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Muscle is the only way to describe the Anzio Ironworks 20 mm sniper rifle. Yes, the 50 BMG (roughly 13 mm) can reach out to a mile or a mile and a half, but what do you do when the target is farther away – say two or three miles – or even bigger?
20 mm cartridges have an outside shell diameter and inside barrel diameter of 0.79 inches (20 mm). Projectiles or shells are typically 75–127 mm (3–5 in) long. Cartridges are typically 75–152 mm (3–6 in) long. Many but not all 20 mm shells have an explosive filling and detonating fuze.
Though the 20 mm round is more commonly found with aircraft cannons or (in an earlier age) as air defense artillery, there is no rule that it can’t be used for other applications.

It’s not a small rifle…but sometimes size matters, and with this rifle, you can’t be accused of “compensating. Well, anyone can accuse, but it’s not going to hold water.

20 mm rifle (left), 50 BMG (right)
Yes, the 20 mm is 6′ 8″ long.
And if you want to take a silenced shot with subsonic ammunition, no problem:
Because it’s a break-down rifle, it goes into a convenient carrying case:
If any of you out there in Bloggerland are looking for something to get me for Christmas, look no further. (though I’ll need a matching camp-wrap on the scope)

14 thoughts on “It’s a Statement

  1. Wonder when a 30mm will be invented. what would the range of a 30mm be anyway?
    How big will that rifle be and would you be able to carry it around from place to place?

  2. There is a 25mm. And it's remotely triggered due to recoil. Not a shoulder weapon. Though it's only a matter of time.

  3. I'd hate to lug THAT up any trails, much less buy the ammo… But it IS neat as hell!!! sigh…

  4. So you've got Sweet Jenny for serious close quarters work, and then this, for when the "touch" needs to be made at two or three miles. Any further and you'd be talking artillery. Sounds like you got it covered.

  5. Wow. Just …. wow. I never thought a .50 cal Barret would look miniscule next to another sniper rifle.

    6'8" – that's the industry standard for the height of a door.

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