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Gun Pride Month

I know that a lot of you are feeling sad that Gun Pride Month is being replaced by Shark Week as the calendar relentlessly flips from July to August. I feel your sense of loss, but black guns matter even if it isn’t Gun Pride Month. Yes, it’s true that ALL guns matter…the recurring theme of Gun Pride Month.

One thing that separates the US from Sri Lanka, Canada, The Netherlands, Panama, and increasingly Germany is 400,000,000 firearms and uncounted trillions of rounds of ammunition in private hands. The ‘government’ can push the WEF’s 2030 agenda but the Supreme Court and others still push back against the globalist ideal of disarmed citizens (slaves).

Hey, let’s make EVERY month Gun Pride Month!



Bullet Points

* As time marches relentlessly, the unvaxed are being vindicated daily. Many of you are four times unvaxed and are awaiting your fifth unvax as Big Pharma is pushing the CDC to continue to ignore the evidence and push their wares. Oh, and continue to wear your completely useless obedience mask. You’ll notice that it’s the vaccinated spreading covid, the gays spreading monkeypox and the media spreading lies.

* Marvel Studios announcesCaptain America: New World Order with the new black, homosexual, Captain America will be in theaters in May 2024. It’s two years off, but I’m sure that it will be incredibly woke.

This year, Marvel has “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” premiering Nov. 11 in theaters, along with the series “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” streaming on Aug. 17 on Disney Plus. Additionally, “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” and “The Marvels” will be released in theaters in 2023.

Don’t tell me you’re not thrilled with the line-up.

* Writing dystopian fiction means frankly describing the present and having people insist you’re predicting the future.


Pelosi in Taiwan

The CHICOMs don’t have any balls if they don’t take her out to supper. They tossed down the gauntlet. Now do something about it.  Show America and the world that you mean business!  Walk the walk, PRC, don’t just talk the talk.



The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party holds power in greater by a significant majority (as opposed to other Syrian political organizations such as the SSNP). Some of the ongoing fighting in the Idlib area is being supported by Russian air strikes from Su-34 aircraft. There is a general question of how long it will take American MANPADS to arrive from Ukraine to diminish the Russian threat. The consensus is that the Ukrainians will sell some of the Stingers out the back door to Syrians with cash to spend. Where does the cash come from? I’m glad that you asked. US NGOs cough it up. They get it funneled to them through largely classified channels. (shady stuff like this)

In larger Kurdistan, there is also a relatively low-key US presence, but it is still there and weapons are provided to the Kurds on what USGOV sees as an as-needed basis. One of the first things that the Brandon regime did after they were installed in the US was to beef up the US troop presence. Since then, things have been largely static.


Capturing the Folly


Where in the world is cash still the most common payment method?



41 thoughts on “Of Passing Interest

  1. I’ve been on the road and will continue to be traveling. The lowest price that I’ve seen for unleaded regular was $4.10/ga in Camp Verde, AZ (near home).

    1. Last week, $3.58 in Corpus Christi, Texas. As an aside, I wonder how much longer until the Demwits force that city to change its name. Maybe Satanburg to celebrate their diety?

      1. In NE Atlanta it was $3.46 this morning and it is the 20% ethanol crap. My truck went from 19-20 mpg around town to 13 mpg. My wife’s car went from 24-25 mpg to 18.5-19.2 mpg. The real 89 octane gas is $4.56 at QuickTrip.

        1. Hey, you caught on to the ethanol switch screwing your mileage? You’re not supposed to notice until after the election.

          1. On the bright side, your truck’s probably new enough that the 20% ethanol won’t do major damage, unlike our 23, 53, and 56 year old vehicles.

            I’m sure they’ll keep increasing it until it forces everyone into modern surveillance-and-control pods.


          2. The mobile surveillance pods will only work if your social credit evaluation is high enough. You and I will be afoot.

    2. $3.89 in Paola Kansas, down from $4.79. Still double what we paid before the donkeys took over.

    3. ANY price reduction is akin to not getting a sharp stick in your eye while ONLY having your shins whacked. Gee, thanks.

      This is a Pavlov’s dog scenario: Intentionally hike prices 2.5x inside of a year then act like you’re the merciful savior of the little people…who are now happier for less than $5/gallon pump prices. Special place in Hell for the so-called leadership.

    1. +1. I read Marvel Comics as a kid. Also DC Comics like Sgt. Rock and G.I. Combat. Pretty much blew any woke creds and a young age.

  2. I’m kinda thinking the “gay” version of Black Panther ain’t gonna go over like gangbusters.

  3. In Wakanda Forever, Namor the Sub-Mariner is now Black (he’s always looked like Spock, or rather Spock looked like him since Namor predates Spock by 2 1/2 decades). At least the rest of the Atlanteans are still blue. It will also have Ironheart the black female Ironman. Woke quotient is pegged and the needle has bent.

