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I leave Sisyphus at the foot of the mountain. One always finds one’s burden again. But Sisyphus teaches the higher fidelity that negates the gods and raises rocks. He, too, concludes that all is well. This universe henceforth without a master seems to him neither sterile nor futile. Each atom of that stone, each mineral flake of that night-filled mountain, in itself, forms a world. The struggle toward the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy. ―Albert Camus


Official Photo of UFO/UAP Crash Site

Seeing is believing, right? I think these are the same guys who helped the Egyptians with the pyramids. Now they’re in an underground chamber at Dugway Proving Ground, UT. That’s what you get for coming to Earth.


Bullet Points:

** (h/t Claudio—Robot Dog) —Armed with Throwflame’s ARC Flamethrower, Thermonator can remotely shoot a 30-foot-long stream of fire and is available to purchase for $9,420, the company says on its website.

Thermonator can “deliver on-demand fire anywhere!” boasts Throwflame, which says it is the oldest flamethrower maker in the United States. The system is operated by a First-Person View controller, a popular drone control concept that has gained notoriety in Ukraine for guiding deadly drones onto targets from both sides.

** F-35 towed decoys – discussed.

** Pay – An Arizona State Trooper (after graduation from the academy and training) earns $65K yearly with a somewhat tepid pension system based on other states’ policies. Starting pay for a California Highway Patrolman is $117K per year with a good pension system – that may go broke before they retire – but today, it sounds good. A potential catastrophic public safety issue looms in Arizona, confronting a hiring freeze while facing a 500-vacancy personnel disaster and dangerously low recruiting due to pay issues. Arizona democrats, elected down ticket from Pedo Jo/Ho in the last election, run the state now and have overspent their budget on the usual income redistribution platform we see elsewhere.

** Epstein’s clients are still running the country. –> he didn’t turn off the surveillance cameras in the federal prison and then kill himself.

** Never ask a starfish for directions.

** LawfareThe Regime vs. America. This is an important and very well-written essay by T. J. Harker

Lawfare, the weaponization of law against political opponents—public figures and ordinary citizens—is now a mainstay of the Left’s political strategy.

**Americans must create an entirely new higher education system that is untainted by the corrupt and radicalized education establishment. In Curriculum of Liberty, a new report from the National Association of Scholars, a comprehensive plan is laid out that aligns with that goal.

Colleges and universities should institute rigorous and enforceable undergraduate admissions requirements. They have a fundamental responsibility to admit only students who can benefit from higher education and contribute to their fellow students’ education. Matriculating students should receive high scores on standardized tests, demonstrate an ability to read a 200-page book and write a ten-page paper, and be ready to take introductory classes in Calculus or statistics.

Furthermore, colleges should be required to announce each year what admissions requirements they will impose—and explain publicly why an individual applicant failed to meet those requirements. College cannot be called higher education when most of the student body is semi-literate. etc.

** Scarcity=Dependency=Control.


It’s not the Sunday Sermonette – but-

Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, as it was in the 4th century


Prices in California just went up…


The Lens

Michael Knowles: “I have such extremely low expectations for the political left, and even still, it never occurred to me that anyone would look at the Trump prosecutions through a racial lens.”

Joy Reid on MSNBC has finally explained what the Trump prosecutions are really about. Joy Reid says there’s something wonderful, beautiful, and poetic about black people punishing white people since the prosecutor in Trump’s case happens to be a negro.


Identify the Armor/Tracks





Parting Shot:

14 thoughts on “Considerations

    1. You were fast on the M35 Mittlerer Panzerwagen (Steyer ADGZ). I thought it might take you something like ten minutes on that one.

  1. David Icke – Truth, it’s undermining freedom by the backdoor. Why is Cali-notruck-astan’s pump prices so high in comparison? Look at I-5 any time of any day and the land of environmentalists shows people still drive…a lot. Netherlands farmers told the government to “go suck an egg”…took matters into their own hands of a rogue tyrannical gov’t destroying it’s means to grow food. Our petroleum/energy industry, food production, ports, trucking, et al should do the same. Defiance is the key to undo our own tyranny – that we are being filched to pay for – at the hands of those who are supposed to work for We The People. Time For A Reset ™

    Gas stoves, EV’s, Wind & Solar power, flush toilets…hell, even the lowly gas can…on and on, when the Sedition Merry-Go-Round stops, nobody knows. Control.
    Parting Shot…one exception: Congress, except in reverse, they take clean water and give us back sewage while telling us “it’s all good”.
    Sidebar follow up – The Noam thing that has created exploding heads among the unknowing (who act they are the arbiters of all knowledge and righteousness): My prior post comment did not include “aggressive working dog” (or the goat either). If she had known a pig farmer, could have sold the dog to him, need aggressive ones to help with the pigs. But yeah, can’t have a dangerous dog on the ranch running the cattle or killing the chickens…sorry, just is…and which doesn’t comport with the isolated bubble most media hyperventilator’s live.

    1. Gas in Kommiefornia is more expensive because it’s a special blend just for Kommiefornia. It costs more to produce, and since there aren’t any gasoline pipelines into the (tarnished) Golden State, it has to be refined locally.

  2. The lens. People are just now figuring out that black elites like Joy Reid and, dare I say, Big Mike, hate white people?


    Darn illegal immigrant teenagers can’t drive their space craft any better than my kids could drive a swamp buggy.

  3. Gas prices. Thankfully I drive a truck that can go almost 600 miles between fill-ups and live close to the state border. I am more than happy to spend my dollars out of state and save $1.20 a gallon if the leadership of my state wants to charge high tax rates on the fuel as well as take other actions that artificially inflate the price.

    Robot dog. Out of my price range darn it.

    Joy Reid. There is a lot of money, and more importantly, peer status to be earned by being a racial victim. It will get worse before it gets any better because it is incentivized.

    1. When I visit my children and grandchildren in California, I wring the last few drops of fuel to cross the Colorado River and buy less expensive fuel in the Free State of Arizona. Free for now.

    1. We got out at the right time, DRJIM. They were already worshiping the golden calf when we left – and it went down hill from there.

      1. I pity my friends who are still there. But…they were mostly born and raised there, and are “institutionalized” to California Life. Having grown up in the Midwest, I felt hemmed-in, almost caged, in the L.A. Sprawl. It was destroying my soul after 35 years of watching it decline and get more and more crowded. I don’t think people can live healthy lives compressed that close to each other.

        At least I couldn’t….

  4. Wow, I thought Gainesville, FL gas was high, but I live in a really nice mostly-free state that hasn’t been screwed yet by the democrats. So far. We’ll see. We have enough RINOs in our state legislature to screw us over whenever they can, like the not-so constitutional carry we have (permitless concealed carry, but the badge-orcs in leftist places like, oh, say, Gainesville, FL, will still have issues over people not-quite constitutionally carrying.)

    Said it before, will say it again, California needs to lose statehood and become a territory. Maybe under martial control of Texas or Florida, surely not under the rainbow Pentagon.

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