I hope

that they had a great reunion.


Identify the Tank – Bonus for the nationality operating it.


Identify the Aircraft


Crusaders have to Crusade


Get your wallet out…

but don’t get your hopes up.


Bullet Points

* China in Focus…more here

* People have asked about the possibility of an internship at Virtual Mirage. It’s a decent amount of yard work. It’s mostly yard work. It’s uncompensated yard work.  And you’ll have to sleep in a tent on the property. Bring a tent…and I’ll rent space to you for the tent.


  1. Identify the Tank:
    Panzer I
    For operator, I’ll go with the most obscure, the Republic of China.

    Identify the Aircraft:
    Northrop XP-56 Black Bullet

  2. This is a good post. I especially like the FBI infographic. Perhaps they could contract you to get the undercover thing right? I’d be glad to help.

    • Their grouping is all wrong. One grenade could get them all.

      It’s a good thing for them that it wasn’t a genuine insurrection.

  3. The grilled cheese truck reminds me of a joke. I won’t repeat it here, but when I first heard it, I laughed like an imbecile for a few minutes.

  4. Hey, as long as there’s running water and you don’t mind the camper digging an outhouse hole, if’n I was single I’d be there on your doorstep with the family war surplus alpine tent.

    One of the main failings of pusher-configuration prop planes is the need for extra-heavy cooling. A conventional tractor setup (prop in front) has built-in forced cooling as soon as the propeller starts rotating.

    Though a lot of the aerodynamic work done on the rear-engine fighters was directly transferrable to the incoming jet engines, so the work wasn’t for naught.

  5. No internship for me; darn. Oh well I have my own yard to manage or is it get my ass kicked by. Camping in my yard consists of opening the french doors and keeping the screens in place during the summer.


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