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Perhaps it’s the time of year? I have a difficult time narrowing down the source of my irritation except that it frequently peaks during the winter. Keeping in mind that I live in a place that’s essentially “summer all year”, it has nothing to do with being snowbound. I can still bask poolside and BBQ behind my house most days if I want to.
I think that I may be coming down with liberalitis. I’ve eliminated the mainstream media from my life. And that brought my temperature down a bit. The angry, politically correct progressives — who are offended by just about everything that “people like me” like or prefer are more difficult to get away from.

As a sop to all of those eco-nazis and tree huggers, I post this photo below. Now leave me alone.

10 thoughts on “So What?

  1. The easily offended are bad enough, but the ones that expect me to care that they are offended about something that has absolutely nothing to do with them tick me off even more. An Example: The recent legal attacks on several small towns in Texas by "Freedom from Religion" groups not even in the state – all because the town has a nativity scene.

    I'm not offended by their bullying, meddlesome behavior. I'm angered by it.

    I like the last pic. If you listen really hard, you can also hear one half of Mother Nature's children killing and eating the other half 🙂

  2. Leftists don't UNDERSTAND how others can be offended by them. Their thoughts and opinions HAVE to be right.

  3. Liberals offend me every-single-frigging-day. And they don't show the slightest remorse. So now I consider them irrelevant and move on.

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