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At long last, the steel roof is going up on the hovel at the White Wolf Mine.

If you click to enlarge the photo above, you’ll see the steel cladding on part of the roof. That should be finished on Monday. Soon after, the siding will arrive and it will begin to look more complete. More like a shack than a hovel. In due time, the concrete floor on the lower/guest level will receive its epoxy finish and will be sealed and harder than rock.

29 thoughts on “You can Call it Progress

  1. And the windows are in, and it's wrapped!

    As our Brit friends would say…"It's proceeding apace"…

  2. There is no large, high mast to attach antennas to. (I'm not really a radio head – a sat phone is good enough for me), but otherwise, it's well on its way.

  3. I could install a "stealth" antenna and coupler, and you'd have coverage from 1.8~30MHz.

    Assuming you needed it, of course…

  4. It appears your contractor is keeping the site "tidy". Not a lot of construction trash lying around.

  5. They're doing a superior job, WSF, from all indications. It's a custom job, and I am paying more, but because the general contractor only has two or three houses going at a time, he has the capacity attend to details.

  6. Looking good, but I have been wondering about the steel roof. Will you be able to get phone reception from satellites? Smoke signals? Telegraph lines? How are you going to communicate with the outside world?

  7. Looks great. Can't remember if you said, will there be solar power?
    You'll be able to start camping in it soon.

  8. Solar power is part of phase 2. For now it's a duo of generator power and power from the grid that I have just recently hooked up.

  9. If you have a shortwave radio you don't need much of an antenna. Just 50' of wire or so, strung out "in the clear" and as high as you can comfortably get it.

    He'd only need something more exotic if he wanted to transmit.

    And while I can quite easily picture LL using a military Green Radio to call in an airstrike, I can't quite picture him calling "CQ 20 Meters"…

  10. I like the steel roof, a better material in case you have to weather a forest fire again.
    Are you going to landscape to give yourself a clear zone around the house?
    I was impressed about how many trees you retained around the house…especially that one by the front door.

    BTW, what is your water system setup? I am assuming you have your own well?

    Very impressed, making me want my own cabin out away from all this stuff

  11. You need a cabin. I'm clearing the BRUSH from around the house but want to retain trees. Pines have deep roots that go straight down.

    There is a well that is shared by a few people and I'm hooked to that system, but I'm in the process of sinking my own. Two is one, one is none (from a military survival standpoint).

  12. Another thought about fire. Are you enclosing the soffits with metal? Exposed wood truss ends can easily burn. The metal roof and stucco walls are a good barrier but any exposed wood is a liability.

  13. The soffits have a sort of asbestos (but obviously not asbestos) plate that's not steel. More of a concrete composite thing.

  14. Good Idea
    any issues with a water right?

    I'm sure the rainfall is limited, but rainwater harvesting? a cistern, perhaps?

    at least you don't have a lawn to mow…no expectations of appearance.

    and you are your own HOA….make sure you dictate your self

  15. Are you having gas installed for a Wolf stove?
    Too dang bad there is a rule about no trailers there… friends could have camped out behind the garage…lol

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