece and Cyprus (some in Albania), but they could be used all over the Balkans, for all I know. At first, I thought they were rosaries, but they were nothing so reflective. After an hour or two of gossiping, smoking, drinking espresso, and flicking beads, they were ready for an early lunch, having worked up an appetite without doing any actual work. After lunch, they handled personal business until two or three pm. From three to as late as six, they worked off and on – but mainly gossiping on the cellphone or working a side hustle. At about six, they left work to get ready to go out to dinner, which took place between eight and ten pm. Then, out to the bars/clubs, they sang, drank, danced on tables while holding a white handkerchief, rutted robustly (principally with Albanian and Bulgarian women), and flicked worry beads until the establishments closed. Rinse/repeat.

** Toxic masculinity has some value

** Tel Aviv, IsraelThe Bar in the Kempinski Hotel on the beach- It’s the first time I saw two big scorpions face off against each other in a brandy glass. They can’t get traction, so they get face-to-face, lock pincers, and repeatedly sting each other. They’re immune to their own venom. It’s a metaphor for marriage.  That’s your sermonette.

Context and Precedence – Note: The staff wanted to throw us out, but (a) we were registered guests; (b) they were fearful we’d break the place up; (in desperation c) They called the Shurtat (local police). We flashed the ID given to us by the Prime Minister – one of those signed by the venomous dwarf and vicious street fighter, Yitzhak Shamir, himself, who you didn’t screw with – expressing his personal hospitality to distinguished foreign guests. Each ID had our picture on it. The municipal police called the INP (investigative and security police), who showed up and checked out the ID. While not official ID – we had that too – it was an assurance that if anyone messed with us, they messed with Shamir. The INP, not wanting to play, called the Shin Bet, who rolled from Yarkon Park. The Shin Bet guys brought a few scorpions to play with and a long, non-venomous, but pissed-off snake that hissed at the hotel management. Shin Bet threatened to release the snake in the dining room. Senior IDF Navy Shayetet 13 officers attended the party, invited by Shin Bet, who explained that American taxpayers were buying (a USGOV credit card). Later, young ladies arrived, also invited by Shin Bet in an effort to make the PM’s American pets comfortable so far from home. There must have been thirty-five of us + the ladies, laughing, telling war stories, aggravating the snake, and releasing and recapturing the scorpions – boys being boys. The staff gave up. The David Kempinski Hotel is very snobby.

This was 1989 AND before the big Tailhook flap in 1991**, and you could get away with things. In the end, Shin Bet picked up the evening’s tab that ran north of $15K. —back then. I don’t know, but I expect they made the David Kempinski Hotel eat it all. That’s how they rolled.

** I blame Tailhook on Old NFO and his brownshoe/airdale greens buddies. It’s the perfect opportunity to blame Old NFO because he’s at a convention somewhere between Galveston and the Panhandle in Texas and is not checking the blogs.

** Sun Tzu, “All war is based on deception.” — Israeli Mossad (Institute) new motto: “Without deception, a nation falls.”

** The old apple trick didn’t work.

** We know from the expert report submitted in the Harvard (affirmative action) case that if Harvard accepted only the top decile of applicants based solely on objective academic factors, Harvard’s student body would be only 0.76% black.

** Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – What are the Russians up to in the USA? How good are American intelligence (many agencies contribute to the picture) and domestic counterintelligence (FBI primarily)? The Department of State’s INR has some brilliant analysts, but State rarely collects secrets anymore. Their analysts needed to get out in the sun more and get some vitamin D. CIA focuses on what the Russians are up to elsewhere. Homeland Security focuses sharply on keeping the US Borders open to an invading army of illegal aliens as part of an overarching goal of America’s elites (your betters) and the democrat agenda. The FBI are reluctant brides, forced into a domestic intelligence role they neither understood nor welcomed, inevitably reverting to their button-down cop roots, preferring to run stings on Arab teenagers in Detroit rather than build networks of long-term sources. Though they would assert otherwise, they hire lawyers and accountants who might not be the best counterintelligence officers. Given all that, how do we know what the Russians are up to?

** Pedo Joe Biden has changed his White House departure and return routine. Instead of walking across the South Lawn to and from Marine One by himself, he’s now often surrounded by aides. With aides walking between Biden and journalists’ camera position outside the White House, the visual effect draws less attention to the 81-year-old’s halting, stiff gait and chronic disorientation. He can walk with the crowd, and he’ll find Marine One.

