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Caption: Fear of Flying



Bullet Points:

** Here’s a list of external debt by nation. How does it make you feel? As bad as it is for the USA, the UK’s debt is DOUBLE ours. And then there is The Netherlands.

** Consider Europe – The proxy war — encouraging Ukraine to fight Russia for us — strengthened Putin because his generals now have combat experience while NATO’s generals are still doormen with shiny medals.

** Old NFO discusses the War on Guns and the Constitution here.

** Why don’t democrats condemn pedophilia in the same way they do private firearms ownership and free speech?

** It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.

** It doesn’t make sense that it’s greedy to want to keep your money, but it isn’t greedy to want to take somebody else’s money. (paraphrased from Thomas Sowell)

** Trump had them singing the national anthem in Harlem. Colin Kaepernick was the hardest hit.

** Elsa presents Kamala explaining need as only she can.

** Fear of Flying? The Atlantic magazine vs. Boeing. (link) It’s an interesting article and is emblematic of the problems that befall very big corporations. Witness how lean, mean SpaceX is taking all of its spaceflight market as NASA awards contracts to a company that can. “Boeing’s latest screwups vividly dramatize a point often missed in laments of America’s manufacturing decline: that when global economic forces carried off some U.S. manufacturers for good, even those stuck around lost interest in actually making stuff.”

“Today, if you stand along the Seattle waterfront long enough, sooner or later, you’ll see a train headed south carrying the distinctive shape of a Boeing 737. Though it’s colored a metallic green and missing its tail—not the finished product—it’s the kind of thing you point to and say, Look, kids, a Boeing plane’s on that train! Not so. The logomark on the side spells it out: Spirit AeroSystems of Wichita, Kansas, has built this fuselage, which isn’t coming from Boeing. It’s going to Boeing.” (another perspective)


** The Republican Party is now a subset of the Trump Organization. Since March 8, 2024, Michael Whatley has chaired the Republican National Committee. Laura Trump is co-chair. How will all this shake out in the future Republican Party?



What Happened to Mexico?

It’s easy to criticize Mexico, but I’ve been there, worked there, moved in MEXGOV military and, to a lesser extent, civilian circles, lived in Mexico City, etc., and I’ve seen Mexico take great strides. My Spanish is getting rusty because I don’t use it anymore, but the language is as important there as it is in any country because it reflects culture. The illegal immigration of Mexicans slowed to a trickle over the past twenty years as economic conditions improved. Most Mexicans are more comfortable in their culture than in Estados Unitos (USA). A lot of illegal immigration passes through Mexico on its way to the US, and not all of them go all the way. Illegal immigration is as big of a problem in Mexico as it is in the US.

Corruption is also cited as being a problem in Mexico. All I have to say is, “Ten percent for the Big Guy.” We have the Swamp in the US, and while it takes on a different face, Americans have no standing to lecture Mexicans on the corruption problem.

For almost 300 years, Mexico, like most Latin American countries, was governed under an encomienda or mita system. This system had one sole purpose: to extract as much wealth as possible from the Spanish colonies and redirect it to Spain or France when Emperor Maximillian ruled there. Forced labor and arbitrarily high taxes set by governing officials were the norm.  The mass looting system drained Mexico of a huge chunk of its potential wealth.

The English aspired to do the same in British North America but could not do the same, as North America did not have a large enough population to subdue. The colonizers’ continuous resistance to attempts of subjugation by their rulers failed (spectacularly), and they were given rights. The colonies had a degree of self-governance. The establishment of a Constitutional Republic with a checks and balances system blocked any attempts by the government to extract wealth from its citizens unjustly. We are watching that change before our eyes, but the Constitution held for a long time. Income redistribution to buy votes eroded the electoral system, and here we are.

Mexico achieved independence in 1821. After the Mexican Revolution, the country would not have a stable leader until Lazaro Cardenas took office in 1934. Cardenas was the first president of the PRI party. All subsequent presidents until 2000 were from the same party. It can be fairly argued that Mexico became a narco-state long before Vincente Fox (PAN Party) took office. Fox’s wife, Marta Chagun, and her sons ran the narco bag for the Fox administration. Andrés Manuel López Obrador (called AMLO) won on the communist party ticket PRD Party (he switched to the MORENA Party), and Mexico has officially been a communist country since his election. This year’s next election is up for grabs (next election June 2, 2024). MORENA-National Regeneration Movement Party is in the lead, but I don’t see a substantive change coming to Mexico. The peso is in freefall, and the Socialist PRI or Communist PRD/semi-Communist MORENA don’t have the stroke to fix it. If you consider that political parties are a mask for drug cartels, it makes more sense.

