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Documents are being circulated in many US States, petitioning the government for redress and asking the feds to allow them out of the union peacefully.
As of today, Texas lead the charge with almost 100,000 signatures.

Tammy Blair, spokesperson for the Texas Nationalist Movement, said that even though the open petitions do make a statement, they’re not going to work.

“This is a peaceful movement. That’s important. We’re not looking for war. And if people think that we are, we’re certainly not. It’s not a racist movement, it’s a movement about liberty,” she said.

One immediate problem that concerns many Texans is illegal immigration from the United States. Border control issues could become daunting as masses of fed-up red state people massed to leave the ‘worker’s paradise’.
Some Texans are concerned with losing their Social Security, but there are many US residents, living abroad and receiving Social Security from USGOV.
Other Texans are concerned about the Dallas Cowboys football team. Could they still participate in the NFL? My sense is that if Canadian baseball can participate with US baseball, Texas football could likewise participate with the NFL. The NHL spans both the US and Canada. There is plenty of precedent for keeping Free Texas engaged in sporting events in the USA.
Many Texans cite President Obama, ‘the great divider’, as one reason for the need to break off and form a “more perfect union”. When you look at the Balkanization of the Former Soviet Union, states such as the Ukraine were allowed to keep combat ships, military equipment, military aircraft, etc. If states that border Texas (and further border other unhappy US States) were allowed to leave with them (Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and so forth, it would begin to look a lot like the Confederate States of America. If they could jump states, The Rocky Mountain states (to also include North and South Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska) with the exception of New Mexico and Colorado would likely defect too if votes to do so mean anything. Utah’s rich wealth in oil shale (USGOV doesn’t let them mine it) alone would match or exceed Texas and Oklahoma. Indiana and Kentucky would likely also want out. That would leave the liberal fringe on the east and west coast for Obama to govern according to his whim.
I do understand that this movement isn’t ‘going anywhere’. I also realize that USGOV as presently constituted doesn’t care that these people are unhappy. 
To me, one of the best parts of secession is that the new state(s) could block mainstream media broadcasts. That in and of itself would be a blessed event.

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