Some people expressed concern that I would go on walk-about in Arizona all alone. Fear not, I’m not going to be alone. I’ll be with Jenny. (and possibly a Lone Wolf customized Glock 21)

The Jenny Wren is designer Ryan Johnson’s (RMJ) latest tomahawk. The head is S-7, the core handle is G-10 that dovetails into the steel. The overlay handles are textured G-10 and all of it is held in place with hardened ground dowel pins and screw sets. The eyelets in the handle are 3/8″ micarta tube. This is a small thin (1/2″ thick handle) hawk that handles very quickly. 

The armor plate (above-right) is constructed of Dyneema to 3A thickness. It will stop a .44 magnum or any other pistol round, but it doesn’t hold up well against a tomahawk.
When on walk-about in Arizona, it’s nice to have a tomahawk (or better still, a selection of hawks to pick from). The concept of a Jenny Wren is simply its size. When leverage is important, I carry the old tried and true Eagle Talon. When I want something that will be available and unobtrusive, the Jenny Wren works better.

For people who live in an urban environment (Southern California) where many knives and most firearms are illegal to carry, the humble axe remains a viable alternative.

I took delivery of Jenny this month. This particular excursion will be her first outing.


  1. You and Jenny? I saw the title and got prepared to be all jealous.

    Boys still practice throwing tomahawks in Cub Scouts. Even moms.

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