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The Scottish Government is at “grave risk” of criminalizing the ordinary work of churches by pushing ahead with a so-called conversion therapy ban, church leaders have warned.

Writing to Emma Roddick, Scotland’s new Minister for Equalities, 20 church leaders said a ban “would go far beyond outlawing abuse and coercion; instead, it would criminalize ordinary Christians and church leaders for expressing mainstream, orthodox belief”.

The Scottish Government is expected to bring forward a Bill by the end of the year. In October, an advisory group called for church leaders who uphold the Bible’s teaching on gender and sexual ethics to be re-educated by the State or removed from ministry.

The church leaders said: “The process of becoming a Christian – through repentance, that is, turning from sin and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord – is usually described as ‘conversion’. By using this Christian language of ‘conversion’, therefore, the proposed legislation strikes at a central tenet of Christianity itself.

“This means it will be very hard to avoid criminalizing the ordinary work and witness of churches. Indeed, for some of those calling for a ban, this would seem to be the express purpose.”


Nike Women Picks Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney to Model New Activewear

Nike Women thinks having a biological male model sports bras will attract biological females.


Why does NASA exist? “Now more than ever, NASA is leading all of humanity on an unprecedented journey of discovery, exploration, and innovation. To be successful in our missions, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility must continue to be at the forefront.” NASA Embraces DEI Policies, Appoints ‘Diversity Ambassador’



American taxpayers are funding critical mineral projects abroad while their government blocks new mines at home. According to new documents from the Department of the Interior made public by the Freedom of Information Act, the Biden regime is actively funding “sustainable lithium extraction” in Argentina.



When a man spends his own money to buy something for himself, he is very careful about how much he spends and how he spends it. When a man spends his own money to buy something for someone else, he is still very careful about how much he spends, but somewhat less what he spends it on. When a man spends someone else’s money to buy something for himself, he is very careful about what he buys but doesn’t care at all how much he spends. And when a man spends someone else’s money on someone else, he doesn’t care how much he spends or what he spends it on. And that’s government for you.” – Milton Friedman


Identify the Aircraft


China’s Teapot Oil Refineries and Middle-East Oil – It’s interesting to note that President Xi’s friends are allowed to own oil refineries privately inside the Worker’s Paradise. The referenced article focuses on the activity in Shandong.  As China’s independent oil refining hub, Shandong is the bellwether for the rationalization of the country’s refinery sector. Over the years, Shandong’s teapots benefited from favorable policies such as access to cheap land and support from a local government that grew reliant on the industry for jobs and contributions to economic growth. For this reason, Shandong officials had resisted strictly implementing Beijing’s directives to cull teapot refiners and turned a blind eye to practices that ensured their survival.

Mohammed Al Qahtani, Aramco’s Senior Vice-President of Downstream, stated: “China is a cornerstone of our downstream expansion strategy in Asia and an increasingly significant driver of global chemical demand.”  But what Al Qahtani did not say is that the ties forged between Aramco and Chinese leading teapots (e.g., Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals) and new liquids-to-chemicals complexes have been instrumental in Saudi Arabia regaining its position as China’s top crude oil supplier in the battle for market share with Russia.

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  1. I think it’s a Grumman F2F, but it might be a Grumman FF-1.

    It’s a tough angle.


      1. I won’t give it up unless Surly waves a white flag. The angle is a challenge, but you’re on the right track.

  2. The Scottish government chose the word “conversion” for the same reason the homosexual movement chose the rainbow as their symbol. It is meant as a direct attack on Christians faith not an accidental one.

    1. Sure, iconography is important. It’s the same reason that the media doesn’t call the democrats the “red” party even though they’re national socialists…

  3. Aircraft? No idea (I’ll leave that to our Resident AI Savants)…but seriously, that seaman looks a lot like a younger Sly Stallone.

    Scotland- This is what happens with State run religion and churches. ‘Course, our private “Christian” churches and leadership aren’t doing that hot of a job with many having tortured the Gospel to fit their secular proclivities.

    Nike- This “Dylan” dude is 26, looks 12. Appears his current mental state stems from being picked on as a kid for “being different”, of which he blames his “oppressors”. Where are the woman fighting back…I thought today’s gals wanted to be “heard and seen”?

    So how is using our money to fund mining elsewhere while disallowing it here not treasonous? I’ll wait…

    Wild Mustard- So ALL six of those “veggies’ are the fault of people doing Gain of Function Science then releasing them onto the unsuspecting through Farmer’s Markets?

    Great flick, great cast. Classic. Now we get “Tranny’s Go to Washington”.

