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Every time parents are arrested in the USA (and everywhere else) for committing a crime, their now unattended minor children are handed over to a social services agency, and they are cared for and protected. Tens of thousands of times each year in the USA, this happens. It’s one of the reasons that we hire social workers.
The progs have conflated this to be ‘unusual’, when in fact, it’s completely normal and done in the course of business for the criminal justice system. Crossing any national boundary in the world without permission is illegal. It’s why there are passports and visas issued. My personal passport is filled with visa stamps that attest to my legal status while I visit countries INCLUDING MEXICO. Failure to follow the law would mean that I would be arrested and my actions would be evaluated for adjudication. If I had children in tow, they would not be placed in the cell with me ANYWHERE.
This argument that the left perpetuates is so stupid on its face as to be literally incredible. Yet still they promote it.

11 thoughts on “It’s Not that Complicated

  1. It's bizarre. Then again so's the claim that Trump's a Russian spy and Hillary's somehow a human. They're obviously insane.

  2. Whoever would have guessed that nationwide insanity woul ensue in 2018? I certainly didn't.

  3. LindaG, the progressive movement lived in a world of rigged elections (see Hillary's defeat of Bernie Sanders for the Dem nomination) for so long, embracing the Chicago model, that there were certain assumptions that were baked into their national and world view. When that fell apart, they became unsound, unhinged and hysterical. That has continued.

  4. The trade agreement with Mexico seem to be good for now. The Stock market is almost all time high too. I guess it will not be long until the Wall is in place too since the Tax revenue also increase.

  5. After the tax cut and the economic prosperity that it brought, tax revenues are up. I'm sure that part of the trade deal with Mexico includes provisions by which they will build the WALL.

    And the DJI is at an all time high.

  6. Thinking of the Three Little Pigs fable. Make the (P)regressives pig 1 and 2. While they managed to survive in pig 3's brick house, you can bet they hated him for it.

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