Proud to be an American.


Today is my favorite holiday. It celebrates who some of us are, who we were and provides some hope. I like July 4 food – t-bones, corn on the cob, and so forth. I like going out and doing patriotic things and ending the day with fireworks.

In an act of breathtaking defiance and spitefulness not seen since Southern states engaged in “massive resistance” to the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown v. Board decision, the New York State Legislature gave a middle finger to the Supreme Court and voted Friday to effectively nullify the Court’s decision last week in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. In a truly bizarre and Kafkaesque clause that can only be characterized as the “BLM and Antifa Protection Act,” it becomes a felony to possess any handgun, rifle, or shotgun during “any gathering of individuals to collectively express their constitutional rights to protest [sic] or assemble.”

New York has made it clear that the Constitution does not apply within its boundaries, no matter what the Supreme Court says.  As was the case after the Heller decision of 2008, the state’s gun laws have actually become an order of magnitude more repressive following the legal “victory.”

The State’s actions confirm that the most seemingly paranoid fears about the true intentions of the gun-grabbers are quite well grounded in reality.  The claim that the left seeks only “commonsense gun safety” is purely deceitful; the left will stop at nothing less than police-state disarmament, the Bill of Rights be damned.


Pistol Pete, the butt guy is hard at work 

On Thursday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced that the Department of Transportation would be spending at least $1 billion in taxpayer money to address so-called “racism” in America’s public roads as part of his Independence Day celebration.

As reported by the Daily Caller, the program will be called Reconnecting Communities, which the Transportation Department calls the “first of its kind.” The new initiative says it will focus on rebuilding communities that were “racially segregated or divided by road projects.”

Claiming, with no evidence, that the design of the interstate highway system in the 1950s was specifically meant to negatively impact African-American areas, Buttigieg said that the program will provide financial handouts over the course of five years to predominantly African-American communities across the country.

“Transportation can connect us to jobs, services and loved ones, but we’ve also seen countless cases around the country where a piece of infrastructure cuts off a neighborhood or a community because of how it was built,” Buttigieg said during his announcement speech in Birmingham, Alabama.

“We can’t ignore the basic truth: that some of the planners and politicians behind those projects built them directly through the heart of vibrant populated communities,” Buttigieg falsely claimed. “Sometimes as an effort to reinforce segregation. Sometimes because the people there have less power to resist. And sometimes as part of a direct effort to replace or eliminate Black neighborhoods.”

The announcement builds off of previous suggestions by Joe Biden, laid out in his proposals for the American Jobs Plan in 2021, to spend as much as $20 billion to “reconnect neighborhoods cut off by historic investments and ensure new projects increase opportunity, advance racial equity and environmental justice, and promote affordable access.”

Among the cities seeking federal handouts from the new program are: Portland, Oregon; St. Paul, Minnesota; Tampa, Florida; Syracuse, New York; Houston, Texas; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Even left-wing groups admitted that the concept of “racist” roads was a “fringe idea,” but nevertheless praised the Brandon Administration for promoting such a conspiracy.


Who’s Next?

(Epoch Times) Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has revealed that President Joe Biden can count on her endorsement to stay in the White House for a second term if he chooses to run again in 2024.

“If he decides to run, he’s a sitting president,” Clinton told NBC News’ Yamiche Alcindor, who moderated a panel during the June 29 Aspen Ideas Festival that Clinton took part in.

“Would you endorse him?” Alcindor asked.

“Joe Biden beat in a huge landslide victory in the popular vote Donald Trump. I think that says a lot,” Clinton added.


From ZeroHedge:

…there is a record $2.33 trillion in cash parked at the Fed’s overnight facility, doing nothing…

…Well not nothing: it was nothing when rates were zero, but at 1.55% which is the current reverse repo rate, that $2.33 trillion is a golden goose for the 108 counterparties that are parking cash at the facility, a mixture of money market funds, banks, GSEs and various other financial intermediaries.

