Don’t call it looting anymore. It’s Therapeutic Property Diminishment (TPD). Therapeutic Property Diminishment (TPD), also known as “looting”, a more equitable and empowering action for all parties involved.

LootSafe firmly believes that all forms of TPD, or looting, should be safe and voluntary for all parties involved. We can create a safer, looted world, together.

From the website: “We believe in furthering the goal of social justice by providing a safe space for the empowering expression of therapeutic property diminishment, or looting, to occur. When all other methods have failed, it is clear that looting is a justified act of protest as a way to destroy the master class.”

How you can help: LootSpace owners can right the wrongs of their privilege and individual success by offering up their property to be destroyed by those victimized by their silence, something which serves as the largest possible act of solidarity for equality. If silence is violence, then offering up your home or business as a target for looting is the act of screaming out loud in the name of justice.


Join the progressive movement, enter the ‘big tent’ where all are welcomed. Hurry, there’s only so much space left.


Meanwhile, in The Worker’s Paradise (China in Focus)

I’ve been on the phone with China a lot lately. The theme of conversations runs like this, “The US will destroy itself it it decouples with China.” I explain that the mood in the US today is “F-off and die.”

My response is glossed over by the collapse of the Chinese telecom giant Huawei and the threat of food shortages in the People’s Republic. (they rant) I reply, “Sucks to be you.” My comment is ignored.

“The world can not ignore China!” I reply that they need to retreat back inside the Bamboo Curtain and let the world go on with out them. That comment is ignored too.

My sense is that the coming war with China (a shooting Navy war) will end when their merchant fleet is at the bottom of the ocean, creating ecologically friendly artificial reefs. Then they don’t have to worry about shipping their goods abroad.



  1. I’ve heard a theory that looting is the result of a mineral deficiency. Specifically, lead. Treatment is to administer lead supplement until symptoms abate.

  2. China, still suffering from Middle Kingdom Syndrome. They don’t realize that the rest of the world survived for a long time without them, and that they bring plagues and illness whenever we get in contact with them.

    Personally, they can FOAD.

    And Target (said with a French accent, Tar-Jay) can also FOAD. They are reapong what they have sown, pandering with SJWs over this and that. Meh.

  3. I checked Webster’s…”theft” is still a word, with the same old definition. Only a PhD’d pop-psyche lefty could come up with something as inane as “TPD” to justify breaking one of God’s laws. He’s not amused.

    Beyond senile, having a groper Uncle Fester grinning idiot in the Oval Office – even if for a few weeks before he’s Amendment 25’d out – telegraphs to the world they are back in business, whilst Trump staying put sends shockwaves of “don’t even think about it” to those same elitists.

    “…enter the ‘big tent’ where all are welcomed. Hurry, there’s only so much space left.”

    Guess they won’t need the woodstove. Bunks for everyone!

  4. Frank’s right in my opinion. I hear McConnell will get a vote on whomever the president may choose before the election and that Schumer’s already crying foul. I don’t see the donkeys taking that quietly.

    • They will be none too happy. It will tilt the majority of the court that may have to decide the results of the election.

      • Expect court-packing to be the main plank of the DNC in years to come, no mater how the current situation plays out.


        • They’ve said openly that they want to increase the number of justices until they have a clear majority and can do what they want to. Whether America allows that or not is something else.

  5. A shooting war with China? I don’t see their fleet lasting very long, but maybe that’s just me. In the meanwhile, the Wicked Witch is dead.

    RIP, Ruth.

      • People tend to forget that Germany lost their submarine war. We won ours, doing far more damage to Japan than Germany did to England or Russia.

        And it’s one of the few parts of the military that still remembers that winning is the only way to war.

        We finally have the world’s best torpedoes. And ours don’t start running and sink our own boats like the Russkies have. Which… that’s what the ChiComs started with basing their sub fleet on.

        Heck, there’s even a Tom Clancy book about a war over the Spratley Islands where one US boat goes bat-shite crazy and does a Mush Morton (without the sinking and death in the end…) on the ChiCom sub fleet.

        Once their subs are gone, then their surface targets are gone. Once the surface targets are gone, then their island bases are gone, their air force is restricted to not flying over waters, and we can keep our surface fleet far away from any of their supposed carrier-killing cruise missiles (which I still don’t believe actually work.)

        Hell, even our damned Boomers make better attack subs than most nations’ top subs.

        And I can actually see Great Britain joining in the fun, sub rosa, so to speak. Their fast attacks would have no problem joining in without anyone noticing.

        I mean, the range of modern torps like the ADCAP is phenomenal. They just need a target and some guidance and can be quite stealthy before they go ape and do the final attack run.

        The ChiComs don’t wanna poke Uncle Sam. They still think that Trump will somehow morph into Obama and all the other weak-spined presidents we’ve had in the last 50 years.

        • Don’t forget about the Japanese. They have submarines too and have an axe to grind against the ChiComs. Same with the Australians. They will all want some trigger time to better train their crews.

          The advantage of longer range torpedoes is the wake-homing function. It will be a problem for the Chinese in the same way that it’s a problem for us. Having torpedoes making their terminal run up your wake means that they are difficult to hear and even if they don’t get a solid kill, your ship isn’t going anywhere fast.

  6. Since the college kiddies are returning, I wonder what mischief will show up here. We had a pretty quiet summer, but the college kiddies were all at home.

    • When I was very young, we all went to school and swapped diseases. Chicken pox, measles, mumps, flu, etc. All the kids got sick and recovered and then we didn’t get sick again after that. College kids should stay at school, ride out the plague and finish the quarter…immune.

  7. Hello Larry,

    Thank you for taking the time to feature our mission, as we believe our platform will be a vital resource for those seeking alternative solutions to complex social issues.

    We encourage everyone to share this idea with those who may not understand the importance of looting within the context of the greater movement.

    Please feel free to reach out regarding any questions you have about our organization.

    Best regards,

    Adrian Bronfman Founder

    • Dear Lootsafe,
      I think that you may be unfamiliar with social practices in the South and the rural West. Please allow me to add some points regarding the differences between here and the nannyboy NorthEast, and the Pacific West…

      1. Here, someone else’s property is hands off. If you want to loot and burn, better make sure you bought the property first, including having a valid bill of sale. Otherwise, see point 2.
      2. You loot, we shoot is a valid concept here. So, wear your big boy pants if you want to destroy others lives and don’t complain when it turns out you aren’t in Portland anymore.
      3. We take the concept of law and order seriously, so don’t be surprised when your arrest for having a crack pipe (a $50 fine in your home state) turns into a felony exposing you to up to four years in prison! Oh, our jurors can think for themselves and will wonder why mommy’s boy just happened to be here to get arrested at the same time as all those peaceful protests broke out in their town.
      4. Many people here either own backhoes or know someone who does. Learn the meaning of triple S…
      In conclusion, hope these clues help. And “Bless your hearts!”

      • Well, you did say “bless your hearts” at the end. That should let the looters and rioters know that what you do, you do with love and a song in your heart.

      • Hi retired cop,

        We understand your position completely. It’s why we started our organization: to allow safe and voluntary looting to support a better world.

        It’s a radical concept but it’s one we hope will remediate the destruction wilder forms of looting can often engender.

        Again, thanks for your feedback.


        • Dead Adrian,
          I left off point #5, many of us drive trucks with grill protectors mounted on the front bumper. While this is meant for deer, it works well with protesters or looters blocking the street. Don’t play in traffic.

          Best advice, give up looting, Revolutionary Marxism, and thinking the world owes you anything. Get a haircut, and a job!

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