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Will Putin, radical militant Islam and Obama work together to save Europe?

It’s an interesting question because it lays bare the European “peace” myth, an aggressive Russia and blends it with a weak, indecisive, untruthful and disturbingly Marxist American President, who reflects the will of the Americans to allow the European Union to fall from within and without.
As James Lewis, writing for American Thinker put it: The deadly flaw in the Eurosocialist scheme is its inability and unwillingness to defend itself. Europe has cannibalized its military to feed the welfare state. On top of that, socialist Europe has deliberately imported millions of Muslims to provide cheap welfare votes for the ruling class. 
Every year the bureaucracy in Brussels sends out thousands of edicts to its member nations, draining away their sovereignty step by step. The national parliaments, including the Brits, let this happen because they have lifetime jobs in the EU power structure. 
The EU has carved away its own electoral legitimacy; you can vote for your Member of the European Parliament, but s/he doesn’t have any power. They can talk, and that’s all. It is nothing but that famous old Potemkin village. 
This is clearly suicidal. Millions of Muslims are now infiltrating the West, and the West shows no sign of defending itself. Our “leaders” are not even allowed to name the enemy.
And while the EU is in a death spiral, Russia, emboldened and more enlightened with what does and does not work in government, is dealing with its domestic Islamic problems as only Russians seem to be able to do, and it’s expanding to claim its old empire. The key to empire is a navy. Sevastopol is now back firmly in the hands of the Russians, who had a lease from Ukraine to operate the military base before they just took back Crimea. Russia also operates naval bases in Cuba and Venezuela and has an “intelligence school” in Nicaragua that is drawing students throughout Latin America.
The US is abandoning its role as Europe’s protector. Obama’s red lines are a joke and his administration is not taken seriously anywhere, least of all in Europe. What’s more, the Europeans get it. They see the threat and it’s not a comfortable, happy place for them. As the US abandons the Persian Gulf, its naval presence in the Mediterranean and Asia and breeches its agreements on security worldwide including throwing Poland to the wolves on missile defense, the Europeans see where this is heading. They need somebody to protect them…and the only real potential would seem to be Russia. Europe has the money to buy protection and Russia has the will to use force. Unarmed and fearful Europe can either give itself over to an armed and Militant expansionist Islamic godfather or to the Russian bear. 
Or the Europeans can grow up and build their own credible defense. It’s expensive. Maybe they’ll have to cut back on healthcare and universal welfare? Maybe Obama and Putin combined with militant Islam can help Europe to survive on its own?

6 thoughts on “Europe?

  1. Expensive AND time consuming to re-constitute anything resembling an effective military…

  2. Yes, but the choice would be for the Europeans trust in ….Russia? Those in Eastern Europe and Germany must recall the tender nature of Russian mercy.

  3. Europe has to sleep in the bed they made for themselves. The scary part is that american administration seems to think the european model is a good one.

  4. From the very outset of his Administration, President Obama worked to make the US into Europe.

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