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I know that it’s early, but I’m declaring for Joe Biden (Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.) to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President in 2016. Am I going out on a limb?  NO! Biden is the man.
We need to run down what he did in his first four years in office to demonstrate why he is particularly qualified to be the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World. He’ll be 74 years old in 2016, but I’m sure that he’d be run against the Republican Party’s nominee to serve another four years for the good of the country.
Joe (Don’t Mess with Joe) Biden:

* Jobs Czar – 2009-2012
* Firearms Regulation Czar 2013
* Poland Disarmament Coordinator
* Summer of Recovery Czar 2009-2012
* Arab Summer Coordinator (supervising Secretary Hillary Clinton) 2012
* ObamaCare Facilitator
* Allowing homosexuals to be openly gay in the military by working to repeal DADT
We’re looking for another four years of stellar achievements that should push Joe Biden into the race for the White House as the Democratic Party’s choice to face a weak and ineffective Republican Party challenger.
If you think that Obama was both liberal and progressive, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that Joe Biden will eclipse President Obama’s record.

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  1. I think that his ego is up to the task to running for President on the Democratic Party's Ticket next time.

  2. Joe (don't mess with Joe) is even more of a perfect Democrat than Hillary (who cares how they died in Benghazi) Clinton is.

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