Mexico is stuck as a manufacturing (or maquiladora) country that exports negligible amounts of innovation. Foreign companies will set up shop there due to the low wages, significantly lower than one would pay in China for equivalent work.

The presence of the American economic juggernaut with its insatiable demand for illegal narcotics, Mexico’s past colonial history, which evolved differently than in the United States, and the present geography and pressure from international markets is what happened to Mexico.



Identify the Aircraft


Gunners on the above aircraft




Identify the Tank


The uniforms and helmets provide another clue.


Parting Shot:


35 thoughts on “pteromerhanophobia

  1. Identity the Aircraft:
    1. Keystone LB-7
    2. Hawker Typhoon Mk 1b
    3. Avro Manchester Mk 1
    Identify the Tank:
    4. LT vz. 34

  2. Great Bullet Points! And Elsa Kurt deserves an Emmy for roasting our feeble-minded VP.

    1. Given what the black athletic director just tried to pull on the white principal using voice AI it is only a matter of time before the left preemptively frames their opponents for pedo crimes like FJB got away with. On a completely unrelated note I hear Harvey “they all knew” Weinstien is getting a new trial.

      1. Is it because:
        a) Harvey is benefiting from White Privilege?
        b) he’s The Real Victim (TM) in all of this?

        1. Mike_C what is “white” really? I think that Harvey related more closely to Bill Cosby than anyone else in Hollywood, and Cosby was considered by many to be “white”. Because Weinstein is a man of color (what is a “man”?) trapped in an obese Jewish body (room for several men to be trapped there) he’s clearly the victim.

  3. Gunners. Interesting twin Lewis guns. Had not seen that configuration before. They look to be fitted with muzzle brakes and tubes to direct spent brass.

    1. I just hope there were traverse limiters to keep the gunners from getting excited and machinegunning each other at 6′ range….

      – Kle.

  4. “Pobre de México, tan lejos de Dios y tan cerca de los Estados Unidos!” Porfiro Diaz (President/Dicator 1876-1911)

  5. The daily “words” are getting longer…when you get to the level of “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” but with a more technical bent, you’ll have reached the pinnacle. But…as with the amazing graphic art (yesterday especially, an artist that can do hands well is a good artist)…are these words AI generated? I’m in “trust but verify” mode.
    Parting Shot: Our infrastructure…at the hands of a homosexual do-nothing TransSec…is failing miserably (ask me about my conversations with Centurylink, old telco tech landline that is always supposed to work regardless if the grid goes down, has been out for over 3 weeks because they don’t…and I quote…”have the parts”. Telco?!! How hard can this be? Yet…the clowns in charge are working very hard to get us into a war with everyone who hates us..under the guise of “aide”. Can they be this stupid? Apparently. This is what happens when the greedy hubris-laden arrogant dumbs—t useful morons get ahold of the reins. I have stockpiled a bunch of popcorn…the show between now and November will make Mike Meyers look like a choir boy out for a picnic…and We The People will once again take it in the shorts.

    1. Full disclosure: The Heading (Caption)words are not AI-generated. I find them. I’m mesmerized by what you can do with AI art and AI in general. The collection of short stories – The Virtual Mirage Collection – is ready for press, and Jules is working on the cover. I used some advanced AI editing software, which was a huge help. I hate editing my work. This brings me to short story collection #2 – working title: Fuzzy Logic. I’m hacking away at it. From my experience, AI doesn’t present plots and concepts. It doesn’t refine those with an eye toward the human condition or understand irony. It’s great with spelling and grammar. And AI generated art is becoming un-cartoonish. You can even use it for watercoloring ink drawings, but it’s not like the real thing. But soon it will be.

      1. As to the parting shot and the other snark here on Virtual Mirage – I watch the culture and am amazed at how Sodom and Gomorrah like we are becoming and people are (in a general sense) fearful to push back. But I live in a very nice hovel in the remote mountains and going John Galt has been cathartic for me. If I had been in the cities when the BLM/Antifa looting had been going on, I would have collected ears. I don’t have to do that here. I’m at peace. I think that is the key. Maybe it’s just me.

