It’s Getting Warm for Hillary

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I understand that it’s 109 degrees (in the shade) in Texas this week, but that’s not what I’m talking about.
Carly Fiorina is making the talk show circuits, answering questions for Hillary Clinton (who has set herself above the press). I wonder how long this will last, but find the situation hilarious. Essentially, Fiorina is debating Clinton without Clinton (who dodges every question like the artful dodger she is) being present.

Of all possible candidates that the Bitch of Benghazi doesn’t want to meet in a national debate, I’m sure that Fiorina tops the list.

But moving on to Hillary and ah, the injustice of persecuting her for being above the law. Does anyone else see the Obama hand in this, giving it to the Clintons?

And what will happen if Hillary is indicted and must drop out of the race – just leaving a Republican woman to represent all of her gender? Will it lead to Elizabeth (Fake Indian) Warren to take up Hillary’s mantle and the “only woman in the presidential race”…?

16 thoughts on “It’s Getting Warm for Hillary

  1. Sort of like Mrs. Grinch in a Santa Claus suit. Portly, white hair (if she doesn't poor chems on it), and funky square glasses.

  2. Me thinks Obama can't get too caught up in this. His finger prints are all over everything she's done. I love it when a Clinton is their true self.

  3. There's never been much "love" between the Hildebeast and Obozo.

    None, in fact.

    Hope she goes down in flames, screaming all the way…..

  4. I always thought the Lightbringer brought the Beast into his cabinet as a way to neuter the Clintons.

  5. Thinking a bit further on this, and considering the "concussion" she suffered when she "fell" sometime back…..

    It wouldn't surprise me if poor Mrs. Clinton passed away suddenly from a "heart attack" or "stroke".

    Stranger things have happened under the Clinton's watch, and payback is a bitch….

  6. There is a lot of forensic evidence that is "missing" from the Vince Foster murder/suicide scene.

    Do you think that Mrs. Clinton would agree to be Bernie Sanders' Vice President — she would be next in line if old Bernie faltered…and you know that he would.

  7. I remember when Richard Nixon crashed and burned. I was living in Eugene, OR and was 19 years old. Eugene was (and is) a progressive hell hole and is lousy with liberals, and I recall most of them were dancing in the street when Tricky Dick bit the dust.

    I am now 60, and will not likely take to the street to bust a move or two when Hillary crashes and burns, but I'll certainly think of something to commemorate the occasion.

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