How big is this particular Golden Goose? The chart below shows the payment in interest that the Fed makes day on this record $2.33 trillion in funds: as of today it amounts to just over $100 million every single day! That’s right, more than $100 million in interest payments on funds parked with the Fed, which is by definition the world’s only risk-free counterparty!


Consider today an open forum blog. There are always things to discuss, particularly today. If you want to get something off your chest, blaze away.



As we watch the fireworks on this glorious day, do not forget what they represent: Musket balls cannon shot and rockets being hurled into the faces of those who would deny us our freedom, and who were ardent in their desire to disarm us.


  1. “Among the cities seeking federal handouts from the new program….”

    Finally, some “good white” politicians with “good ideas” to fund the same cities run by Democrats that ran themselves into the ground. Maybe they’ll put solar night lights on bridges to Buttigieg, ah ‘beautify’, themselves like whatever city he ran before taking his 60 day holiday immediately after getting appointed.

    “President Joe Biden can count on her endorsement….” Because if she doesn’t endorse him he’ll have the FBI release the video of her visits to Epstein’s place?

    • All interesting points. I have no idea who owns/controls the Epstein videos from Fantasy Island and his compound in New Mexico. Any investigation into this sordid mess needs to include how many of the young entertainers were snuffed. However, I think that when you consider the manifests of people who flew on the Lolita Express – it’s well buried. The other point worth remembering is that other private aircraft and private yachts also visited the island and we haven’t seen those guest lists. People also drove to the New Mexico compound.

  2. Buttigieg. What a crock. Just like those NINJA real estate loans–No Income, No Job, (No) Assets. Two houses in our area fly the colors over their Beto yard signs. Likely no clue how lucky they are to have that right.

    Colors are up, sun is coming up. A happy 4th to all!

    • Buttigieg and Beto both have big aspirations and no ability. In other words, they are typical of the American politicians of the day.

    • I call it the “daily outrage”. Just when you think that they have hit the bottom, they find new depths. FJB.

  3. Early coffee walk, late rain last night (we’ll take it). Flags are up, sun looks good for the day, and so far everything is quiet. As for the Country, praying for her and His rising up of individuals who can make a difference in charting a better (as was under DJT) course. The rest of those who haven’t a clue, that Pocket Constitution in my pickup console is all the reminder I need to understand that people like Mayor Pete are not American by spirit and can go eat their tofu/lab meat hotdogs and burgers cooked over the toxic dumpster fire they created.

    Have a terrific Independence Day/4th of July LL, thanks for all you do to keep us informed and interested in the nutzoid world around us.

    Maybe fewer chores today, and a few extra frosty beverages…we earned it. Cheers.

  4. its going to be a quiet night this year. thanks to fauci my disposable income is nonexistent so no huge fireworks show for the neighborhood. instead the wife and i will work on our very rusty shooting skills. i have several rifles that i haven’t even test fired, and its past time to rotate the carry ammo too. and i’m flying the thirteen star betsy ross flag today, the one they called white supremacist. let’s go brandon/fjb.

  5. “Joe Biden beat in a huge landslide victory in the popular vote Donald Trump. I think that says a lot,” Clinton added.
    It says his voter fraud worked better than her vote fraud.

    Happy Independence Day to all who frequent here. May we keep it with the help of Almighty God.

  6. Between naps note:
    Picnics, outdoor potlucks, and fireworks on tap here. Chance of thunderstorms this evening, so the fireworks may be delayed to another day. Thunder and lightening make their own display 🙂
    Hope everyone has a good 4th of July.

  7. Growing up the 4th was always “the holiday” in our extended family. Except for two men with physical limitations, all my uncles were veterans and every aunt married a veteran. Parades, rodeos and fireworks were all part of it.

    Sadly, this morning, my apartment is the only one flying the flag.

    • Growing up in a small town in my teenage years, there was always a parade that featured floats (decorated flatbed trailers with pretty girls waving from them), the local equipment from the National Guard armory, a fire engine, kids on decorated bicycles, and so forth. There was free swimming at the city pool, a small rodeo and fireworks at night. The very marrow of Americana.

