It almost looks like downtown Baltimore – same problem.

Jamaican culture fosters intergenerational poverty, and instead of reforming local culture, politicians cultivate welfare- rather than wealth-oriented culture by professing their love for the poor. Idealizing poverty, however, will only encourage the immiseration of the poor because entrepreneurs, progressive intellectuals, and innovators, not poor people, move countries forward. Poverty is the natural condition of mankind and is more akin to indignity than achievement.

Societies that struggle to evolve culturally will fail to modernize and sustain economic growth. Africa is experiencing some growth, but academics worry that its success will be hampered by conspicuous consumption. Even recent studies measuring patience show that Africans are the least patient people in the world.

It is therefore conclusive that poor countries need cultural reform and not just more money and empty platitudes about decolonization. By discounting the significance of culture, politically correct economists have only been preventing poor countries from becoming developed. The truth is that a country reflects its people, so if you put Jamaicans in Singapore, you would get an economic backwater, but if Singaporeans relocated to Jamaica, you would get Switzerland.


Identify the Aircraft (video)


Bullet Points:

* Sometimes I click on stuff just because, and THIS was one of those: Prince Harry yesterday confessed to suffering from a frostbitten penis. I thought it would have something to do with entering the Dutchess of Suffolk.

* RINOs – Are not extinct.

* Mating Advice from Democrats: ‘Mate with shorter people’ for ‘a greener planet’ & to save ‘the planet by shrinking the needs of subsequent generations’…more here

I respond…with this

* From American Thinker – “This was a bribe.  A publicly traded corporation paid off the United States House of Representatives for a favor, and the United States House of Representatives paid off a publicity traded corporation for a favor.”

The Swamp. That’s how it works.

* From American Thinker – “…it is disconcerting that the highly politicized and anti-conservative FBI is able to track our movements with surveillance videos and cell phone pings and match our DNA to a sample in its possession even if we’ve never had a DNA test ourselves, using relatives that have subscribed to 23 and Me, or otherwise have entered DNA databases that police can access.”

Some years ago, while running a joint agency task force that included the FBI, I designed and implemented a Congressionally funded surveillance system that I named Hydra, which was significantly in advance of anything that the FBI had at the time. I piggybacked on a Secret Service program and expanded on it. If you think that you can’t be surveilled in this day and age, you need to find another planet.

* Two Years ago in History:

If a white police officer murdered a black woman, there would have been an investigation. But we all know how it goes.



Sailors believed that rats had a sixth sense and that the sight of them leaving a ship in large numbers was a portent of disaster.

Shakespeare noted the tendency in The Tempest: … they prepared a rotten carcass of a boat, not rigg’d, nor tackle, sail, nor mast; the very rats instinctively have quit it.


Rats leaving a sinking ship passed shocked sailors, 19th Century 

There could have been something to this belief because rats were denizens of the bilge, the nethermost region inside the ship’s hull and the first place to flood when a vessel takes on water.

In 1625, Francis Bacon, giving the metaphor a land base, wrote of the “wisdom of rats that will be sure to leave a house somewhat before it fall.” And people also liked to call deserters, rats, who abandon the sinking ship.  When abandoning a cause that seems doomed to failure, a person is considered to be a rat fleeing a figuratively sinking ship.

I’ve had employment situations where I left. When asked why – it was because anyone with a lick of sense doesn’t ride down with the ship.


  1. “politically correct economists have only been preventing poor countries from becoming developed.” That’s the plan. They don’t hurt the planet and remain safe in the garden away from the evils of capitalism. Imagine how much worse off they’d be if they were to adopt traditional Western culture. What good is a full stomach and disease free life when one loses their soul. Better to die a sacrifice to Gaia as an example for the rest of the peons.

    If they actually did promote traditional western culture and it succeeded, how would they explain to the folks back home that evil capitalism works over there, but not here.

