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Indian petroglyph, circa 1000 AD – a giant bird holding a man in its beak. Puerco Village, Petrified National Forrest National Park, Arizona.

It’s officially hot in Arizona when a snake steals your beer.

12 thoughts on “Passing Observations

  1. The petroglyph makes me wonder if that was suppose to be a depiction of an eagle with a baby. Not unheard of, though not as much now days with civilization closing in. And the snake… amazing. Try to drink a beer without using your hands.

  2. The Indian petrograph from Puerco Village could just as easily be a bird holding a frog with legs stretched out wide. Maybe more than snakes are stealing beers…

  3. It looks like a water bird with a curved beak more than an eagle, but who knows what the Indians saw…and maybe they were chewing peyote or got into the jimsyn weed?

  4. We I first saw the pteroglyph, I thought it was a guy holding a weird saber of some sort. Now that you explain, I can see a guy or a frog.

    Hope you are well. God bless.

  5. Stay away from those giant swamp birds and the beer drinking snake, LindaG. And have a fun weekend.

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