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Nationalist vs Internationalist

Donald Trump is running for president as an American Nationalist. The elites spit that out as if it was something distasteful. As an American, there is an appeal to having somebody in charge who has an “America first” philosophy. The policy wonks and the Washington establishment are Internationalists and are unhappy that somebody who differs with them so sharply on issues such as trade imbalance would be doing well with voters. Thus the hue and cry that better to leave the Party than to vote for Trump (if you’re one of the well cared for elites).

Trump is well traveled, has experience building commercial enterprises worldwide, and is not an isolationist but his rhetoric is clearly that America has been getting screwed. Which we have.

Other candidates talk a good game but you need to take a step back and see who owns them/pays them/supports them (however your conscience lets you slice it). Yes, they’re all Internationalists. Drill down yourself. Tell me what you see.

I don’t know whether Trump will or won’t be a good president and neither does anyone else. However, we need an American president, for a change. Obama clearly is not. Neither is Hillary Clinton/John Kerry. Sanders is a wing nut.

Thoughts on National Healthcare

I laid out how I feel about the problem with Social Security/Medicare here.  Some of you made very good points in the comments section. I don’t feel the need to elaborate, except to stress that at some level healthcare safety nets become the burden of all of us. It’s not “conservative” to write of this, but each US State must decide how to solve the problem for its citizens and must levy a tax to manage healthcare for the most vulnerable. I think that it’s a 10th Amendment issue.

The problem for the states is that they can invite or discourage population movement by what they offer or don’t offer. But it’s up to them, not the federal government. 

Federal Govt. Role
The National Institutes of Health, Center for Disease Control and overarching programs such as that are useful to deal with crisis points (such as ebola or other similar potential outbreaks), and research that benefits the nation.
No matter what happens, the environment for portable healthcare (that deals with pre-existing conditions) even if you leave your job – you pay the premiums; cross-border market accessibility for all insurance carriers and a re-examination of what constitutes a “family” for the purpose of insurance must be part of a national discussion. The states can handle the safety nets, but regulating interstate commerce is a federal problem.

Hillary’s Dilemma

The pantsuited demon now knows that there has been a grand jury convened and that they are hearing testimony. Soon — within a few weeks, the FBI will start to interview her inner circle, all of whom have criminal exposure. They will all have lawyers and the lawyers will advise their clients NOT TO TALK (lawyer-up). DOJ will have to decide whether to offer them immunity and compel their testimony under penalty of perjury or to indict them. As the dominoes begin to fall the pressure on Hillary to “lawyer-up” will become intense. More intense because she’s on the campaign trail and a feeding frenzy in the national media (even MSNBC) will commence.

Hillary Clinton’s lawyers will advise her NOT to talk to the FBI. She will say that she can explain everything. But either way, she’s cooked. I spent a healthy piece of my career doing political corruption investigations very successfully and that’s how it always goes. It’s not really rocket science because she did it, and it’s a crime.

So does she who would be queen obstruct an investigation into a criminal conspiracy in which she was the lead conspirator? And if the President and the Party interferes or obstructs, do they run the risk of circling the toilet bowl with her?

The Republicans know this, and it terrifies them because the Republican elite would be much more comfortable Hillary in charge than somebody like Trump, who would likely gore their ox too. This is why you see such frenetic anger and fear inside the Beltway at the moment.

10 thoughts on “Thoughts on Policy & the Situation

  1. I think the GOP establishment needs their ox gored in the worst way. Ted Cruz has repeatedly pointed out that The Donald cut Hillary not one, not two but three checks in the past. Donald admits he cut those checks for business purposes, and it was his feduciary duty to cut those checks. Had he not cut the checks, his business interests would have suffered and that would not be in the best interests of his shareholders.

    I would like somebody to ask The Donald if he ENJOYED cutting those checks. If he almost broke his leg tripping over the furniture in his Trump Tower penthouse apartment in his enthusiastic frenzy to reach his check book. I would bet The Donald was seething as he wrote each check.

    And maybe that's something he will change: he knows crony capitalism to its core, and hates it. But he's good at it, and he would be the guy to know where all the bodies are buried.

    but I digress…..Yes, Hillary is kneed deep in shit right now. I like it.

  2. Since Cruz has no concept of what it takes to run a business, answer to shareholders, or make a payroll, both he (and his little pal Marco) need to take a few deep breaths.

    Trump (and many others) have been bent over by the parasites who offered them pay-to-play. If you want to build a building and need a permit, that will be $100,000 Mr. Trump. Oh, you want your trash hauled away, that's an extra $20,000 – and we'll make it an 'honorarium' where you pay to hear me speak. When you're lucky you get a rubber chicken meal in return.

  3. Oh Hilliary's woes are delightful
    And Republican Establishment frightful
    So let the chips fall wherever they go
    F**k 'em all. F**k 'em all. F**k 'em all.

  4. I thought that being from upstate NY (home of Hillary's server) that you might be leaning a bit left these days. (haha)

  5. Trump is well travelled and also has big hands. Apparently that has significant meaning.
    On the subject of the pantsuited demon (new Marvel hero evolves) I took my telly back to Curry's the other day. Took me ages taking all the wires out, lifting it into my car and suchlike but I was very upset. I took it into the shop and said to one of the retail staff (when I found one- they're very elusive and tend to spend their working hours in the back stock room)
    "My telly's broke," I said. "I want my money back."
    He turned it on. "All looks fine to me, " he said.
    "Really? Put BBC world news on. Go on."
    He did. Hillary was on telly.
    "Look at her," I said. "She looks alright, yeah? Cleans up nice and all."
    "And?" he said.
    "We'll mate, this is an HD TV and if you look at pictures of her on this Blog (here) she looks like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle. Clearly the HD 'aint working. Get me a new telly, pronto."
    Your blog has other benefits you never realised, LL.

  6. "a bulldog licking piss off a nettle"

    She does, doesn't she? I think that I may have to use that one in the future.

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