Check your Chinese-Made Cell Phone

The Communist Chinese are notoriously not fond of black people with the exception of the child slaves who work in their cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They seem to like those people, which they purchased in Africa from fellow communists. So they’re not racist. Truth be told, the communist Chinese would enslave anyone but it’s much easier to manage if those slaves have no voice and die in the mines anonymously.

There are different categories of miners. Some are actually slaves. Others are as good as slaves.

Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Company, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cobalt products, has pledged to stop using child labor to mine cobalt by 2025. (more here). The body count changes but the last attempt to count showed that 40,000 ‘slaves’ worked in the cobalt mines in the Congo, most under the direction of Chinese overlords.

If you have a cell phone, and I’m betting that you do, it contains cobalt, mined by African slaves under Chinese domination. Your electric car’s battery requires twenty pounds of cobalt. Most of the world’s supply of cobalt comes from the Congo, almost all of it is mined by ‘slaves’ and child labor.  It’s hardly a secret. The information is everywhere. It’s just that the mainstream media and their allies would not like to see it broadcast. Who paid them to keep quiet? Or maybe the story just has no appeal to the corrupt mainstream media?

And those Communist Chinese students driving around the University of Southern California or Harvard – or the school near you in their Ferraris and BMW’s – how much of their fortunes was earned by slave labor? Shall we talk about the North Korean slaves, sold by Kim-the-Dictator for cash…those slaves who work in Chinese coal mines next time?

Slavery in our contemporary world is a topic that all the American liberals ignore (as they wheel about in their politically correct Tesslas and Prius automobiles. They look back historically 150 years, not in the mirror. If you use the products of slavery aren’t you part of the problem.

And isn’t interesting that the WHO in all of its political correctness doesn’t address the massive deaths in the cobalt mines – run by the Communist Chinese?

Thought of the day: When you are dead, you don’t feel that you are dead and the pain is felt by others. The same is true if you are stupid.


  1. Slavery’s alive and well and we’ve been busy removing statues of heroic generals. Regardless, China needs to be put under the spotlight and brought to account. Whether that happens is another thing again.

    • The media is focused on removing President Trump from office to the exclusion of all else. It would be refreshing if somebody would take the effort to shine a light on China’s skulduggery.

    • I’d like to see the USA take a hard look at the People’s Republic of China and their filthy practices – and do it in PUBLIC. Let the American people decide what part they wish to play. It’s time to lens the PRC in the open.

    • I know, it’s shocking…

      But the mainstream media seems to sign off on it as “it’s just China”. Sort of like Joe Biden being a creepy, crooked, senile old fool is just “Joe being Joe”.

      40,000 black slaves in exchange for the beloved Prius is considered to be a fair trade to the progressives.

  2. The Tedros mask cartoon made me think, “What if all the PPE coming from China is seeded with the virus?” Nothing those corrupt Commies (the party, not the people) do is beyond belief.

    • There are US FDA inspectors on the ground in China who are supposed to keep that sort of thing from happening. You are therefore to put your trust in government drones to keep you safe.

      I wear a bandana that I wash myself.

    • Billy-the-Kid, a famous western outlaw is reputed to have said, that the dumber you are, the more surprised you are when you’re shot. Or words to that effect.

    • Africans sold Africans to Arabs, who sold them to slavers in the whole molasses to rum to slaves cycle in the late 1600’s and 1700’s. The Chinese are exploiters of the land and of people with little conscience.

    • It isn’t that nobody else did (does) it, it’s that it’s only bad when it’s done by white, male, Westerners, especially Christians.

      For everyone else it’s a Precious Cultural Tradition.


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