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I’m not sure what constitutes “journalism” in 2019. I don’t consider that my blog is “journalism”, but you’ll find more truth here than in the greatest bastions of American journalism: The New York Times and the Washington Post
In truth, and by most definitions of output, what is the difference between the New York Times and Wikileaks? Is Facebook an expression of Journalism? What about Google? What about state-run-news outlets such as Pravda?
Views of a dystopian future as found in Orwell’s 1984 or in Rand’s Atlas Shrugged portray a media that has been totally co-opted by the state and operates as an extension of the state. Today, we question whether the Deep State (which controls the media) runs the nation or are we a Constitutional Republic? It’s a an uncomfortable question. The corrupt, lying, filthy, sly, smug, elite media reacted with shock that the Attorney General would say that the Obama Administration spied on the Trump Campaign, but it’s been an open secret. Only in the hallowed halls of journalism has it been something that was not discussed.
Journalists tell bloggers that they (the journalists) have professional ethics, but to be frank, I haven’t seen much if any of that over the past decade. Quite to the contrary, I find that the media is increasingly shedding its mantle of respectability and we can all see the rot that has been concealed beneath that cloak.

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  1. Good grief, LL – will you please slow down? I now have 4 of your posts in my tabs to catch up with.

    The commie "journalist" have no ethics and no code of behavior anymore. They're all a bunch of opinion producers – their opinion.

    I don't even spend much time on Fox. Like you said – there is way more truth on the majority of blogs – even when they post opinion.

  2. Elite journalists maintain that you need to graduate from an elite university in order to be a bonifide journalist.

    I wonder whether they have special classes on lying?

  3. Have journalist and newspapers/radio/television ever been anything else? Been reading Mark Twain again. Doesn't seem to be any fundamental difference today and in his time.

  4. I wonder how long it will be before things get back to normal, with elites bribing to get their dim progeny into the hallowed halls? Maybe the amount of the bribe will go up because of the risk of prison? One thing is certain. Bribery will continue and children of a weak gene pool will continue to ascend a special ladder.

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