    1. Namor will be Mayan.
      Representation, yo!

      Ironheart (Riri Williams) was literally ripped off from a Japanese porno parody. Though I doubt it was a Black female in that. The Japanese are repulsed by negroes.

      1. Mayan? WTF, why? What demographic is supposed to respond financially to the representation of half-European degenerate (I mean the literal way, not the Hunter Biden way) descendants of a long-extinct civilization?

        Besides, shouldn’t Namor be Atlantean? They could just get someone from Atlanta, and call it close enough…

        Or Atlantea ! That would be better, and hopefully I’m beating Beans to the punchline.


        P.S. – how are we supposed to know that the new Cap and Black Panther are gay? Are the ratings on the movies changing?

        1. The demographic that is supposed to slurp up Sacred Diversity and Representation is white, straight, Christian people. Because You People are responsible for all the ills of the world, and this (negrolatry, worship of sodomites, promotion of pedophilia) is reparations. All white countries must be miscegenated (except for one plucky little ethnostate, because, duh).


          You People are not allowed to have your own spaces. Blacks, “Latinx”, Muslims, homosexuals, furries, even East Asians, are all encouraged to “celebrate their uniqueness” and form exclusionary communities. But normal whites are not allowed to have that. (And no, you can’t identify as an “ammosexual”.)

          Marvel (and the rest of Disney) is now a steaming pile of taking classic “properties” and gender-swapping and Black-washing characters. Spider-Man is no longer Peter Parker, he’s black/Hispanic Miles Morales.Tony Stark is some boring white guy. Now it’s Ironheart, teenaged negress. And so it goes.

          1. It’s disconcerting and discouraging to learn here that I’m not allowed to be ammosexual because I was born that way. I don’t know that I’m genuinely able to change the conditions of my birth and the subsequent ammo-centric lifestyle that I lived. That it is antithetical to being a sodomite is not my fault – yet I am blamed for it. (a tear rolls slowly down my cheek)

          2. That guy’s basically white, and he thinks he’s “Mayan” ? Sad. He’s maybe barely more Mayan than I’m Viking. Or Roman. Or Ethiopian.


            I like the “no longer from Atlantis, but from a submerged city of Mexican culture”. So, it sank in the last 400 years? Because there was no “Mexican” culture before the Spanish conquest…

            The Woke are too stupid to even do a good job being Woke.

  4. 90% of the time I agree with you 90%. And every time you suggest something appealing, like “mak(ing) EVERY month Gun Pride Month!” I agree – at first! Then I think about it and say to myself “Uh oh! another movement” (another bathroom word which I find highly unappealing) and start looking at the downsides.
    Well, as we popularize “guns” and ammunition and handloading, the price of everything starts skyrocketing (supply and demand, doncha know!); as been shown recently – the manufacturers just can’t keep up (and ur not gonna find skilled tool and die makers flooding across the border).
    But more importantly, every time someone uses a firearm to defend themselves, every pinko liberal (and their lawyers: criminal and civil) becomes highly offended and takes you to court – $$$$$!
    Excellent example: lookee at Kyle Rittenhouse.
    Not that I don’t agree with you – in principal – and I’ve been punching paper since 1951, working with these finely tooled pieces of machinery since 1958, and handloading since 1966.
    As I’ve taught my children how to drive and how to maintain vehicles properly, I’ve provided them with firearms training from an early age. But the one of the basic purposes of a firearm is to defend yourself – and this right has essentially been removed.
    And if we’re going to popularize “Gun Pride” throughout the year, I feel we have to first take the time instill some backbone in our legislators: to remove those laws limiting our G-d-given right to defend ourselves.
    I won’t apologize for my rant, just for taking the space on your blog to do it.

  5. Apparently, those inflicted with the monkey pox have been using their masks to cover the wrong orifice. Dr. Fauxchi, call your office!

  6. Gun Month every month – Boron’s valid comments notwithstanding – we already have permission: 2A. So I say a “kinder gentler” monthly reminder is in order until otherwise needed so those who think we work for them gain the not-so-subtle hint that “the awake but un-woke” mean business if they do not get right with their oath to uphold The Constitution instead of being pawns to foreign powers, lobbyists, and America’s anarchy crowd.

    Marvel – Should be Marvel-Less. Bums ruined a good wholesome thing with their idiocy. The alphabet-string people make up about 1-2% of the population (or ‘0%’ in Muslim countries) yet have decided we all get to partake in their abominations. Sorry dude’s and dude-ette’s (yup, just 2 versions), time to get right with God and straighten yourselves up…we’re not playing in your sick game.

