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What am I thinking about right now? You know that can be a complicated question since my brain multi-tasks. 

I’d rather be Sailing… really. But I’m working today even though it’s the day before Thanksgiving and people are out screwing off, preparing to gorge themselves on a can of ready-to-eat Thanksgiving food (because you’re supposed to be alone, wearing a mask).

This is how it works. If you want me to work with you, I refer you to the lawyer who works out the details of contracting, costing and that general sort of crap. A couple of weeks ago he said, “I need an elevator pitch.” I know that YOU all know what that is, but I’m not hip. I have two hips but they aren’t hip either, apparently. So he explained it to me. It’s a pitch that you throw at somebody between the ground floor and the fifth floor while you’re riding. Bare bones.

I told the lawyer that I’d leave the pitching to him. He always asks for more money than I do so it’s better that he does the contracting, collecting the money, explaining dire consequences associated with hiring somebody else, not paying on time, etc. It’s like you’ll catch the plague and your dick will fall off – that dire. THAT is why he’s the lawyer.

All in all, I’d rather be sailing. Or hanging out in the hovel at the White Wolf Mine watching a historical drama like “Wag the Dog” in the home theater.

The thing is that I only work for rich people or rich companies and that’s because poor people don’t pay for beans. (Not the original “Beans” who comments on this blog – you know what I mean). Welcome to the machine.


Life’s a Beach


Have a Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow.



  1. The ‘Talk to God’ cubicle would fit snugly within the just-discovered triangular-section 12ft high Utah monolith. Could it be a 2nd generation, hands-free ‘Talk to God’ communication device?

  2. About took out a nice sized bull moose in Hoback canyon late last night, standing right there in the middle of the lane…so we’re happy to be where we are for the time being…safe (yes, i just used the most overused term of the year, but this time it’s warranted.)

    That last sign/meme…Yup.

    Life is forward, the hell with the naysayers, and God does listen…special booth or not. Stay safe out there among the English, hope the lawyer did you right, and enjoy your Thanksgiving with family.

  3. After a subdural hematoma earlier this year that could just as well had me celebrating Thanksgiving by being worm food, I’m thankful for every day above the dirt.

    • I’m happy that you didn’t end up with a mouth full of dirt instead of turkey.

      The sad truth is that none of us will beat the clock. The best that we can do is to make every moment of every day count. And in the end kindness counts.

  4. My brother and my motto for our construction company was; “we are smarter than we look!” We didn’t need to ride to the fifth floor. One floor was enough, it usually didn’t take any longer than that to determine if we were a good fit for our prospective client!

    • That’s been my thought as well. And for the client too. It works or it doesn’t. Of course, some of what I do is dependent on the details, and that’s where the devil lives.

  5. I’d rather be riding.
    I’ve been missing out on some great riding weather, as my motorcycle is in the shop to fix electrical problems.

    • My Ducati is at the White Wolf Mine…and I’m not, for the moment. It’s getting a bit cold in the high country and I don’t ride on ice.

      • When I lived in Nebraska, some gal who came from California discovered that riding a bicycle after an ice storm was a Bad Idea.

  6. Been in a tiny business making lovely stuff for people most of my life and never signed a contract yet. Get a deposit, do the work, get the balance. It’s quite nice, and only works with decent people.

    Careful selection of clients is a key to good business- markedly lowers the stress level.

    • You’re smarter than I am, and you’re more clever than I am. I can only do what I know how to do, and most people I work for or with have questionable motives. Like £ – we want the Swedish ambassador to Panama called home, or I have a brother doing life in an Egyptian prison and would like him out or there are a quantity of MANPADS in unfriendly hands we’d like to take possession of. Crap like that. The lawyer keeps things legal.

  7. I’m about to drive to Dallas and that’s great, but I’d rather be sailing to an island with a beach. Or sitting on a military tribunal as judgement’s brought down upon the coup.

  8. Attending a SIL’s pie making seminar today in hopes that the big bird provider will be duly pleased.
    We are thankfully gathering family and friends with hugs and laughter. No Masks allowed!

  9. I’d rather be in the old farm house.
    Young enough to do what needs doing around the farm.
    Or maybe young enough to live in Alaska. Or the mountains somewhere.
    But God puts us where we are for a reason and we have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  10. I’ve done some sailing like in your picture. A friend had a 40′ something-or-other based in Redondo Beach, and I’d crew for him, along with making sure his radio gear was properly installed and operating. I was the only “crew members” he’d allow below deck in rough weather, as it didn’t bother me, while the rest of the “crew” was hanging over the rails.

    Decided to stay home on Thanksgiving. SLW has come down with something, and wants it pretty much cleared up before she heads back to the ‘Stan next week.

  11. I’d rather be back in Texas, but where I am works tolerably well, so I’m thankful for that.

    I’m also thankful that when I stumbled into L-L’s establishment a year or so ago, that I wasn’t thrown right back out. It’s a good place to hang in such a graceless age; God Bless all here.

  12. Where do I want to really be? In a fortified manor, maybe a buried bunker, powered by one of those GE mini-reactors, with a very good water and air filtering system, maybe on a hilltop island in the middle of a large lake, or some other hard-to-reach location, like in the Smokies.

    Me, my wife, my dog, fully stuffed freezers and fridges.

    Just leave me and mine alone.

    Or something to that effect. Don’t want to hear other people except when I turn on some electronic medium.

    Yeah, right now the holiday grinch part of me is merging with the anti-social hates everybody me and both are talking loudly to the ‘I’m pissed off over what’s going on and now need to rampage over everyone like the Winged Hussars over a field of drugged Turks.’


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