    1. I can think of a way mining overseas and not here is not treasonous:

      If it’s a long-term plan to get the rest of the world’s cheap and easy resources, while leaving domestic resources untouched for the future, when they will be more valuable.

      I really strongly doubt that what they’re doing, but it would be a reasonable plan.


      1. Agreed, in a normal “trade agreement” program…makes perfect sense.

        Problem is that this Administration, like everything else they touch, smacks of payback to foreign countries while simultaneously hamstringing American industries.

        1. So true. “Green” is a grift we are forced to pay for…aren’t they merciful.

    1. Guessing F3F isn’t a bad guess, becasue the F3F evolved from the F2F, larger engine, lengthened fusilage, longer wings. But only really noticable when an F2F and an F3F are next to each other.

      Looking at them from the rear quarter angle makes it a lot harder to tell unless you either have an identification guide in front of you or you know to look for the very subtle differences in landing gear and rear wheel and such.

      Though it quite obviously was a Grumman product and the precursor to the F4F (whether F2F or F3F or FF1.)

      How many nerd points did I just score with the above paragraphs?

      1. I wouldn’t have been shocked if it turned out to be an F3F, My call was based upon it looking stubbier than that, and what I could see of the cowl not looking sleek enough.

        IDK how many points Beans, but I think we’re all pretty much maxed out on Nerd Points around here, anyways.

        As a tangential nerdy aside, from a long-ago conversation, this looks like it might be close to a computer ASL, at least eventually:



        1. There already is VASL – Virtual Advanced Squad Leader, but you supposedly have to have the physical game components to play. Looks interesting.

          As to cowl and stubbiness, that’s the issue viewing it from rear quarter view. You have a very good eye to see those very small details.

          1. Just looked up the game and watched the trailer and, Holy Moly, it IS at least Squad Leader, could be Advanced Squad Leader.

            And there’s already a supplement with the Commonwealth forces. Cool.

            Wife’s gonna hate me, oh, so gonna hate me, will have to buy her more daffodils.

        2. For those not in the know, Avalon Hill, a game company that really pioneered tabletop war gaming. Their “Squad Leader” system which eventually covered almost all countries and theaters of operation (just not the ImpJaps and East Asia) was really good. Each hex could hold 1 vehicle or 3 squads of troops and their equipment and such.

          Avalon Hill pissed a lot of people who spent between 20 and 50 bucks per supplement and original game when they came out with Advanced Squad Leader, which was basically a 3 ring binder so when a new version of a rule came out, the associated page could be removed and replaced with the correct new version. Unfortunately, the only things that transferred from regular to Advanced Squad Leader were the modular map boards and the dice. None of the bazillion counters and pieces parts and modules (where the order of battle of each side was listed, and then the boards needed, and the terms and conditions of the battle and what is needed for victory) transferred very well over to ASL. Bastards.

          Then Avalon Hill went out of business due to shenanigans and stupidity.

          You can still buy some of the components of ASL, just not all.

          1. I still have all of the Squad Leader board games in addition to Panzer Blitz. Are you saying that there is a computer version?

  4. Lithium
    Wyoming’s Rock Springs Uplift has a underground lake of brine with perhaps 18 million tons of lithium. The concentration is about half found in other mining operations in other parts of the world which is a problem.

    Extraction requires soda ash. Large deposits are in the area and have been mined for decades.
    The underground brine deposit is within a few miles of both Interstate 80 and the Union Pacific mainline. Lower transportation costs. The area has many skilled workers in petroleum drilling, strip mining (soda ash), heavy construction and infrastructure to support a population expansion.

    Other problems? Stifling regulations, mainly Federal and the ownership of the mineral rights. The deposits are located on Wyoming University trust lands. That isn’t a great target for financial shenanigans, IMO.

    Geopolitical problems? China has a near monopoly on rare earths, lithium, and cobalt (which the USA has in undeveloped abundance). Owning the Biden Crime Enterprise keeps their monopoly in place.

    1. Idaho is now producing cobalt. China controls much of the African cobalt, so you know that the Bidens will keep that door open. How long before the Idaho cobalt mining enterprise is shut down? It’s anyone’s guess.

    2. According to an R.S. local they are poised to have an even better coal year as well, that’s three in a row. But the Dem’s hate coal because it’s affordable and domestically produced.

  5. And now Jack Daniels is sponsoring Rue Paul’s drag race. Which brings us to today’s joke:

    Bartenders in woke establishments are having to learn how to make a new drink. Drop a shot glass of Jack Daniels into a mug of Bud Light and wallah! The new Boy-to-Girl Maker.

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