    • It’s noble to die as an “earth boy”, at one with nature. The goal of many is to destroy everything that is man-made. so that we can live as naked savages (Naked and Afraid – only savage)

  2. “I thought it would have something to do with entering the Dutchess of Suffolk.“
    From what I can tell, the Duchess keeps Harry’s yarbles in her purse. And if any rogering is happening, Harry is the one taking it. But I’m not a follower of the Royals. (Though I do approve of Princess Michael of Kent’s taste in brooches.)

    As to breeding with short people, I’d note that author Mara Altman is herself quite short. Or so I’ve read. (

    Shortness MAY be associated with use of fewer resources (though how much of Holy Mother Gaia is saved by flying a 5’6” “elite” to Davos vs a 6’2” man?), and may be associated with increased longevity, but all things considered, it’s better to be tall than short in nearly all societies.

    “countries need cultural reform”
    Well, yes. But culture is downstream of biology. There’s only so much you can do. And for anyone who seriously buys “tabula rasa” — no. It’s a pipe dream as utterly unmoored from reality as is Magic Dirt. And the existence of individual outliers doesn’t refute my premise. Me personally for example, I’m at least a standard deviation out from generic white Americans on the non-group-conforming/BFYTW scale, probably closer to 2SD. Which makes me at least 3SD out from the typical Chinaman. But anyone thinking that I disprove theories (okay, valid stereotypes) about Chinamen would be dead wrong.

    • We can’t run from DNA. Some people attempt to do that but it’s futile and in many cases self-destructive. Culture can bend it, but the double helix counts for a great deal.

    • Well, the upside would be people would once again be able to sit somewhat more comfortably into cramped airline seating.

      See this is how government works, doing the opposite of normal thinking: Downsize the people, but no way should we increase legroom and seat width for the average modern frame.

      • Airlines? Subhuman cattle have no need to travel. The only reason we even exist is that we were created to serve actual human beings, and we can do that just fine from our kennels and pens. The last three years of “work from home” and the ubiquitous Zoom call have taught so many of us to creep meekly to our cages when an actual human orders it, like the dog who knows to go to his crate to be locked up for the night.

        And the “elite” aren’t going to fly commercial anyway.

        • When the elite needs the services of a lower creature to serve them quickly, booking a seat on a cattle aircraft is useful. They certainly wouldn’t want them flying in the G-6.

          Given that I used to fill the role of an overseer (cracker) keeping the great unwashed in line, I have some insight particular to a high-commoner. Somebody has to lock the crate at night and make sure that the untermenschen are kept in line.

          • Mike_C & LL…Exactly on point. I’m a ‘soft’ rebel, not an activist at all. Just leave me the hell the alone and we’re good. Yet when I see the level of ever increasing idiocy the engineer brain kicks in for a solution to the problem…”Look! Here’s the fix!” Then I remind myself (moreso nowadays) theself appointed don’t want solutions. Jan 6th is a lie…but what am I going to do about it when the lawless are running the charade? It’s not cowardice to go the other way when faced with such stupidity when the deck is stacked so high.

  3. I am curious (but not very hopeful) to see what a Republican House of Representatives in regard to the people who are still in jail due to what they supposed did on 6 Jan. Probably not much but I will keep reminding my congress critter.

  4. Rats. That’s me.

    “I’ve had employment situations where I left. When asked why – it was because anyone with a lick of sense doesn’t ride down with the ship”.

    Late thirties, number one in every sales category, the major corporation employing me “trimmed” their force. Good old Gordy, who drank and whored with the big boys stayed and I was laid off (in truth, being an abrasive asshole might have played a role). Ever after, I only worked straight commission and only for smaller companies. Even doing construction management I wasn’t salaried. When I smelled rot, I was gone. Resume? 1099s.

    • You’ve got know when to hold ’em,
      Know when to fold ’em
      Know when to walk away,
      And know when to run.