** BRM discusses Canadians losing freedom willingly. “I can’t for the life of me figure out how any city council can dictate to residents and visitors whether or not they may enter and/or leave a city.  Just who the hell do they think they are?  What happened to individual rights and freedoms?  Where and how do some bureaucrats think they can be petty dictators like this?  Who gave them the right to insist that the rest of us are at their beck and call?” LSP called me yesterday and lamented buying groceries in Calgary. He said he spent CAN$8.00 on a gallon of cow’s milk. It’s not cheap to live in Canada, but their medical establishment will kill you at the first sign of weakness. (MAID Law) From what I’ve heard firsthand from Canadians, the law is wildly popular with children in financial distress who want to get their share of the estate now. Throw Mama from the Train or lethal injection–whatever it takes.

** What are the Odds? President Trump’s VP pick is handicapped in Las Vegas. Here are their results:

2024 Republican Vice President Nominee

  • Tim Scott 7/2
  • Tulsi Gabbard 6/1
  • Kristi Noem 13/2
  • Elise Stefanik 12/1
  • Vivek Ramaswamy 16/1
  • Ben Carson 10/1
  • Nikki Haley 14/1
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders 20/1
  • All Others listed at 25/1 or higher

I think that (Tricky) Nikki Haley’s odds are 0. Hell will freeze over first. They’re right there with a replay of Mike (the traitor) Pence. President Trump values loyalty above all other things on this go-round.  He knows what the Swamp can do.


Memes from Claudio:

In my experience working in Italy alongside actual Italians (as opposed to 5th-generation Americans with Italian surnames), they drink between 10 and 20 shots of espresso daily to help them concentrate. When I had lunch recently with Claudio, this came up, and I told him that if I had tried to keep up with them, I’d have had a heart attack. Claudio confessed that he had to lay off the espresso because it showed up on a drug test.


Identify the Armor

1 & 2


Be Specific (plz)

two views – Not an STGIII



Parting Shot:

It took another thousand years to discover that pairing them with a slab of melty chocolate on a Graham cracker produced an elevated experience.



57 thoughts on “kakorrhaphiophobia – Sort of Sermonette

  1. After my wife rescued me from a life of milking cows, feeding cows, cleaning up after the cows, rinse and repeat, we went to a cookout with her educator buddies. She was amazed that I had no idea what a s’more was. I guess standing around a campfire making random snack foods was ever in my wheel house. Look how sophisticated I am today!

    1. The life of a dairyman leaves little time for anything else. I don’t think that the man on the street has much appreciation for what goes on to bring him/her/it dairy products. That said, yes, you have broken free from that and can enjoy a smore.

      1. Dad worked a dairy farm right after he and Mom got married. It was literally a Mom and Pop operation: just the two of them and a bunch of cows. Then he got drafted during the Korean War and off to basic he went. He gained weight in basic because they let him sleep late and didn’t work him as near as hard as the dairy farm did.

        1. True.I gained 15-20 lbs in Navy bootcamp at 18 because I was no longer playing hockey and/or racing motocross regularly.

          1. My Dad said he gained weight in the Navy because there was so much food. Going through The Great Depression as a 16 year old kid taught him the value of eating!

    2. FH

      I know what you mean. Cooking over fire was a necessity occasionally not a luxury.

      Parents had shares in three different properties so we could be 50 miles from home come dark. Late night snack was sometimes toast made over burning stumps we had been digging out using twisted fencing wire as a fork. Tinned sugar syrup if we had it was luxury.

      If my dad was catering it was usually wait until we get home.

      Milking cows is not fun. I used to hand milk a few cows before school. We had them to foster extra beef calves and if no calves up to six to milk.

      Nowadays I have a fridge in the back of the 4wd.

    1. Specifically, #2 would be the M4A2 variant powered by a pair of Detroit Diesel 6–71 two-stroke inline diesels. It’s not possible from this angle to determine which armament variant this particular example is.

