Is Trump a Nightmare for the MSM?

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Irrespective of how you feel about Donald Trump speaking about running for President of the United States, you have to admit that he’s shown more moxie to the press than any of the other Republican presidential hopefulls. The ‘field of Republicans’ are all sitting in the weeds, hoping that Donald Trump will implode, but he’s doing okay so far.
Trump is making the news circuit saying ‘unpardonable things’ and asking ‘unpardonable questions’ that make the plastic talk show hosts with their talking points look just a little foolish. Because the producers and managers have seen the same shows that we’ve all seen and KNOW that their people have come off second best against Trump, they now default to calling him a racist. When you have no argument left, you cry, “RACIST!” No, they don’t cry racist when Congressman Allen West asks the same questions that Trump or Herman Cain do – but they’re black and I’m sure that the liberal interlocutors feel that they’re somehow traitors to their race.
Trump is calling Obama out and while it’s worth watching, I see conservatives bristling at it. Why? I don’t CARE if Trump is a RINO. I really don’t. He says everything that all the Republicans should be saying. Pajamas Media made a list and I’m going to lift it from them because I couldn’t do better. (LINK)

1) China is ripping us off. No question about that, is there? The Middle Kingdom has long manipulated its currency (the yuan) to the detriment of U.S. manufacturers, a de facto trade war which U.S. officials have often ignored because we need China to finance our debt (to fund ObamaCare and other socialist travesties because, you know, we don’t actually have the money). Recently a bipartisan congressional delegation led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid met with Chinese leaders to broach this exact issue, discreetly, no doubt, and ever-so politely. Trump calls it a disgrace and promises to retaliate in kind.

2) The Libya war is a disaster. Trump wants to know, and he’s not the only one: What are we doing in Libya? Who are the rebels we are supporting? Are they any better than Gaddafi? The confused and confusing “kinetic military action” in Libya is exactly what one would expect from a commander-in-chief with a conflicted view of America’s role in the world, a reflexive antagonism towards our military, and a foolish fetish for international consensus. Trump’s take? “I’m only interested in Libya if we take the oil.” Be still my heart.

3) Obama has not produced his original, long-form birth certificate. Talk about an inconvenient truth! Though this is an absolute fact, liberal journalists find it astonishing that anyone would find it suspicious. Indeed the media is more interested in portraying anyone interested in this issue as crazy (not to mention racist), than in actually investigating the issue itself.

“Donald Trump has provided a more concise and devastating critique of the Obama administration than anyone else in the thin GOP presidential bench. He lambasts the disastrous economic policies which have driven up gas prices, unemployment, and inflation. From someone whose candidacy is supposed to be a joke, it is a remarkably effective approach.” (op cit)
Trump vs Romney?     (who do you like better)
Trump vs Gingrich?    (who do you like better)
Trump vs Huckabee?  (who do you like better)
Trump vs Palin?          (who has a better chance of winning)
Trump vs Pawlenty?   (who is Pawlenty??)
Yes, we may see some other Republican appear who will capture the imagination of the nation, but at the moment, the only one calling the campaigning Obama to task is Trump. Leave him alone – let him go and let’s see what he can do. Is he the ideal choice for president? No. But the Republican bench is weak. Who knows what skeletons Trump will be able to shake out of the Obama closet?

12 thoughts on “Is Trump a Nightmare for the MSM?

  1. Trump and Palin, or maybe Palin and Trump.

    One thing for sure is if you elect Mr. Trump and as some time have a critical word about something he does, you'll get a call.

  2. You hit the nail on the head- Neil Cavuto said something similar in "Yeah, a Trump presidency would be a different cup of tea… but have you seen the other cups?"

    He's the only one doing what I want to see, too- except maybe Palin. Trump's a very positive effect on debate, and is landing some big hits on Obama…. what's the point of trying to chase him off now– let him go, man

  3. Charlene, it's nice to have an Obama liberal visit the blog. Trust me that I will hold a Republican president as accountable as I hold a Democratic Party hack like Obama. Obama's agenda was to fundamentally transform the US into a full blown socialist state. He crowed about it during his entire campaign and the American people (not understanding what that meant) bought it. Four trillion dollars later we're in a fix and his solution is to continue borrowing and spending.

    RR – If he's simply calling it the way he sees it and the MSM isn't happy.

    Chickelit – I like Palin when compared to the disastrous Obama years.

  4. Trump vs Romney? (who do you like better
    Trump vs Gingrich? (who do you like better)
    *Toss up
    Trump vs Huckabee? (who do you like better)
    Trump vs Palin? (who has a better chance of winning)
    *Probably Trump.
    Trump vs Pawlenty? (who is Pawlenty??)
    *Who is Pawlenty.

    Dems have a standing strategy to make fun of anyone whom they fear, any idea with which they disagreed or anyone better than them. In this, they have the aid of the so called Main Stream Media. Please note their rude attendance at GOP Town Hall Meetings. If the same thing was done to them, they would scream rights violation or racism.

    The Dems who run things for that party are not nice people.

    p.s. In this free country, journalists have the absolute right to be assholes.

  5. I don't mind Trump so much, only I need to get some assurance that he is on our side against Obamacare. We have too many untouchable entitlements already. This will be the straw that breaks the nation's back and I know we need a president who will help us stop it. And I do like to see/hear his interviews. The MSM can't get the "gotcha" moments they normally pull off with the usual suspects.

  6. WoFat – I am not a spear carrier for Donald Trump, but the guy is saying the right things.

    Opus – Trump is a RINO, but he's a businessman and a deal maker. The ObamaCare deal has been rejected by many states and we'll see what happens to it in the high court. For the record, I'm not sure that I'd vote for him —-but—- he's taking on Obama and the rest of them (with the exception of Palin) don't seem to be doing much but whimpering.

    Ryan, West, Christie and Pence aren't running so at the moment they don't count in the 'taking on Obama' mantra. AND Romney is an even bigger RINO than Trump in my opinion. He's been a shrinking violet, afraid to come out and call Obama out, which tells me that he'll be the same sort of milk-toast leader if he's the "leader of the free world".

  7. I admit, I like Trump's current narrative. I do not relish the thought of him making a bid for Republican and conservative votes.

  8. If the race comes down to Trump and obama, I'll vote for Trump. If the race come down to obama vs a small spotted dog, Fido gets my vote.

  9. Remember how socialist progressives would say they didn't care if BO said that the "good war" was in Afghanistan? Or that he was actually against gay marriage? Or that . . . you get the point. What someone believes matters. Pushing it aside as if it doesn't because you like the dazzle is dangerous.

  10. Being in California, we don't always have a voice in who will be the Republican in the General election. Our Primaries are usually too late to help a candidate that bows out because of poor showings in the first three primaries … Example: Fred Thompson who was my favorite last time around.

    I don't care who is our (Republicans) choice to face Obama in the General Election. We had ALL better get behind Him or Her with our full support in the general election. If we eat our own, as in the past, this country is doomed with four more years of the Golden Pantload!

  11. Trump vs Romney?(who do you like better)
    Trump vs Gingrich?(who do you like better)
    Trump vs Huckabee?(who do you like better)
    Trump vs Palin?(who has a better chance of winning)
    Trump vs Pawlenty?(who is Pawlenty??)

    I'd take Ron Paul over the lot of them.

    Trump is a phony he does not believe anything he is saying, his money trail shows this. We don't need a Republican Obama. I will not vote for Trump or Newt if either of the get the nomination I'll vote third party. Follow the money.

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