Jihadi Bride Redux

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It’s not Islamophobic – it’s all in good fun. The magazine cover dates from 2004 before the War on Terror was transformed into a “foreign contingency operation”, bringing peace in our time to a troubled world.

Certainly, I understand that poking fun at Muslims means that I myself might be setting myself up the same way that the staff of Charlie Hebdo did in France. The nearest Jewish deli is quite some distance from where I live, so the terrorists will have a long way to go to pick a “random” target beyond little old me.

Meanwhile, today at the White House:

16 thoughts on “Jihadi Bride Redux

  1. Easy for you to say – but what SHOULD she do if he loves the goat more than he loves the Jihadi bride?

  2. It should have a worldwide readership — and perhaps you could be a contributing author if you played your cards right.

  3. I wonder if this 2004 issue is still availalbe. That article on pg. 41 looks fascinating: I'm dying to know if bhurkas in colors other than black would offend the prophet. And subsequently warrant acid being thrown in the faces of the wedding party. I just gotta get that back issue…

  4. Dropping a bundle of these, wrapped in goat skin, on the steps of the mosque could be considered too bombastic?

  5. I know that some bhurkas are blue, but I think that ISIL would burn those women — the rules are regionally recognized. Acid in the face would seem to be a very small punishment when the alternative is burning alive.

  6. I laughed aloud at every one of those headlines. Best magazine cover ever (other than being ridiculously tragic)…
    I'd stall in the grocery line for P. 51 especially… but would seriously pay top money for the whole thing.

    Comments made me laugh even louder.

    You'd do well to run for cover, Larry Hebdo. The slogan 'round here is "Don't Mess with Texas." So I suggest you get here… I hear there's some milk and ammo at the fort in hboro. Bring Brighid.

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