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Mexico had a problem with illegal voting (the dead voted there just as they do in Chicago today) and they arrived at a solution. They issue a national identification card in the form of a voter credential. 
Q – LL can you get a legitimate voter card yourself even though you aren’t a Mexican citizen.
A – Yes, but it’s not easy. You need a voter ID card to obtain a passport in Mexico. So the pathway to “legitimate citizenship” under an assumed name in Mexico is through a voting card. I would never collect legitimate identification documents from a nation not my own, but knowing how to do it is part of tradecraft.
Having made that admission, you must appear in person to vote in Mexico, presenting your voter ID card, which is physically punched. You must vote at least once every seven years, or the card becomes invalid.
Given that the current pattern of electing Democrats is that massive numbers of ballots are “found” as if by act of God to tip the numbers, they won’t be interested in instating something like a voter ID card (which is a national ID card in Mexico). Given that natural resistance, the only way that we will have legitimate election results in the US is to abandon on-line, absentee and other mail-in ballots and use the Mexican system to insure an honest election.
To obtain a voting card in Mexico, you must verify citizenship in person, be fingerprinted, and photographed. Even using the above mentioned tradecraft, a personal appearance with metrics is required. I’m sure that the Chicago Machine will be able to exhume the bodies of the dead and roll prints from their shriveled carcasses, but it will be more challenging than the current system (impossibly corrupt and broken) seems to be.

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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing them tighten up the voter registration laws here. They do a bit better here. People registering for first are required to prove citizenship with either a birth certificate, US passport, or naturalization document. You are also required to present ID when you vote. Both policies have the local donkeys screaming "racism!" of course.

  2. My county requires photo ID at the polls, and proof of citizenship while registering. This month when we went to vote, instead of presenting voter registration card and driver's license, they just asked for the driver's license. A few years ago, I had to bring my proof of citizenship to renew my driver's license, so that's on record. The license was scanned in and gave them everything they need. We already have a statewide, photo voter ID.

    Not all of Florida is run by incompetents. Just the deep blue counties, and not even all of them.

    Since the Dems now control the US House, that means the chance for this idea died. Your proposal might have made it when the Stupid party had control of both houses, but not now.

  3. LL.

    you mention Chicago and the dead votes. True story.
    When I was a kid, my father was something (can't say I know what) in the Democratic party. As we all know that the dead did indeed show up in droves to vote for Kennedy. I can state it as fact.

    My father came home that night with four bags of groceries (steaks, great goodies, etc.) that we could never have afforded as well as $250. He then told my mom and me how he had voted over 200 times for Kennedy with different id's, all who were dead.

    That was the way it was back then and even more so now. As it is a "time honored tradition", one should not be surprised it still persists. LOL

    Seriously though, I am at a loss as to how having to show proof in the form of an id or something to vote is an imposition, especially when at a Democratic party function, you have to show ID to get in

  4. Doesn't Mexico have some kind of wall on their southern border? Perhaps we have something to learn from them.

  5. If your party "wins" the election by dishonest means, does your administration have any legitimacy? Is that why you moan about all the obstructionist deplorables who think you are a piece of shit?

  6. You don't live in 'progressive America'. In California you don't need any documentation to register to vote. The "early and often" thing applies here with a vengeance.

  7. I don't think that the Republicans would have wanted voting cards either. They fight any sort of national identification card.

  8. Yes indeed the Mexicans have a wall. The caravan seemed to breach it with relative ease, and assaulted the federal police and army which guards that border without recourse.

  9. America needs to be fixed. My suggestions are all racist, homophobic, xenophobic, nationalist, islamaphobic, etc.

  10. Under the current doctrine, Asians and American Indians don't count as "racial victims", Mexicans (Hispanics) are a voting block in America so there's nothing about them that does not scream "racial victim". Thus, Mexicans can't, by modern definition, be racists. And black people are ALWAYS victims.

  11. I find it hard to believe that the most exceptional country on this great Earth can't come up with a proper election procedure. It's very simple, one person one vote, yet the election gets cloudy in certain places. A wise person would look into those certain places.

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