  2. Marshmallows- Ahh, the quintessential male v female, purely by way of campfire observation over 60 years: We males toast evenly, get that golden crust…perfection. Whereas…and maybe this goes back to the island video…woman flame broil theirs until it’s nearly carbonized…while we look at the result with confusion.
    Italians and their espresso is – according to the Danish viff – just concentrated coffee, not enough “volume”, and volume matters, but only if it’ll remove the plating from the spoon. Gotta be strong. That volume thing is akin to buying a lousy little tub of Haagen Dazs for the same price you can get a 5x sized tub of Breyers, or better yet, a Costco or Sam’s 5 gallon bucket.

    1. There is an art to roasting marshmallows. The woodsmoke has to cure them just a little while they turn a mushy golden brown. The Greeks will “shoot” a teacup of espresso without comment.

  3. Trump is going to pick a VP from somewhere out in Left Field, someone no “expert commenter” thought of…because…he’s Trump. No matter who he picks it’ll tick off half the country, with half of those going ape while the other half grumble disappointingly. And I’ll love it. SISU MAGA ™

          1. Reminds me a little of Thatcher, no nonsense…which is what you’d expect from a ranchers daughter.

          2. Just what I was thinking. “Take no prisoners, take no shit.”
            Our gelded, go along to get along, we can’t stoop to their level “conservatives” have been a disaster. Sean Connery’s Chicago Rules (The Untouchables) comes to mind as the appropriate ROIs.

  4. Presidential Election
    The last election was stolen, but clumsy, resulting in vast numbers of election deniers. The upcoming one will be stolen but with much better optics. Who counts the votes will determine the winner. Kackle, if still the V.P., will certify the Electoral College just like scumbag Pence did.
    What Las Vegas might make odds on, will SloJoe still be breathing air and taking nourishment long enough to be reelected?
    Is my cynicism showing?

  5. Vladimir Vladimirovich
    just because the man’s a politician does not mean he’s a fool
    BTW – how do you delete posts that may be accidental

  6. I must say, you are scrapping the bottom of that Webster/Merriam Collegiate Dictionary for your header and theme. It is giving me a new appreciation for mining that dictionary to read the full definitions of those words. The dust I had to blow off that said dictionary caused me to dust my humble abode for three straight days.

    Talking about Greece coffee and partying at an Israeli hotel prompted my days in Turkey and drinking their version of mud laced expresso and I am not talking what they served at tourist venues, the stuff in back, dark side street cafes where tourists very rarely find unless they were lost. My MIT partner knew where all the stupor inducing cafes and bar/brothels hovels were located and were certain men spent their days…

  7. Well, the StuH 42 is a StuG III variant with a 10.5cm howitzer. So it is a StuG III but returning the StuG back to an infantry support vehicle rather than a tank destroyer. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. If the Krauts were consistent with naming practices, then early versions of the StuG III outfitted with the 7.5cm short gun/howitzer, the same gu
    n in the early Pzkfz IVs, would technically be a StuH III, but, well, no need to go ‘H’ until there was a need to differentiate gun Stus from howitzer Stus.

  8. I was not there! But I know people that both were and were not, and the fallout that occured. It was ugly! The ‘female’ who complained was a ‘willing’ participant the night before… And a friend of mine who’d gone F-14s who was deployed lost a slot at TPS just because he flew F-14s.

      1. PS – Blackshoes took some wrath from the Navy because of tailhook. I recall being asked (officially), “Do you know anyone who was there?” –No. They’d never invite US. That excuse was accepted. NIS left us alone and went back to hunting queers. DADT didn’t come along until later.

  9. When I saw the news headlines about Kristi Noem having put down her own dog, I immediately figured someone’s afraid of her. They need to break her image or reputation or whatever the right word is.

    1. I think that she put down an elderly dog and and an old goat. I’m sure that strikes terror in the hearts of Jo/Ho who might receive similar treatment, having passed their prime.

      1. Saw this (because too many sheltered urban dwellers have no sense or understanding): “HORSES LAY DOWN – PLEASE DO NOT CALL 911”

        As stewards we are required to make those hard decisions, the animal should not needlessly suffer at end of life, or in some instances, injury. If the Vet is too far away…well…a rural person knows what has to be done and how – as best as feasible – to do it humanely. (DrMrsPaulM put on a class for a group of law enforcement on how to properly dispatch an injured horse because too many had the wrong idea how. No sense having a hurt AND shot animal on their hands.)

  10. Coffee Thoughts: I have partaken of coffee in many parts of the world but I never got to Greece to try their version. I thought that the coffee in Split was the strongest.

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