      • Once I rode one down to the bitter end, last one drawing a paycheck, etc., after the owner took sick and made the shut-down decision. I was young, dumb and totally without that aforementioned lick of sense. What I was, was infused with a strong sense of loyalty that I did not realize was not reciprocal, much less appreciated. Fast forward a few years and the old man had his health back and a few of the old hands helped him resuscitate the carcass. I was one of them but knew what to look for the second time and jumped ship at the first sign it was going sideways, which it did in a most convincing fashion. I was called a rat and many other things besides, which may have been true in the sense I landed at a competitor but I got a seat on the lifeboat and some of the rest of them got seats at the depositions because they got greedy. They discovered that crime doesn’t pay, unless you’re in Congress…….

          • Yes, but those who got chairs at the depositions might beg to differ. It was sad to watch, inasmuch as some of the old man’s family got stuck with some of his misdeeds, and I’m certain that’s how he planned it. Think on that one think. I did warn them but to paraphrase Ed, C’est la Guerre.

        • I usually get a bonus to stay and close the place down.
          I quit GM when the plant was closing because there would be a flood of us on the market and I wanted to beat the rush.
          We were assured there would be no separation money.
          They ended up giving each that stayed $100k and $10K towards a new car.
          C’est la vie.

  5. If you helped design it, then I guess you would know that we can’t hide.
    But then I’ve figured that for years now.
    You all be safe and God bless.

    • The system that I designed wasn’t all-encompassing, but even the most sophisticated criminals never saw us coming – for years. Some of the more sophisticated Asian bad guys put themselves through surveillance schools in Virginia and recognized top-tier equipment. It was interesting. to be on my end of things. Spy vs Spy with hardware, software, and operational teams. That’s been in the rearview mirror for a long time now.

      Eyes In The Sky: The Secret Rise of Gorgon Stare and How It Will Watch Us All – June 18, 2019 by Arthur Holland Michel discusses air components that are now bordering on arcane in 2023, but they’re amazing systems. Extrapolating forward from there…

  6. capital police arrested ashli babbitt’s mother yesterday and charged her with jaywalking. she was just walking down the street with a rose in her hand. several others trailed behind w/ small signs. its illegal to walk down the street now. they handcuffed her. twenty heroes, one grieving mother.

      • I can’t believe that happened RR. Clearly, it did, and you have to ask yourself how we sank so low. The propaganda machine works. Not all of the time, but enough of the time.

        • Desperate to keep their false narrative by silencing any dissenter, including the mother of a murdered daughter. Simply because…and no one will stop the Lawless Machine until their ox gets gored. Maybe busloads of illegals dropped on all their doorsteps will have some desired affect.

          • “Desperate to keep their false narrative…”

            Maybe so. I actually hope your take is the correct one, because that’d mean “They” still care what normal people think, and have guilty consciences. But me, I think They don’t care what we think, and that this is about exercise of raw power for cruelty’s sake. It’s about humiliation and forcing people to say what they know is false and wrong. It’s also (self) righteous punishment of a bad and doubtless bigoted woman who raised an insurrectionist threat to good, decent people everywhere. (I know these positions are mutually inconsistent to some degree. This does not bother certain kinds of people. And they tend to be high rather than low-IQ types.)

            In their heads They are the ones slighted, wronged, hated, and persecuted for no reason at all (never any reason), yet they still forgive and forgive, because they are generous, kind, wise, tolerant, and love humanity in a way that you can’t even begin to understand.

            Hardly anyone is the villain in his own head. For example, I doubt that Bill Gates thinks he is personally a bad human being. Jacob Schiff was doubtless the avenging sword of righteousness in his own head. Justin Trudeau probably genuinely believes that he’s a good person. Chuck Schumer and little Dick Blumenthal are fighting the good fight. And so it goes.

          • “The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

            Sociopaths populate the American prison system and Capitol Hill and the mindset in both places is the same.

    • Parts of California are well down the road. As of 3 January 2023, California is represented by 40 Democrats and 12 Republicans. There are non-swamp run places in California.

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