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US Service Precedence:

US Army (senior service – service of the Revolution from Great Britain) (13 OCT 1775)
US Navy (13 OCT 1775)
 – – US Marine Corps (10 NOV 1775)
US Coast Guard (28 JAN 1915)
US Air Force (18 SEP 1947)

US Central Intelligence Agency (18 SEP 1947) Non-Uniformed Military Service (During wartime, CIA ranks revert to US Army ranking as a matter of protocol. It’s a technical fact, but true none the less)
US Space Force (18 JUN 2018)
It’s time for speculation. Will the newly minted Space Force adopt US Naval ranking or will it follow the US Air Force (which separated from the US Army)? Will it have its own Space Marines? The nature of Space SHIPS suggests that a nautical format will be adopted, but art doesn’t necessarily follow national will as represented by the the thoughts of Generals and Admirals in the Pentagon.
I expect all of you arm-chair Trekkies to weigh in.

31 thoughts on “It’s Time to Speculate

  1. Revert to Army ranks, nomenclature and traditions, just to mark a difference from the zoomies.

    I'm former Italian Army, BTW.

  2. On Facebook there is a site called "Dysfunctional Veterans". They are having lots of fun with the Space Force. Bet they can come up with some good ideas.

  3. Naturally as former US Navy, I feel that the space fleet should use naval ranks and nomenclature. The war will first be fought by chairborne admirals and generals over the details.

  4. We need to use photon torpedoes. I realize that it's sci-fi art, but it's a worthy goal.

  5. Don't think it matters much. By the time it gets really functional, we'll be having our own Crusades here in the US. The Muslims will be trying to take over the country and we will be at war with them. Mars might be a safe place.

  6. Of course it has to be Navy rank. It has been since Science Fiction began writing.
    I'll just be happy to see it start.

  7. As has been pointed out by many SF writers, in terms of similarity of operations, the terribly named Space Force resembles Navy submarines more than anything else. If we had spaceships to put them on, I suspect the best way to man them would be to swap out a full, retrained boomer or fast boat crew, choice depending on ship and mission type.

  8. As the grandson of an RAF Vet (WWI) and son of a USAF Vet (late 50's) I say Go Navy!

  9. I love Star Trek, but I don't want to use it to mock those who have put their lives on the service to our country.

  10. For the Marines, they have the beloved nickname 'jar heads.' For the Navy, it's 'swabbies,' the Army has 'grunts,' and the Air Force 'zoomies.'

    What will the Space Force get hung with: 'moonbats?' Or maybe 'piss in their spacesuit guys?' Yeah, that last one needs work…

  11. I think that it's better that the new Space Force isn't completely grafted to the Air Force (go Navy!)

  12. I don't think that it's a mock so much as a vision of what might be.

    Alfred Tennyson – "For I Dipped into the Future"

    For I dipt into the future,
    Far as human eye could see,
    Saw the vision of the world,
    And all the wonder that would be;
    Saw the heavens fill with commerce, etc.

  13. We have time to work all that out. Unless THEY are already here – wearing skin suits. Peter and Jane Fonda could be skinned to see if there are lizards living inside?

  14. Last year a US general presented the current and future domain of the US Military and the list was long. Sub-Sea, Navy, Air, Space, Army and cyber. And they should all work together in well coordinated efforts to attack, destroy, conquer, secure and consolidate. Hopefully the communications will work well so all the individuals involved will become a well orchestrated battle group. I guess we will see the US Drone Force and the US Missile Force soon. Maybe the US Digital Command also will become a separate force in the near future. The USDC will handle all the gear it takes to communicate and make sure the the information comes through.

  15. The Pentagon wasn't all that keen on a Space Force because it would whittle away against the existing budgetary allocations. I that the expansion of other branches of that pot of gold will be slow in coming.

  16. It has to be Navy and I'm looking forward to our new MAGA Class orbital cruisers. Which have SPACE MARINES, obviously.

  17. We must fight off both illegal aliens and space aliens (not unlike Hillary) who are also illegal.

  18. I like lizards and all reptiles really. Peter & Jane have proven themselves to be vile human specimens.

  19. USAF was vociferously opposed, not least because they control about 90% of military space efforts. Just for that, Air Force rank structure should be verboten at Space Force, especially since most of the initial people will be coming from the Air Force. Let's have a clean break from the past!

    At this point, "Space Force" is (aiming to be) more of a "Space Guard". Near-earth orbit for the most part, and trans-lunar will be a stretch. By the time we've got real interplanetary ships, they'll be part of the Space Navy. Soon shortened to Navy, as the only survivable naval forces of that era will be the Submarine Force. 🙂

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