    Enjoy your travels…be safe out there among the English.

  7. Young boys / men want to have hero’s to look up to. I’m still looking back on the wise counsel and examples that were in my life to follow. The audiobook App called Scribd has ” Red Mist” which I really enjoyed. I’m not at all that much into science fiction except for what you described as the description of the present or soon to be, told in fiction. Thanks for all that your writing!

  8. Gun Month every month is something I can get behind. By the way the sight for the lightweight rifle I mentioned a few days ago has arrived and the final weight of the piece unloaded comes to 5lbs. 8oz. Now I need to sight it in.
    I’ve had enough of Marvel. I wish Hollywood would resume making films for adults again.

  9. “Hey, let’s make EVERY month Gun Pride Month!”
    As was noted by Paul M, it is. Just under the radar. 🙂
    Jim, if they made adult films, it wouldn’t fit the woke agenda. We can try and keep it out of schools; but can’t stop film. Except as stated in Wargames “The only way to win is not to play the game. ”
    Or in this case not to see the movie.
    Be safe, LL, and LL readers.
    God bless.

    1. Over the last mumble-mumble years, the only movies I wanted to see were the Lord of the Rings movies, and they managed to muck up some of that…but at least most of it was worth sitting through.
      Before that, there was a movie my wife really wanted to see. There was an opening ad for another movie where some meteor hits earth, and my wife said she wouldn’t want to watch that because it was a disaster movie. Meanwhile, we’re sitting there waiting for her movie to start – Titanic.

      1. LOTR, eh? Oh you’re in for a treat with Penis-Rocket Man’s upcoming “The Rings of Power”. Galadriel is now an armor-wearing badass warrior chick who climbs a big ice wall (a la Game of Thrones). There is a negro elf. The hobbits (specifically the Harfoots) are now Negroes.

        There’s probably far worse, but I couldn’t bear to look into it further.

        1. Ahh, yes, the ubiquitous warrior heroine. I don’t mind some of that, but I see it as more push to change societal narrative perceptions as a way to further confuse the masses. Started with portraying every dad or male in commercials as weaklings and useless idiots.

          1. It’s fine to have badass “warrior chicks” [1] if you want them, but Galadriel was never and is not a warrior chick. THAT’S my objection. The Bezos abomination has taken the name, and hung it on an entirely different character that was created to pander to current-day “stronk wimminz what don’t need no man” tropes. In her own way, (Tolkien’s) Galadriel is one of the baddest of the badasses, being intelligent, beautiful, strong-willed, a natural leader (and prideful) from the start, but over her millennia in exile fighting the Enemy, has learned to put aside some of that pride in favor of humanity and compassion. THAT’s a compelling character. Far more so than some mouthy, skinny girl dressed up in armor and pretending to be a man.

            [1] Warrior women: The accusation from the male feminists (wanna-be rapists too timid to actually rape and therefore pretending to be “allies”) and blue-haired landwhales is “You just hate and fear strong women!” And “there have never been strong women in SF and fantasy.” What a load of shyte. In movies consider how popular Sarah Connor (original Terminator and T2) and Ellen Ripley (Alien) were and are, for example. That’s because they were well-written and “realistic” (as much as possible, given the setting). Sarah Connor went from being a timid little waitress to a, yes, badass warrior woman, but her character was limited by Linda Hamilton’s actual 90-lb (or whatever), fine-boned frame. The scene where she escapes from the mental hospital doesn’t have her tossing around big male orderlies like a movie from today would. She has to get the jump on a single orderly, uses improvised weapons to, well, beat the shit out of him. THAT’s how you write a fight scene where the 90-lb chick wins.

            The irony is that male feminists and BHLWs who claim to be empowering and championing women all try to turn women into men, with masculine traits. It’s as if they think that the only to be badass is to be a man. Oh the irony.

          2. And the new Predator movie, “Prey” has a 5’2″ Native American chick taking on a predator much like the one that kicked Arnie’s ass in the original.

            WOKE. F’in WOKE. WON’T WATCH!

            F them all.

  10. Ha, I love a good map, and it’s hard to beat a map of a situation complex enough that they feel they have to use plaid to differentiate the various parties involved!

    What the heck is the 55 km US Exclusion Zone about? I looked at it from space, and there seems to be sweet FA over there, except a giant truck stop / customs port / something, mostly empty.


  11. Man I just love N frames. Especially short barreled ones. And what the heck is a US declared exclusion zone actually?

  12. Chinese media saying China will shoot down Pelosi’s plane. Anyone for a GoFundMe to help them buy a rocket?

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