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The Cetacean Corner

Some people think that “white whales” are fictional but they are not, and I’m not just talking about belugas. Albinism and leucism have been recorded in over 20 species of cetacean! The most famous albino whale is a humpback named Migaloo. Look at this large impressive man!



There are also two more albino humpbacks alive currently, including a baby that we think may be Migaloo’s spawn.



There are also multiple albino orcas and dolphins, some in captivity and some in the wild.



Scientists recently found a white sperm whale infant.



Another Moby Dick? He will grow into a legendary beast someday just like his famous predecessor.


Bullet Points:

** In the early 2000s the PRC Navy mustered about 37 vessels. Today, they’re mustering 350 vessels.

** (H/T CDR Sal) Over the last two decades, the Navy spent $55 billion on two investments that did not pan out. The first was a class of Destroyers known as the Zumwalt. The futuristic fighting ships were supposed to revolutionize naval warfare. Thirty-two were ordered, but only three were ever launched. The cost of each ship, by one estimate, was upwards of $8 billion, making them the three most expensive Destroyers ever put to sea.

Another example is the Littoral Combat Ship or LCS, designed to be a fast all-purpose warship for shallow waters. Thirty billion dollars later the program ran aground after structural defects and engine trouble. Within the Navy, the LCS earned the unfortunate nickname, little crappy ship.

** A Mountain Lion in the hot tub? Welcome to Colorado.

** On Monday, March 20, District Judge Cormac Carney in Santa Anna, California struck down the state’s Handgun Roster gun control law finding it violated the right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


They also bought Pedo Joe


  1. That’s what you get for not reading the details when a cougar texts you to see if you want to hook up.

    I’m sure the cat just thought someone had made it a big bowl of stew (or perhaps Stu, IDK).


    • Re: the guy getting cat scratches (another Nugent song) in his hot tub. Obviously, the cat was just curious. “What is this noisy, splashing thing?” Being a cat, he figured that tub was his and what creature was in his tub making a mess?

      Just about every alpha male cat I’ve ever known will kind of gently poke at or feel something when they don’t recognize it, like that cougar. The fact the guy didn’t even need to get those scratches stitched up means the cougar was just curious.

      Curiosity is a strong survival advantage for predators.

  2. funny you should bring up whales when, tuning around for some/anything to watch for relaxation, I happened upon Woo Young-woo on Netflix.
    Funnier still and far more interesting to me since we had a Korean “son” (a close friend of my son’s from Junior HIgh School through graduation), a first generation American, who lived with us more than with his parents at home.
    But Attorney Woo has a fixation on whales, perhaps a part of her autism.

  3. Everyday IS a gift. Unfortunately there is an increasing segment of the population that coddles their self-imposed misery then demands the rest of us to join in with the self-loathing. Nah…I avoid these types.

    Mt. Princeton Hot Springs area huh…no surprise. I give the lions the dark. If I have to check on the horses at 3AM I have one of those super-brite rechargeable LED flashlights (that like a movie moment likes to shut off instantly when the charge gets low), and the barn light is a parking lot fixture (aka The Landing Light). Do a quick scan then back to the house, but I feel better effecting an “I’m not bait” persona. So far so good.

    • You’re as good as your last game.

      We had a lion on the roof of the Mine twice this past winter (as reported previously). They have difficulty being stealthy on a slick (icy) metal roof, and that’s a good thing.

  4. Has the Navy reduced the number of fleets or are there still twelve? I believe three are three active fleets active at any given time. What’s next? Is the Navy going to start cutting MEU SOC capabilities as well? We should have pumped that money into the Marine Corps to bring back all the good men and women we lost during the chirona virus.


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