        1. One more PS and I’ll shut up. It mystifies me why people would want to invite savage military-age males into their country. I don’t indict all Muslims (see the graphic on Sweden above) but statistics don’t lie. And it’s the same wherever they arrive. Now they’re trying and succeeding in places to make it legal to sell a fraction of your home and subdivide a residential house. The goal is to provide housing for illegal aliens and the cause and effect is clear. They’ll create massive ghettos. I don’t live in those places, but the government in its wickedness, makes these sorts of moves knowing how things will turn out. Amazing.

        2. Us too…saw a cabin meme yesterday, “The goal is to build a life that you don’t need a vacation from”. We managed to set forth a plan for our preferred lifestyle, worked like fiends to make it happen (as living further out is an intentional pursuit) and here we are, far enough from the fray that if I choose to not imbibe in too much chaos viewage I can stay calm. Helps to stare out at the Contemplative Pasture once a day. Adding onto the shop has pressed my old[er] self but it’ll round out the infrastructure and keep me busy with more fun projects…maybe even delve back into art.

          1. There are three white tail (coues) deer outside my window, just hanging out. We received 3″ of snow last night in a fierce storm. I had to turn the heat on.

    2. When I worked for Western Electric fresh out of College, I was amazed that the good old Model 500 telephone was designed for a Fifty Year Service Life. The equipment in the Central Office was designed to even higher standards. And since the telco ran it’s own battery-backed power system, and supplied the required operating power to the individual phones, it always worked. Well, unless the lines were physically down, and then there was a Legion of Linemen on alert to go fix them.

  6. Geez…Making me think again. The “External Debt BY Nation” is interesting. It would probably take decades to figure out who actually “owns” what. I suppose some money people could figure out a way that everybody could “swap” their debts, and we’d wind up finding out that nobody owns anything….

    Thanks for your take on Mexico. My first exposure to Mexican Culture came when I was going to the local Community College. My Spanish teacher (Cuban exile who lost everything when Castro took over) thought it would be a good idea to take us to the local Mexican-American Center. It was an enjoyable time, and I learned a lot. My sister spent a Summer in Saltillo as a College Exchange Student and loved it.

    We are watching that change before our eyes, but the Constitution held for a long time….. Sad but true. IIRC, it started about four years ago with a fraudulent “election”.

    The two gunners have a decidedly Steam Punk look to them.

    1. I think that the mantra offered by the elites who meet in Davos is that you’ll own nothing and you will be happy. (Arbeit Macht Frei)

  7. ** Consider Europe – The proxy war — encouraging Ukraine to fight Russia for us — strengthened Putin because his generals now have combat experience while NATO’s generals are still doormen with shiny medals.

    Are you suggesting diversity isn’t our strength?

    1. Spent lots of time in Mexico in the 80s ,90s early 2000s . Diving and tooling around . Drove all over northern Mexico with my Argentine born wife in the early 2000s . We still miss going there. How do we destroy the cartels and not destroy the country.?

      1. “How do we destroy the cartels and not destroy the country?”
        Close our border. 100%. Air, land, and sea – nothing and no one comes in without 100% inspection, no exceptions.
        Anyone importing or receiving smuggled narcotics gets long drop and a short rope. No exceptions.
        Our domestic addicts can just deal with the withdrawals.
        You’re also going to want to apply the same thing to the human traffickers. Get caught smuggling in other human beings, execution. Send the “merchandise” home. 100%. No exceptions. The cartels have been making bank on the “asylum” scammers, sufficient that it’s become a huge part of their income. Have to shut that down too.
        Maintain the legal commerce, but every single container, trailer, crate, and box needs to be opened and inspected at the port of entry. No exceptions.
        If we don’t have the federal manpower to do that, well we can use all the soon to be fired employees of all the unconstitutional agencies as they disband. Until then, import and export can suck it up and wait their turn in line

        1. However, exiting the country should be absolutely painless on our part.
          Let other countries manage what goes to them, and we can manage what comes to us.

        2. All of the White House staff including Barack (half-blood prince) were/are cokers – they’d never want the flow to stop.

    2. I’d never suggest that. No rifle squad is complete without three women, four trannies and a cripple. Blend the race as you please because there is no such thing as race and who knows what a woman is.

      1. Keith, given the US problem with ‘human rights violations’ we can’t have anything to do with destroying cartels unless the law changes. It falls to Mexico, where the cartels are embedded. Truth be told they’re completely embedded in the US beyond point of sale with the movement of product up and the movement of cash back.

        It will only get worse unless America decides not to use/buy drugs.

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