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Movietone News reports that nobody knows why HMS Barham’s after magazine blew up though the proximate cause must have something to do with the German torpedoes. I attribute it to “Monday”, whether or not it happened on a Monday.

HMS Barham – before Monday karma kicked in.

12 thoughts on “It’s Monday

  1. I like Mondays. As a self employed guy, nobody works on the weekends except me (well, almost nobody), and if I need a vendor or supplies to keep my business going on Saturday or Sunday, I'm usually out of luck and I have to wait until Monday to get anything done.

    But hey, that's just me.

  2. I work every weekend, even if I'm on vacation, so I do understand. Monday morning brings all of the drones back into battery and I have to deal with their lazy-assed whining.

  3. P. S. Don't screw things up at this point in your life by impregnating a young lady the way our friend (who is nameless here) did.

  4. I can't imagine being a father again at my age. My own father did just that. He looked miserable porting the baby around in one of those chest harnesses. Ugggghhhh Been there done that. Twice was enough.

  5. Being retired, I don't mind Mondays anymore. Watching the video, the first thought I had was the boilers were still on and as soon as the cold water hit it, BOOM. That is what they taught us in boot camp. Swim as far away from the ship as possible because of the explosion that would happen when the water hit the fire. No one wants a forced enema like that. But the fire from the torpedo could have hit the magazine at the same time. Either way, if was a horrible explosion.

  6. There were a lot of men on the hull of that capsizing ship when the boilers of aft magazine went up.

  7. +1 on CP, there was still at least one boiler still on line… The only bright spot is they went quickly, and probably never knew what hit them…

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