It’s the End of the World

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12-21-12 is the end of the world. Yes, the Mayans knew that Obama would be re-elected and that would do it. So now that we’ve reconciled that the end is certainly near, what is everyone doing about it? 

Where do you plan to be 
and what do you plan to be doing 
for your going away party?

People all all over the planet are getting ready.

Liberals/progressives are going for the whole recycling motif – in the hope that a few of themselves are left to do it right–next time–and everyone who is politically incorrect will be swept off leaving themselves behind to finally get that gun control legislation enacted.

On the Internet, people are selling t-shirts to the big event (simply because it’s what they do):

Scientists in Switzerland at the large hadron supercollider at Cern approach it this way:

In New York City, the party began two weeks ago (simply because it’s what they do…).

And some people have decided to send out invitations for that very day because there’s no need to party early:
You have a week. The count-down is in its final stages, and wouldn’t you know it, Vegas is sold out. I hate it when people think ahead.

The Europeans have taken a more somber approach – hardly a party at all.

Then there are the faithful – the I TOLD YOU SO crowd, whose party plans are simply different:

According to Saint Malachy, there are only two Popes remaining after John Paul II. And there is suposed to be an evil pope.
And the whole “judgement day” prayer theme:
but don’t worry that they jumped the gun by 18 months. It’s the thought that counts…
Jehovah’s Witnesses who won’t need to go door to door handing out Watchtower magazines anymore — feel finally vindicated by (being cheap and) not celebrating Christmas because all those trees and all of those presents will fall to them (as those who inherit the Earth).
The Green movement is unhappy because the carbon problem simply won’t go away by incinerating everyone.
And the science nerds have a more simple and heartfelt message:

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  1. Wow, just WOW! People are just over the tops with this! And those t-shirt sellers??? What are 'they' planning to do???

  2. I think that their point is that they intend to turn their pre-acopocalyptic shirt sales into cocaine and hookers.

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