Dragging the Sack

My first party of high-value (VIP) evacuees from Kiev made it to Poland. It is a business and I am not a communist. People need to be paid. If you know of anyone in need of evacuation from Ukraine, let me know. The price is based on the number of people, and whether or not they need an ambulance. It’s a four-day+ round trip for the team which includes a Ukrainian Army escort. Details furnished by e-mail if there’s any interest.

The train is running and it’s a far less expensive option than using somebody like me, but trains are easy meat for jets, rotors, and Russian light armor recon elements. Ukrainian males can be crossed to Moldova or Poland, but only with the permission of the Ukrainian Army.



    • I have limited skillsets, but organizing this sort of thing is something that I can do. I definitely can’t sing or dance.

      • Well, despite no dancing or singing, God gave you more important capabilities that you are employing to do His work. Praying your team and their “charges” are safe in their critical clandestine activity.

  1. The Ukrainian Army escort is a classic! I am sitting here grinning at the way the world always remains the world.

    Fortunately, I don’t know anybody trapped overseas, but you would be my first contact if so, LL. You’re a good person to be even distantly acquainted with.


    • I’m not going to explain how the army escort is arranged nor why in specific it benefits the Ukrainian Army, but it is worth their while over and above paying for their time.

  2. The economy option would be to deliver them to our southern border, where they could stroll in and catch a midnight flight to the city of their choice. “Send the bill to Joe!”

    • There is a literal push-back by black constituents against bringing white European refugees to America. Of course.

  3. Many American’s watching the “news” reports have no idea of what is really going on over there.

    Well done!

    • There is a narrative and an agenda that the American media follows. Note how they can’t cover anything else like truckers headed for DC, cartel activity & the border, and the looming food shortage. They do cover fuel prices, but as goes petroleum, so goes the price of everything. Let’s go Brandon.

      • None of those things matter now, “Ukraine!” Is the topic du jour.

        Brandon predictably blaming high pump prices on Putin yesterday is like the Menendez brothers asking for sympathy because they are now orphans…after murdering their parents.

  4. My mom left Berdychiv (Ukraine) for the United States of America during the Kerensky regime with almost all of her sisters, brothers, mother, and father; she was six years old, the “baby.” It took them about a year to arrivve at Ellis Island; her father died on the way.
    About twenty-five years later she received word that their peaceful, lovable Ukranian neighbors had massacred the entire remainder of her extended family (it was wartime, y’ know and everyone was starving – maybe their neighbors were just hungry.
    Hers was not the only story that’s never been related – publicly.
    And you really want me to have rachmones for the Ukranians, who’ve, as I understand it, gone out of their way to poke the Russian bear?
    Do you really think Kennedy wouldn’t have invaded Cuba?
    How many labs and bases do we have in the Ukraine? In Poland? What wouldd we do if China/Russia began to set up similar establishments in Mexico? Canada?
    I wpnder if we’re taking the proper course: or should we just stay the H out of it?

    • None of the former Soviet Republics like the Russians with the exception of Belarus (White Russia). Even the Bulgarians were disenfranchised by them and that took some effort on the Russian’s part to make that happen. They were open to exploitation by organizations like the Biden Crime family. And let’s face it, if you’re worried about Russia, who better to ally yourself with than corrupt Americans. Ukrainians understand corruption. It was the perfect marriage for the Pelosis and Romneys as well.

      The Russians have facilities in Nicaragua, none in Mexico that I know of.

      The cartels used to hire former KGB types, but by in large, it didn’t work out. Amado Carillo (father of modern cartels) had a hit man they called “The Russian”. After Amado died, he went to work for Nacho Coronel in Guadalajara. I heard about him. I met him at the Holiday Inn in Guad. There are two, this was the one across the street from the Carls Jr. hamburger joint, around 2010. I said, “You’re not a Russian, you’re Mexican.” He agreed and explained that he had the general appearance of a Russian on an American TV show or movie. No, he looked Mexican. He became somewhat of a friend over time and when Nacho was killed, he went to work for Ruben Velazquez Aceves (now in custody, awaiting extradition).

      I think that my point is that the world is a mess. Mexico today is a full-blown narco state. The open border facilitates better delivery of drugs, guns and illegals who swear they’ll vote democrat so it is embraced by the likes of Chuch Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Brandon & Ho.

      Is Mexico worse than Ukraine? No, they’re culturally different, but they have a lot in common and it’s just south.

    • If I was in the Navy now, I’d find another job. Sorry shipmates, but it stopped being “my navy” some time ago. When I was in, NCIS’s primary job was hunting queers. I have no idea what they do now. Their remit only extends to misdemeanors. FBI investigates felonies. Not that I worked for NIS. It’s just that things changed. Now the path to glory is gender reassignment.

  5. Fortunately we escaped Kalifornia when there were still U-haul’s available, so won’t be needing your services. Good to know, though.

    • When I jumped ship, the availability of U-Hauls was getting tight. Now it’s impossible. You need to buy a cargo trailer, move, and then sell it.

  6. I understand that trannies are being turned back because they’re not real women. Does this mean the formation of a new special unit in the Ukrainian army?

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