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There are a few problems with the US normalizing relationships with Cuba. They fall under the same rubric as normalizing relationships with North Korea. 
President Obama who leads the executive branch of government has sympathies for communist dictatorships because of his roots. His parents, grandparents and those who he admired growing up were all communists. And America must love that because they put him in office and returned him to office. It can all be boxed together with his promise to “radically transform America” (and create an Orwellian paradise where we all love Big Brother).

President Obama currently enjoys a 50% approval rating and most of those people who support him couldn’t find either Cuba or North Korea on a map,  but they love their ObamaPhones and free air time. So much for the American voter. If they like Barack, they’ll love Hillary.

However the love affair between Barack and the Brothers Castro is blooming, team Castro is has no plans to reimburse the $6 billion seized from US businesses when Fidel came to power

According to the Helms-Burton Act, which enforces the sanctions, the embargo cannot be lifted until there is “demonstrable progress underway” in compensating Americans for their seized and annexed property. 

Add to that layer of the onion, the inconvenient truth that Americans voted against Barack by handing control of the US Senate to the Republican Party and advancing the majority that the Republicans hold in the House of Representatives. Congress would need to vote to end the embargo and I don’t see that happening in the next two years.

Elections have consequences, Barack.

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  1. I think that they are starting to show a spine…with the invitation for Bibi to address Congress. And the narcissist doesn't like it one bit.

  2. I'll believe it when they start sending the illegals home and make DHS start enforcing the deportation laws…

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