When Government Fails – “Task Force Pineapple”

Army Lt. Col. Scott Mann, a retired Green Beret commander who led a private rescue effort to bring appropriate evacuees through Taliban lines to Kabul Airport. ABC News covered the story. You should read the whole article.

After succeeding with helping dozens of Afghan commandos and interpreters get into the protective ring of the airport created by the 6,000 American troops Slow Joe Biden dispatched to the airfield after Kabul fell to the Taliban, the group initiated an ambitious ground operation this week aided by U.S. troops inside. The objective was to move individuals and families through the cover of darkness on the “Pineapple Express.” The week-long effort and Wednesday’s operation were observed by ABC News under the agreement of secrecy while the heart-pounding movements unfolded.

The operation carried out Wednesday night was an element of “Task Force Pineapple,” an informal group whose mission began as a frantic effort on Aug. 15 to get one former Afghan commando who had served with Mann into the Kabul airport as he was being hunted by the Taliban who were texting him death threats.

They knew he had worked with U.S. Special Forces and the elite SEAL Team Six for a dozen years, targeting Taliban leadership, and was, therefore, a high-value target for them, sources told ABC News…

Some of you texted me this article as did my daughter, Heather.

There is a lesson in this.

I ran into a situation with my own company recently where an assessment of US Government activities came into question. I asked the client, “Do you trust USGOV?” Client said, “they’re a bunch of treacherous snakes, that’s why I came to you.” It’s the state of affairs, sadly and everyone sees it with the exception of a few of the woke and CNN.




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    • Yes, we need a statue of him somewhere – but the left would desecrate it because that’s who they are.

  1. LL, an aside to this.

    I commented on a another site as to Col Scheller and his comments and ion turn his being relieved of command as expected. He also mentioned if he had been in their shoes, he would have done the same thing as Military culture would have demanded.

    Having said that, I’m really interested for your take on this. I know how hard it must be for a man of his apparent caliber to take the action he did.

    “Sadly, but Militarily a stone cold fact, questioning the CIC is taboo, even if it’s the truth. Col. Scheller said in his statement he would probably get hit for this and he did.

    Then again, this is what a real Marine does. Stand up for his country and defend his men. He is absolutely correct in calling out this rat ass administration as to their ineptness and in turn the killings of our people.
    Unfortunately, it cost him his career, but certainly not his honor! Kudos Col. Scheller”

    • I mention Col. Scheller on tomorrow’s blog. Yes, when you go public and call out the C-in-C and the generals commanding as mountebanks and rues, you’re going to get fired. At the same time, is it worth serving in a military where job one is the weather, job two is turning men into women and women and women into men, and job three is driving white males from the service?

      All honor to Col. Scheller for being a Marine.

      • I believe that Col Scheller is a true leader. Too bad that most of the senior leadership is a bunch of panty waist pussies more interested in career than what their real job should be. I understand that to progress into the most senior ranks you must have political savvy but you don’t have to be a sell out. Now if Vanilla Milley had advised the SecDef and PITO (President in Title Only) that what they wanted to do was bad, they said ef that and Milley had quit, Milley would be a leader but he is what you say LL.

        • When Obama entered the White House, all star promotions had to be cleared and almost all were democrats for 8 years, and President Trump inherited that. They became substantially patronage jobs – Chicago style.

  2. Hero’s will prevail where they can…because they are the Sheepdogs.…despite the State Department throwing up roadblocks, which points to an “intentional” process not an “Oopsie, this was Trump’s bad for signing a deal.”

    Please God protect them and give them the strength to continue

    The rest…Bastards…who should be immediately removed, discharged, or sent over to that living Hell Afghanistan to fend for themselves. Goose/Gander protocol they created.

    America is at a crossroads.

    That’s it.

    • “Crossroads”

      Should have added…Half of American needs to get their heads out of their collective rear-ends and quit being naive, self-centered, or just plain stupid, otherwise they will have an Afghan enclave next door, planted by this administration with paid for housing and food stamps.

      • I’m sure that there will be a Little Kabul ghetto somewhere.

        I ran a law enforcement task force in Little Saigon (Orange County, CA) and can tell many stories about the place.

        You know that there will be big assimilation problems as you move a people, rooted in the 6th Century AD to the land of the Big PX. I’m sure that your tax money will support them for generations.

        • One of my neighbors is a retired Marine (Desert Storm etc), had his buddy over to help him with a project (ret. Marine), they were discussing the “happenings”, and are…how should I say this…pissed and ready to go full Marine on those most deserving.

      • “they will have an Afghan enclave next door”

        Eh. Millions of Americans have had the enriching experience of living next to government settlements of stupider, and with worse impulse control, for decades now. Chocolate Jesus’ maladministration may have tried to kick it into high gear, but it’s been going on since at least the 1960’s.

  3. ABC has apparently taken down the story on Lt. Col. Mann. I get “This page either does not exist or is currently unavailable” messages.

    There was a story on Fox&Friends this morning about a former Special Ops guy who ended up getting over 15,000 people out of Afghanistan, starting with translators and others we worked with then branching out to other Americans, Afghan Christians and others marked for assassination. I just tried to look up the story but it’s in the gap between airing and being a story on line.

    • Some brave men right there. You know the Biden admin will hang them out to dry, but they’re still out there trying to make a difference.

      • Duty-Honor-Country and the consequences met out by the walking corpse and the whore will be small in comparison to that standard. You can always find work.

      • No, they’re part of the swamp. I’m surprised that they ran the story in the first place. Better to confine reporting to what Ho is wearing this season, Jo’s favorite ice cream flavors, etc.

  4. ‘Correction:
    It was erroneously reported yesterday that (fill in the blank) was rescued from Kabul. Also, several other persons and families associated with this person are now unknown if they are within the safe zone of Karzai International Airport. We regret the error’

    Why would such a correction be made?

    Because to cover for president pudding cup who gave those persons, and families, back to the TB.

    Just watch.

        • Joe fell asleep in the Oval Office with the Israeli Prime Minister with cameras rolling – more on that on the Sermonette tomorrow. The man with his finger on THE BUTTON. How comforting.

          He needs to have his nap before he meets with anyone.

  5. I’m thinking Colonel Mann must have had, at some time past, an encounter with the ghost of Colonel Bull Simmons somewhere in the piney woods.

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