      • Geez, decorating our bikes, forgot we did that. Streamers and flags, red, white, & blue crepe, and baseball cards clothes-pinned to the forks.

          • Nowadays there’d be a bike decorating App so you don’t actually need a bike or decoration tainted by LGBTQXYZ rainbows. Of course you’d have to upload a digital video to your Tik Tok channel.

            I’d venture to say we had more fun, and certainly felt more American pride.

          • American colors are the rainbow – but is there a color for every single perversion that mankind can come up with to put on kids’ bikes?

  8. Huh. I grew up about 60 miles north of Birmingham, and we went to the city a lot between taking loads down to the Farmer’s Market on Finlay Avenue and later going to University. I always thought the interstates were laid out to go around things like Red Mountain because it’s cheaper to build a road on flatter land. I never knew the main reason they are laid out the way they are is to hurt Black people. Thanks, Pete! As his tenure as a small city mayor demonstrates, the important thing about a road is not its functionality or it being kept in good repair. The important thing about a road is its ideological conformity to the narrative.

    • He presided over a decaying inner city with streets in bad repair. Clearly it’s all racist.

      • If your home is in the path of a freeway, turnpike, or whatever there is a sense that they’re out to get you – but in most cases people are compensated for eminent domain annexation. I won’t argue that it was fair in Detroit because I don’t know. There is so much in life that is unfair. There are predominantly white communities that were subject to the same thing. Is it racist if it happens there or just bad luck if your home is in the path?

        My take on this is that it is not a problem for the federal government to concern itself with. Butt guy is using it to try and propel himself into higher office.

        Allow the states to deal with state problems, and cities to deal with city problems.

        • “- but in most cases people are compensated for eminent domain annexation.”
          hate to be contentious (completely untrue!) but KELO?
          probably, the worst/most unconstitutional decision SCOTUS has ever made (including Roe)

  9. Probably a stormy day here. That is good, I’ll take the rain, we need it. Not going to town for the fireworks but plan on making some noise myself come the evening to celebrate Independence Day.

    Hope all of you have a great Independence Day!!! Please take a minute to focus on the good and think about the long line of people over the centuries who have made our country not only possible but great.

  10. I smell a loophole in New York State’s new anti-gun law: It doesn’t ban carrying firearms at gatherings to express the constitutional right to bear arms.

    • why am I getting the impression that the Socialist-Progressives in the valley are getting ready to ban all firearms in a state that’s even further left than Commiefornia
      maybe because gun ban initiative IP 17

  11. Independence Day is my third favorite holiday. Christmas is first, and Thanksgiving second. And I, too, have fond remembrances of earlier times when “The 4th” was a really gig deal. Today it’s just another prepackaged deal, and the meaning is lost on our young ones.

    Huh….New Yawk has doubled-down on their tyranny. Wonder how that’s gonna work out for them….

    I remember the “Racist Roads” when they were building Interstate 55 into Chicago back when I was a kid. The planners picked the most expedient path for the highway, and it was largely driven by the cost of land acquisition. And gee….guess where the cheapest land was? In the run-down, decaying parts of the city, which just so happened to be populated by a certain demographic.

    The largest pile of cash I ever saw was in the vault at the Federal Reserve in Los Angeles around 1990. I had a service call on some microfilm machines used for recording documents, and the machine was several stories below ground in the vault. I was escorted by the Supervisor of the facility, and after I was done, I noticed the “SAC Grade” vault doors were open and asked if I could take a peek inside. She gave me the Grand Tour inside the vault, and I saw dozens of pallets of nicely shrink wrapped $100 bills stacked 10′ high. I asked “How Much”, and she told me it was a “Light Day” for them, and they “only” had about
    $600 million on hand……

  12. Enjoy the pyrotechnics!

    And stay clear of those racist roads while pondering repo peculiarity.

    Burgers here. Soldier says hi.

    • I feel it safe to say that all here wish for you to give Young Troop our very best.

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